Potholes, Corned Beef & Life

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If you live where I do, you’re hearing a lot of complaining these days about all the potholes in the streets, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. Potholes, sometimes referred to as chuckholes in our Western United States, are holes in the roads or walkways.

They can be deep and very large. Or not so deep and small.

Either way, if you’re driving on them, expect a bouncy, if not dangerous ride. If you are walking and not watching where you walk, you can easily trip and fall, maybe injuring yourself.

I did an errand this afternoon and drove on the little used road that leads to our driveway. Doesn’t matter that it’s used mostly by our neighbors and not heavily traveled. While the potholes weren’t the worst I’ve seen on this short road, those cracks and dips provided a jiggly ride and the chance to take a few photos for this blog. 🙂

Our washboard Lakeshore Drive

Our washboard Lakeshore Drive

Potholes around here are caused by the changes in the temperature with freezing and thawing of the road or walkway surfaces. They can be fixed with patches. But the patches are usually more temporary in the winter and sometimes need to be done more than once.

As a general rule I’ve not found many people who like potholes or dealing with them while they drive. However, I have discovered multitudes more than willing to grumble about them. I’ve grumbled on several occasions and will likely continue to do so.

While I was driving, I was thinking about what to write about today and it came to me—potholes. Right…because if you think about it, our lives are filled with potholes. You know what I mean. Those little irritations we have that if not resolved become worse and can lead to major problems.

A parking lot

A parking lot

Or those issues that some of us just keep bouncing over and grumbling about but never fix. It’s as if the pothole/problem/irritation in life makes their lives more interesting—even if it only provides a reason to grumble. And how does that work for them?

I suspect after a while, just like the roads, the problem becomes huge and very difficult and expensive to fix. If it can be fixed. I think that’s when our personal road crews step up with emergency fixes or repairs to help us keep on, keeping on.

So if you’re on someone’s road crew for personal pothole fixing, be on the lookout for too much grumbling without any action on the grumbler’s part. Take action to repair pothole. And if you find yourself grumbling too much, consider an assessment of the potholes in your life. What can you do for a temporary fix?

But also remember this. What goes around comes around. In our lives, sometimes we’re the road crew. Other times were the road with potholes.

Begging for a ride

Begging for a ride

I’d like to say that my drive on the potholed road was to get the corned beef which I mentioned in today’s title.

But it wasn’t. (okay, I’ll admit it–Oreo was just begging for a ride.)

Because I already had the corned beef. After all today is St. Patrick’s Day, and in my family that means corned beef, cabbage, carrots, red potatoes and whatever else I decide I have time to make.

However, for one of my sons this day always presented a “pothole” and he’d grumble because he didn’t like corned beef. He was outnumbered since the rest of us did. So he’d have to make do with the potatoes, carrots, cabbage and whatever else. And he’d get teased by his other brothers because they’d tell him his not eating the meat left more for them.

Brothers and corned beef can be potholes sometimes.

So today while I’m cooking, I’ll be thinking of all those St. Patrick’s Day dinners when so many of us gathered around the table. We will miss them. That’s one of our potholes in our life, but we will treasure the memories and gorge ourselves on the treat we have once a year.

The leprechaun is here.

The leprechaun is here.

I’ll leave you with my favorite Irish blessing:

May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

And may you not encounter any potholes this week. 😉

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16 Comments on “Potholes, Corned Beef & Life”

  1. No matter how hard I try to avoid those blasted potholes, my tires seem determines to take a dip! Irish blessings to you, Casey!

  2. What a lovely analogy, Casey, and all of us can relate to potholes in our lives that we’ve neglected to work on and fix. So they got bigger with time and worse as a result causing us worse heartache and way more work. Then again, it’s the fixing of the potholes that make us strong or stronger people because no one has a life without potholes. I’m going to have to think of this today and see whether I have some that need tending. Thanks, Casey, and Happy St. Pat’s Day.

