I’m a writer. It’s what I do. I’ve been blessed or cursed(?) with stories which bounce around in my head. Not all of the story, the details, the information I have at hand about my story, my characters, my setting–actually gets in the final version of the book. But I’m sure readers sometimes wonder about these things. So I though I’d use this page to post little snippets of information about my books as they become available.

So below is Gabrielle’s backstory–how she gets to where you find her in…

Gabrielle’s Story

Gabrielle Lawson was born and raised in the southeastern corner of Wisconsin. She was an only child of loving parents.  They lived a happy life together. Her father worked in a factory. Her mother stayed home. Their extended family was nonexistent and the three of them relied on each other and their quiet family life. They lived in a large apartment fashioned out of huge home located about 4 blocks from where her father worked.

They were a very close family until her father died when Gabrielle was 15. Her mother grieved deeply and never recovered from his death. She withdrew into herself and her grief. They didn’t have a lot of money but Gabrielle studied hard and earned a scholarship to pay her college tuition. She intended to become a teacher.

In college she met a young man, Wade Lawson. They fell in love and married, much to the dismay of Wade’s family who saw Gabrielle as unworthy of their favorite son. Not long after they were married, Gabrielle and Wade became parents of a beautiful dark haired, blue-eyed baby girl. They named her Christina. Even the birth of their first grandchild didn’t please Wade’s parents. And Gaby’s mother remained distant.

Baby Christina died before she was a year old. Wade and Gabrielle were devastated, but each grieved in their own way and pulled apart in the process. Gabrielle found a teaching job she loved and dove into teaching, enjoying her students and fellow teachers.

Then her mother got breast cancer. Gabrielle and Wade supported her through treatment and her mother beat cancer. She was a survivor. The experience re-ignited Gabrielle’s and Wade’s love. After a few years she discovered she was pregnant again. But she miscarried.

However, Wade’s business was booming, her mom was healthy, and her job was secure.

The next several years, Gabrielle and Wade moved beyond their grief and settled into their marriage. Then her mother discovered her cancer had returned and metastasized. Wade’s business starts faltering with the economic downturn, and education funding begins chipping away at Gabrielle’s teaching security.

She discovers she’s pregnant again. That joy helps offset all their troubles. But in her second trimester she goes into labor, her baby–a boy, is stillborn. Wade is devastated and slides into depression. After long months of difficult chemo treatments, Gabrielle’s mother can no longer live alone, and Gabrielle is caring for her at home. Late on a stormy night when Wade is returning from a business meeting, he has an accident and dies as a result. A few months later, Gabrielle’s mother dies.

Then the job she loves disappears after the most recent round of budget cuts.

Gabrielle decides that maybe she’s a jinx. Maybe when she loves something or someone too much, that seals their fate. They are taken from her.

Her response with all she loves no longer part of her?  Start over somewhere else and don’t get close to anyone or anything.

So meet her now in Seasons of Wine and Love. It’s the rest of Gabrielle’s journey.

Tony’s Story

Tony Riccini us part of a large, Italian family who have lived in the northern California wine country for several generations. Tony’s father, Dominic inherited the family vineyard from his father.

Tony has an older brother Matt who will inherit the vineyard. Tony also has a younger brother Tom and two sisters Samantha and Jenny. Tony inherited his talent for wine making from his uncle and godfather. He also inherited the uncle’s vineyard.

Tony is the only Riccini child who remains single. He’s spent his passion on building his reputation as a superb wine maker and making his vineyard profitable.

But the Riccini family is as much about family and tradition as it is grape production and wines. It is a large family with many extended gatherings. During these times Tony finds himself getting teased about his unmarried status. He also finds himself thinking maybe he’d like to have a wife and a family someday.

Someday blows his way one late winter day when he finds himself late for an appointment with the Gabrielle Lawson. He set the appointment up to discuss an ad campaign for his new wine label. But for the first time in twenty years he’s thinking more of a woman than wine.

So meet him now in Seasons of Wine and Love. It starts with him.

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