Winter Doldrums

This was snow. Now it's solid ice and just outside my front door.

This was snow. Now it’s solid ice and just outside my front door.

Isn’t it odd to have a title such as this at the end of March in a northern clime?

I vote YES!

Okay, I’m sick of winter. Dreary days, dirty snow now morphed to filthy ice, dark skies when the sun should be shining.

Where is spring?

I want it here—not now—but last week would have been good.

Where's the green grass? The dandelions?

Where’s the green grass? The dandelions?

I want to see song birds, butterflies, dragonflies, spring flowers. I’ll even settle for seeing dandelions. I’m just so darn tired of wearing warm clothes, heavy shoes instead of sandals, thinking piping hot soup instead of cold salads or a hunk of salmon or a great burger fresh off OUR grill.

Easter is next Sunday but who can think of Easter bunnies, much less new pretty shoes or outfit looking all bright and cheerful when the temps refuse to hit 30 degrees for a high, much less 50 or higher.

Today’s paper had all these add for bright colored, sleeveless sheath dresses. I’m old enough to remember wearing them when Jackie Kennedy set the style trend. And I’ve seen the style return at least twice since then. But I won’t rush out and buy one this year. Maybe instead more warm sweaters, long-sleeved and high-necked. And did you read that word warm? No little cropped numbers with short sleeves or lacy light cotton for me.

Microsoft Clip art image. My trees are bare.

Microsoft Clip art image. My trees are bare.

I took all those lovely bright ads and threw them in the trash.

I guess we’re lucky we aren’t getting a blizzard today and some places are. Oh, that nasty weather forecaster is saying some snow—couldn’t possible change that script because the Spring season did officially start last Wednesday.

And since I’m ranting why should we have lost an hour’s sleep in early March just to see one hour more each day of dreary skies?

Last year this time we were enjoying our balcony in the evening while watching the moon rise over the water or just enjoy being outside on a lovely spring evening.

Microsoft Clipart image. What do we have? Geese...

Microsoft Clipart image. What do we have? Geese…

Not this year. Our balcony still has some ice patches.

I know some of you who stop by are in warmer climes. Please tell me one lovely thing you’re enjoying with your spring weather. That should help to keep my hope alive that maybe we will get a bit of warmth coming our way.

Have a great week, despite the weather if you’re enduring winter yet, or for those who really know about warmth, enjoy it twice as much for those of us stuck in winter.

Soul String: Passport, Book 4. Available now.

Soul String: Passport, Book 4. Available now.

P.S. Oh, and last week Book 4 of my Soul String Saga, Soul String: Passport became available for Kindle, Nook and KOBO. Apple still has it in review.  My editor exclaimed this was the best of the series. Check it out. Links are here. Just scroll down to the end of the page for Soul String: Passport.

Right now I’m working on the final edits of book 5 which will complete this series. I hope to have my editor right after Easter and ready for publication by the end of April. I’ve loved revising and updating this book.

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8 Comments on “Winter Doldrums”

  1. Edie Ramer Says:

    Congratulations on your new release!!!! It’s always so fun to have a new book out. As for the weather, the snow is getting a little old. Oh well, in July and August we’ll be complaining about the awful mugginess and heat. lol

  2. Edie,

    Right about the heat and mugginess. What I fear is this cold will change overnight to that and we won’t even see a spring. 😦

  3. Oh, Casey, I hear ya’ because I HATE cold weather and could never live in it for long. I just got back from a ride on my horse on trail in the hills and it was about 70 degrees and sooo green with ferns and the overhanging trees. It was phenomenal.
    Hope you get your Spring soon.

  4. Ah Casey, yesterday was one of those days and I’m here late again. And I feel for you. I don’t share the cimate any longer, but I still remember. Remember waiting for the winds to shift, for the first buds to push through the giant oak in the front of the apartment building were we lived in Manhattan. Remember those short, dark days and the promise of spring.

    I’ll share what I have now. A sunny, bright, green and colorful landscape with wafting palm trees and my tiny cottage all brand new and waiting for another season. Seasons in Florida are strange and for an ex-New Yorker … the strangest is never wearing heavy boots, or sweaters under heavey jackets. Strange to walk out to 70% sunny days. I’ll live with the threat of hurricane and live with the sadness that the last two missed us and landed in my precious city. The sadness of Sandy and people who are yet to see their life back to normal.

    So today, on a Monday morning … I think of the neighborhoods in my birth place of Brooklyn and how the promise of spring will not bring back their homes or their incredible ocean front homes back to normal and I’ll be grateful for what I have 🙂

  5. Busy Lady! Hard to believe you’ve had time to get the Winter Blues!

  6. Patti,

    Oh, 70 degrees. Probably sunny. Maybe a breeze soughing through the trees. And those hills should be green now and bursting with wild flowers, right? I hope you enjoyed it twice as much as usual. And did Maximus behave?

    Have a wonderful week.

  7. Florence,

    Talk about being conflicted, the New York gal now retired to her dreamed of cottage in a warm clime. I hope yesterday’s terrible storms jumped right over you.

    And I know exactly what you mean about being upset that the Sandy devastation is still a mess in all those places you write about. How awful. And now another snowstorm could hit them again.

    This year I very glad you are where you are.

    Have a great week.

  8. Lorna,

    Not so hard to believe. All I have to do is look out my window or let the dog out and then I know–spring has not arrived. So sad.

    Have a great week.

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