More Than A Trifle

The Dessert Dames are back!

Book 2 in this women’s fiction series is now available in print and digital formats. For those of you who’ve read Better Than Dessert, you’ve met Cassie Johansen already. This is her story as she faces a major crisis in her life which will change the path she always expected to take. As always, The Double Ds are there to offer help and support.

So is Cassie’s family and you will get to meet them and see glimpses into this second generation’s lives and issues as they impact Cassie.

Readers tell me this cover makes them want to pick up the spoon.

Here’s the front cover:



Below is the print cover front, back and spine.





Print available through order at bookstores or online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Book Blurb:

How to cope when life throws darts…

Cassie Johanson thinks supportive friends and a dessert to ease the pain will do the job. But when the husband who deserted her to follow Lady Luck still manages to put her finances, her home, and her family in jeopardy, she needs more than a good dessert.

Chocolate chip cookies and a lakeside chat with friend produce a plan…

Get revenge. Get him out of her life for good. Rebuild her finances.

That’s her plan. Everyone is behind her one hundred percent. But shucking the man she’s loved since her teen years isn’t easy. Will her sale of most of what they built in a marriage be enough to sever the ties that bind? Will taking on a new project be a godsend or a disaster? Worse, will the man who caused all this return?

For Cassie, life is more meatloaf than trifle…


Elaine finished her cheeseburger, its raw onion flavoring the air. “Okay, Cassie-cakes, what ruined your unexpected vacation day?” She hooked an onion ring from their shared order. Gulls circled not far away, squawking for leftovers.

“I hate to ruin such a beautiful scene…”

“Yeah, and if wishes were paintbrushes, you might have the talent to paint it. But that’s not why we came. Spew your wrath. Maybe it’ll chase those damn gulls away.”

“My bank called. I’m overdrawn. My savings account’s been depleted except for twenty dollars. Checking is overdrawn. I haven’t written any checks or taken money from savings. But someone has…”

“Pete strikes again, right?”

Cassie nodded. “Probably. But he couldn’t have known about these accounts. They’re new.”

Cassie leaned into the massage Elaine started. “That feels so good.”

Elaine continued her kneading. “So what’s your plan to get nasty?”

“You’re saying if I want to get out of this mess, I better start thinking like that and not a third-grade teacher.”

“With Pete and anyone else like him? Yeah, you’ve got to learn to be a bitch, a really down-and-dirty one. Get some help maybe. The professional kind,” Elaine muttered.

“Like what? An enforcer, bodyguard or a therapist?”

“Whatever fits your need best…both would be useful.”

Cassie broke their quiet when she grabbed her half-empty coffee cup and threw it against a tree. Spewing coffee disturbed robins and squirrels.

“Good to know you haven’t lost your throwing arm,” Elaine said as she slid onto the bench next to Cassie.

“Too bad the cup wasn’t a brick and the tree wasn’t Pete.”

“With your aim, bricks would damage him.” Elaine grinned. “But I’m proud of you–for that thought! So what’re you going to do now? For protection–or revenge. But choose whatever works best.

“Maybe a bit of both. I’m ready to fight back…”

3 Comments on “More Than A Trifle”

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