  3. Edie Ramer Says:

    Wishing you and your family a lovely St. Pat’s Day. I’m not a big corned beef fan either. I have no idea what we’ll eat tonight – but it won’t be that. lol

  4. Casey, I enjoyed the image of my life’s road spread out before me with potholes, downed eletrical wired, boulders, and me negotiating around and over. In NYC each spring brings new potholes, or some of the older ones reopen and need to be addressed. LIke in our life, NY often doesn’t have enough resources to fill them all in and broken axels, flat tires and angry drivers abound amid the twitter of birds 🙂 So much fun to now think of myself as an emergency crew called in to repair the damage. With what would I fill in the holes? How would I move over the obstacles? With time. Only time.

    And like yourself, the times gone by when we all sat together are long gone … so I raised a glass to you and yours … for those we have lost and those we are fortunate to still have. Happy Saint Pat’s !!

  5. Lorna,

    Tires and the undercarriages of cars seem the most prone to damage. Though I’ve thought a few times I might bite through my cheek when I hit a bad one I didn’t see.

    Ah, the adventure of winter in the northern climes. 🙂

  6. Ahh, Patti,

    Yes, fixing those potholes can make us stronger. I know they have for me and for the characters I write about. I imagine when you’re riding Maximus you look out for potholes also. Wouldn’t want him to stumble and go down.

    Have a good week. 🙂

  7. Edie,

    Oh, then that will leave more for me to eat. 😉

    Whatever you have tonight, I hope you enjoy it and it’s special. Maybe some of Katie’s Miracle Pie? I wonder if she has one to celebrate the Irish in a person. If so, I’d buy it.

    Have a great week.

  8. Deb Maher Says:

    As usual, your words are thoughtful and pictures a delight. I like the transition from gray potholes to the green merriment of St. Pat’s Day. Love Oreo’s wearing of the green!

    There have been times this winter when I’ve felt like I’m navigating one huge, deep pothole. But then, like your photos, the angels come and help me transition from the gray hole of winter to the green.growth of spring. Spring is coming, as it always does. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my friend. 🙂

  9. Florence,

    Where you live you get sinkholes. I think I’d rather deal with potholes. I figure a sinkhole would equate to a serious personality meltdown. Probably unfixable in the short run.

    Your beloved buroughs of New York must be celebrating heartily today. I read today that the Irish Prime Minister was in the parade and she made the comment that not a burough in NY was without an Irish enclave. While they came originally to work and build a life, today they come for the freedom of creating film, fashion and…oh darn I can’t remember the 3rd item. But I thought it was a great quote.

    Have a great week and I’ll toast you also.

  10. Deb,

    Thank you for complimenting my pictures. I didn’t find it difficult yesterday to find potholes. 😦

    Oreo and I are both desperately in need of Spring and soon. Me to lift my spirits which have been challenged lately with those little potholes and Oreo because finding her perfect potty spot on the lawn covered with ice and snow is very frustrating.

    When I think of that and how sweet she always is, then I figure I an deal with the potholes. Maybe we should look to Oreo and realize at least we’ve warm and comfortable potty spots, right?

    Have a great week, dearest lady.

  11. Your Irish blessing is beautiful, and your pothole analogy perfect. I happen to love corned beef & cabbage, which I made last Sunday. Somehow, I forgot to double check the calendar & thought last Sunday was St. Paddy’s Day. LOL Love & Miss You!

  12. Donna,

    Our dinner tonight was just perfect. I managed to get it just right despite not being to bed for 40 + hours. and we had such a great time with our neighbors.

  13. anne parent Says:

    I’m very much in need of your Irish blessing this week. I have a lot of potholes that must be dealt with. But I will keep your thoughts in mind and work on them one at a time until I’ve gone through my long list of problems. May your week be pothole free!

  14. Nancy Kaye Says:

    What a wonderful blog! You already know what my potholes are. Hope your dinner was delicious. Your Irish saying is my favorite also.

  15. Anne,

    May your potholes be filled this week. Call if I can help. So glad you liked the blog since I feared it was a bit of a stretch. Take care of yourself.

  16. Nancy,

    Ah, I know so well your potholes as you know mine. Glad you liked the blog and how about the Irish theme.

    Dinner was fantastic. Company was even better. We had a great time and ate way too much. Oh, I love that blessing and say it often. I used to sing it before I ruined my voice.

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