Weeping Weather and Time Outs

My favorite palm tree

My favorite palm tree

I went AWOL last week. Some of my regulars here even noticed.

Let’s just say I needed a day off. Actually, I rarely take one of those. But I desperately needed a break.

But I finally heeded my own advice and took one. Good thing I did that as this past week was not very pleasant in the weather department here in Wisconsin. Frankly, disgusting would be a complimentary descriptive for the weather. If I’d been cranky and exhausted, the week would have really been tough to handle because the weather was enough to make a saint cranky as my mother used to say.

Let’s see Sunday and Monday were seasonably pleasant. I think it was Monday the temperature actually hit 60 degrees. Then Tuesday arrived. The temps dropped, the skies turned leaden, and it rained. And rained. And. Then. Rained. More. For. Days.

Closeup of Hana waterfall

Closeup of Hana waterfall

Then came the rising waters and flooding in many areas. People began to bail out basements or sandbag their homes as they watched streets disappear into riverbeds.

Friday it snowed. Then sleeted. Then snowed again. The winds were ferocious, and the weather forecasters were talking about wind chills again, not pollen counts.

Saturday the sun came out from behind the clouds. The winds died down. Temps scooched up a tiny bit. However, that much needed orb is showing its shy side again today. But rain isn’t predicted and slightly warmer temps are :-).

Welcome to Spring in Wisconsin.

I think the weather this past week was weeping for the victims of the Boston bombings. And their families. Most of us felt exactly like the weather, mourning yet another senseless act of violence. Some of us shed tears just like the clouds.

CRW Romantic Suspense FinalistMidst the sadness and chaos of the week, I did manage to get Book 5 of my Soul String Saga finished, and it’s now being prepared for publication.

More good news to life the sadness was learning my book, An Island No More has finaled in two readers’ choice contests. Those two notification phone calls definitely lifted my spirits.

This past week could have been a disaster for me—if I’d allowed it. I was very tired. I had many tasks that needed accomplishing. My husband and I were constantly solving one problem or issue only to be faced with two or three more popping up and demanding attention. Now…

Looking toward Diamond Head

Looking toward Diamond Head

Life can be like that. Then add to it weather which promotes moodiness, along with an onslaught of news and currents events which are depressing, well, let’s say, that’s a sure-fire provocation to increase stress and potentially give a person a reason to say “the heck with it all.”

I guess at heart I’m someone who prefers to be realistic but see life as a glass half full in difficult time, rather than describing it more pessimistically as “half empty.” In that sense I’m not only an author who determines the fates and issues my characters face within my books, but I can choose to do the same with my life.

Board sailing like butterflies on the ocean

Board sailing like butterflies on the ocean

So I do. It’s easier that way for me.

And it allows me to determine if I need a time-out. If I do, I figure out how to take one. Like last Sunday. It rejuvenates my psyche and my soul.

Do you need a time out this week? If so, you have my permission to take one.

See you next week…

Banyan tree Lahaina

Banyan tree Lahaina

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12 Comments on “Weeping Weather and Time Outs”

  1. Casey, it seems that all there is in our life are rolling hills and valleys. It matters not if we find ourself on the up side because nature will abide and soon we will be on the down side. To borrow a tired ciche … take the good with the bad. And when we do, we might notice that it all balances. I don’t know what to think and have nothing to say about Boston. These are the times we truly must question the state of human cruelty. Random acts of violence by nature are easier to take. Random acts of violence from people are intollerble.

    Congrats on the good news and I truly hope you guys warm up soon. It’s almost May for Pete’s sake 🙂

  2. Virginia McCullough Says:

    Big congratulations on your finals–very exciting. I’ve read An Island No More, so I know it deserves the praise it’s received. I’m also glad you got a bit of rest. I know it wasn’t much, but I know everyone here wants to see you take as many breaks as possible.

    As for the weather, what can I say? Is it spring anywhere in the state?

  3. Congratulations on your novel, Casey. That put a smile on your face I’m sure.
    The weather WILL change – it’s probably a matter of weeks. Good thing you know when to take care of yourself because in the scheme of things life can be so good.

  4. Florence,

    Today we might hit 40 degrees. Last year we had 80’s and all the spring flowers were long gone. Our falls here are much more predictable and pleasant. Probably why overall that’s my favorite season.

    You’re so right about the ups and downs of life, relationships, and weather. It’s better to looks for the next up and deal with the downs.That’s especially true for writers, right?

    Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. Virginia,

    Thanks for your support of An Island No More. Maggie appreciates it 😉 So does the author.

    I look forward to seeing you at the GGBA meeting in May. When it will be a lovely day, right?

  6. Patti,

    Yep, smiles have been on my face since the news. And I’m sure in the near future we will have a 24 hour period of weather where we go from snow flurries to 85 degrees and humidity. No spring, just hot miserable weather for a few months. It’s one of the reasons I love northern CA where the weather is more predictable. Usually…

    Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  7. Edie Ramer Says:

    Congratulations on your finals!!!! Exciting news!

    It was dreary last week. And then what happened in Boston was heartbreaking. I was busy with my new release, but otherwise it didn’t feel as if I got much done.

  8. Ah, you are definitely trying to will Spring here with your mind. Keep it up! 🙂 I’m glad you took some time off, you are one of the hardest working women I know and definitely deserve it. You were probably more productive for having had some rest, too. Love and hugs to you as always!

    Oh, and hey, I knew of the AOE final, but what was the other one? (I’m typing this before other comments, so if you answered in them, ignore the question. 🙂

    Congratulations and best of luck for some wins!

  9. I loved “An Island No More,” It deserves to be recognized all over the place! Congratulations my friend!

    And don’t worry about the weather. Mother Nature knows what she’s doing, even if we’re not quite sure of her plans… 😉

  10. Edie,

    I;m reading that new release and loving it. I hope you keep writingt the Miracle series though I know you are thinking it’s not worth it.

  11. Stacey,

    The second final was in the Bean Pot. I finoaled in that with Black Ribbon Affair a few years ago but I’d love to win this time and I’ll admit I think AINM is a much better written novel and far more complex.

    I can’t wait to see everyone at the next GGBA meeting and Spring better be here by then

  12. Lorna,

    Mother Nature does her thing and she does know what she’s doing. I just wish she’s ask my advice once in a while. Loved your post on the weird and false advertising of years ago. 😉

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