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Look: Gauntlet Thrown

October 10, 2012

For several months now I’ve been following Lorna’s Voice, a blog always humorous, well-written, and showered with many awards. Of course, those descriptions also reflect the blogger. Well, she’s not well written but certainly well put together. 🙂

But yesterday she lobbed a challenge my way. Now this lady was finished a triathlon–something I’ll never attempt much less finish. So when she challenges me at something I can do, well, I pulled up my seasoned woman panties and accepted.

What else could I do??

Anyway, the challenge was for me as an author to comb one of my books for the word LOOK. Then when I found an instance where I thought the paragraphs surrounding that word’s placement would entice readers, I post those paragraphs for my readers. Hopefully, she wrote to me, my choice would entice them to check out my book.

You can see why I had to pick up that gauntlet…

Available January 2012–print and digital

So my choice of book is Fireweed, a mystery/suspense of corporate intrigue and espionage with an Alaskan setting. I have the top level executives on a corporate retreat at an isolated fishing lodge where, death, fire, nature and snipers soon take my characters’ minds off business to focus on staying alive. To read more about it with a longer excerpt, go here.

I also have to tag 5 other writers whose blogs I follow with the same challenge. Here they are with links to their blogs.

Stacey Joy Netzel

Florence Fois

Patricia Yager Delagrange

Donna Marie Rogers

Jamie Kersten

Fireweed: Look excerpt

“Talk, Caitlin, don’t think,” Mike snapped and heaved another rock into the river.

Her visions of a pleasant stroll along the river while discussing his morning phone calls to his brother Brian, Beth, and her friend’s parents vanished. Whatever he was doing, he had a reason. He never wasted actions, especially when fishing was involved. He threw a few more stones into the fast flowing river.

Okay, something had him spooked. Ignoring his singing request, she babbled instead about her breakfast conversation with Charlene. “So I told her I’d make time to talk privately with her when we return from fishing. Oomppph–” She collided with Mike’s broad back. He’d stopped abruptly as he rounded a bend in the river.

“Keep talking…” he commanded as he steadied her with one hand.

Following orders but running out of talking points, Caitlin segued into a boisterous, off-key rendition of “North to Alaska” and peeked around him toward the river ahead. “Sheesh!” she added new words to the lyrics. “Look at that!”

“Yeah, look, but keep singing.”

Two cubs and a huge brown bear sow were lunging at the salmon swimming upriver. The cubs weren’t very successful, but mom was dead-on accurate. Getting lunch was on her mind. That and feeding her cubs.

“You think my singing will keep them away?” She dropped the fishing rods and rummaged in her fanny pack for her camera.

“Talking lets them know we’re here.” He shot her that grin that deepened the laugh creases at his eyes and the corner’s of his mouth. “Your singing should keep them from our section of this watery restaurant. Most of all, we won’t scare them. That’s the worst, according to Gus. Except for getting between a sow and her cubs.” He scrutinized the bears as she snapped photos.

“So we fish here and be watchful.”

“Yep. But only one of us will fish at a time.” He picked up a rod and handed it to her.

“And the other?” She grabbed her rod and stuffed her camera into her pack.

“Will stand watch on shore, near the gun, and keep talking.” He waved his hand, motioning her to throw her line downstream in an area of riffles and a decent distance from the feeding bears. “Gus says they eat their fill, then go off to sleep.”

“Suppose another bear family steps up to the river for lunch?” Caitlin grumbled as she selected her lure.

“That’s possible.”

“Squelching any quality time alone with no one around to interrupt us,” she grumbled as she finished attaching her fly.

“Don’t blame the bears. I suspect Gus will be leading the others here later so we won’t be quite so vulnerable or alone. Or we could head back…if you’re really concerned.” Mike watched the bears while he talked.

Stepping gingerly into the water, she turned from him. “Not on your life. Protect my back, Rafferty, and yours, too. It’s precious to me.” She found her spot and cast perfectly into a riffle of fast moving water near some partly submerged boulders.

Liebster Award

July 24, 2012

Who doesn’t love awards?

I love them and a few days ago Florence Fois awarded me this one. Florence writes a great blog on a weekly basis. I follow it religiously. She’s a transplanted New Yorker who’s blogs regularly contain bits of that greatest of cities and her memories of growing up there. She’s also a woman who’s been walking the pathways of this world long enough to be wise when it comes to life. I can always count on her to have something to brighten her day.

