Pink Moon and Whiny Oreo

Sometimes my cage is where I want to be...

Sometimes my cage is where I want to be…

Odd title today, isn’t it?

But in many ways it comprises the high and low of this last part of April.

I’m quite sure I’ve mentioned our little dog Oreo a time or two. She’s quite precious to us and serves a very important role for us. She brings humor to our sometimes difficult lives with actions that regularly produce chuckles and smiles—and not just from us who always delight in her—like our neighbors and others such as strangers who see her with us.

My book Better Than Dessert has a puppy on the cover. Oreo served as its inspiration. The book’s main character also has a puppy. This puppy has a purpose in the story—actually several—as that little black and white bundle of fur helps Katy start moving beyond her grief. That puppy also helps to bring two families together as one.

This flower helped calm me.

This flower helped calm me.

You’ve already guessed it. Of course, the puppy’s name is Oreo. And of course, Oreo was the inspiration for this puppy. She helped me write it because she never left my side during the whole time I wrote and rewrote and then revised this novel.

But Oreo is NOT perfect. We were reminded of that during our recent and lengthy thunderstorms and high winds. Lightning, thunder and loud unusual noises have always made her nervous. When they don’t stop, she becomes more and more frantic. Nothing consoles her. You look into her eyes and see immeasurable agony and total fear. Her heart races, her breathing becomes difficult. A few times we feared her little self couldn’t survive such fear. And this happened night after night for about a week.

Of course, after the second night we got her to the vet. We got some medication after being sure she was healthy enough for it (fortunately she is). We also learned about a ThunderShirt. I was skeptical but several people I respect used it and praised it. Our vet said to try it especially with the medication and explained why.

Our pink moon last week

Our pink moon last week

Armed with Oreo’s meds, a ThunderShirt, and a behavior modification program, we waited for the next storm. One might say we even prayed for it to happen soon. Mother Nature cooperated. And Oreo got through the storm with less whining and somewhat less fear. We’ve had a few storms since and each one sees her more relaxed.

We don’t expect Oreo to ever like storms, who does? However, we no longer fear for her life. I figure July 4th will be another major test for our puppy and for our new weapons to help her deal with her fears.

So where does the Pink Moon come in to this?

Well, last week on a clear and storm free night, the full moon rose over the lake. It was gorgeous! On the weather portion of our local news that night I learned the full moon in April is called the pink moon or the fish moon.

Well, that gorgeous moon didn’t look fishy to me at all as I watched it rise. But it surely did have a pinkish hue. You can decide. Because I did take a photo or two.

A labor of love...

A labor of love…

Finally, this last week, my final novella in my Soul String Saga is now available in all digital formats. This is my promotional card I put together. Doesn’t it make you want to start reading the series?

See you in May… 😉

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15 Comments on “Pink Moon and Whiny Oreo”

  1. Such a lovely story about Oreo but I must say, what the heck is a Thundershirt? Did I miss something?

  2. Patti,

    It’s a fleece and velcro wrap you tightly wrap around the dog. Supposedly it works on the theory of swaddling infants to add a sense of security. It takes a few times to get a dog used to it but I was amazed how much it eased Oreo’s anxiety. We use it at night which seems to help her sleep better. Anything was worth trying since I don’t want her zoned out on drugs during stormy weather. Perhaps another reason to move to your area… I did provide a link in my blog not because I’m pushing the shirt but so people might see what I was talking about.

  3. Thank you, Casey. I missed that link. Did you say “another reason to move to my area”? Are you considering it?

  4. Nancy Kaye Says:

    Good blog. I loved the picture of the pink moon. As next weekend is opening fishing, I can see why they call it the fish moon. So far the ice is on the lakes in the northern part of the state so fishing is doubtful.

  5. Edie Ramer Says:

    It looks very pink! Our dog is frightened during thunderstorms and fireworks, too. She shakes, and during thunderstorms, she oddly thinks the upstairs bathroom is her ‘save place.’ Our vet offered a tranq for her, too, but that was a year ago. Since she’s going to be 14, we decided not to bother. I think she’s somewhat used to it.

    Congrats on your series! I love the purple!

  6. Patti,

    I love northern CA but of course we can’t think seriously of moving there now because of our disabled son who needs our care. But before all this happened we were considering it. It’s one of the reasons, actually, we bought this place on the lake as it reminded us of the broad expanse of the Pacific.

  7. Nancy,

    I know about the fishing season opening next weekend but I think boats won’t be required further north. Just ice fishing equipment. At least our snow is gone and we even have some brave flowers blooming. With an 80 degree possibility for Tuesday, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. Edie,

    We had bunches of tests run to determine if Oreo could handle this med once in a while, not regularly, because she doesn’t need it regularly. And if this shirt continues to help, we may not have to resort to the meds very often.

    So glad you like the purple. I tried several background colors but that set off all the lovely colors of the covers the best.

    Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  9. Ah, Casey … Oreo sounds like such a doll. Who knew they had behavior modification for dogs. This is news to me. The shirt sounds like the swadling the old mid-wives used for colic babies.

    Love the pink moon … and always love your photos 🙂

  10. anne parent Says:

    Oreo is so precious. I know how I feel about Loki and Schatze. We have to give Schatze valium in order to groom him, so I can relate to the stress they sometimes feel and being helpless to deal with it.

    I’m so happy Soul Strings is not out in all five books. I’m telling everyone I know they have to buy it. It is awesome. Congratulations!

  11. I’m glad you found a way to help poor little Oreo 🙂

    Your promo card looks nice.

  12. I understand now, Casey. Well, what a compliment to California that you wanted to live on a lake that reminded you of the Pacific.

  13. Florence,

    Oreo is a doll. And so sweet and loving. Never been a problem which is why when this situation intensified to such a degree we became so worried. And yes, our vet said the shirt was based on the swaddling concept.

    Have a great week, dear lady.

  14. Anne,

    Thank you so much for talking up Soul String. You know how I love it and loved writing it. I wish I could clone you and send you to the corners of the earth.

    Have a great week, 🙂

  15. Valerie,

    During these recent episodes I was reminded of times when my children were very ill and nothing I could do could ease their suffering.

    Thank you for stopping by. Have a great week.

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