Also like me, she’s a writer. You can check out her latest blog here.

Like life, Liebster Awards come with some responsibility—often referred to as rules. I must now pass it on to 5 other bloggers. (I think its purpose is to help us let the world know about little blog gems they’re missing.) Fortunately, this responsibility isn’t difficult.

The rules are simple:

1. Link back to the person who gave it to you and thank them.

2. Post the award to your blog.

3. Give the award to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers that you appreciate and value.

4. Leave a comment on the 5 blogs to let them know that they have received this award.

Here are my five to enjoy this lovely award and pay it forward.

Stacey Joy Netzel: She’s a dynamic woman. An award wining author I respect with her down-home values and sense of small town life. She’s also one of the young group of women I like to think I mentor. I admire her focus and energy. Her site is a blend of thoughtful musings on family, writing, and a place to get introduced to new books.

Lily Silver: She belongs to the same writers group I do. Her blog often focuses on historical elements which I love since it history and English were my majors in college.

Sandra Marshall: I knew of her first through online groups. She’s a well rounded woman and author who has done a great deal in her life. Her blog is much like her life. You never know what you’ll she’s serving in her weekly blog but it’s sure to add to your knowledge.

Leigh Morgan aka my Scottish lass. 🙂 Another member of my writing group. Her writing will have some Scottish connection and her blog, photos, website often transport me from the confines of my office. A most interesting young woman–she continues to impress me.

Deb Maher:  Another woman writer I met through my writing group. She’s become a great friend. I always looked forward to her weekly blogs because her topics always touched my interests and my heart. She’s recently taken a brief hiatus but her blogs are archived and they are definitely worth reading when you have time. And maybe this will nudge her back to once more sharing her gems of wisdom.

I hope you will check these new sites out, too.

Lucky 7 – join the fun – share the fun!

March 30, 2012

A regular commentor to my blog, Stacey Joy Netzel. She’s written a wonderful RS titled Lost In Italy. But she had time to participate in and then pass the tag on to me in something called the LUCKY 7.

Here are the rules:

  • Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP
  • Go to Line 7
  • Copy down the next seven lines/sentences and post them on your blog
  • Tag 7 authors and let them know

Good thing I’m  working on a new WF manuscript, titled More Than A Trifle. It’s the second in my Dessert Dames series, the first book Better Than Dessert is available on Amazon and has a description here.

So take a look at my 7 lines below:

“I thought you were bringing a guest,” Cassie whispered.

“To the reception, not here. I certainly don’t want him to think I’ve got any leanings in this direction,” Elaine answered, her eyes scanning who was already there as she finger waved to the Double Ds around her.

The church was nearly full when Cassie spied a full head of beautiful white hair topping off a tall, rangy-looking man walking down the aisle. He settled himself in the second pew on the groom’s side. The unfamiliar man was probably an uncle or an older cousin of Ethan’s–he couldn’t be a grandfather–and a family friend would likely be seated further back, like she and the other Double Ds were. But he was so striking with that hair…just like hers.

Here’s the 7 authors I’m tagging:

Anne Parent    a novice writer with a vision and unique style

Robie Madison    a multi-published author of paranormal and sci-fi contemporary fiction

Elle J. Rossi    ELR digital art, a blossoming writer and great artist

Leigh Morgan    Second Chances, contemporary women’s fiction set in Scotland

Patricia Yager Delagrange    Moon Over Alcatraz, contemporary women’s fiction

Virginia McCullough   multipubbed in non-fiction  I’ve used her Option Trading for background for Dessert Dames.

Ilona Fridl    Golden North, Alaskan mystery set in the 1920s

Tankers & Sunday Share

March 4, 2012

Tanker offshore Saturday Morning

Yesterday morning when I work up I saw these two tankers very close to shore. They left sometimes very late last night. It’s a sure sign that spring must be near. We’ve seen lots of tankers this week.

Today I’m guest blogging at Stacey Joy Netzel’s Sunday Share. I’m talking about my recent RS release An Island No More. I’m also giving away a digital copy of An Island No More to one lucky commenter. Please drop by, read my thoughts about writing along with a short excerpt from the book. Here’s the link

Hope to see you there and I’ll be back here next Sunday–like always. 🙂

Second tanker offshore just to the south of first one