Ice Floes and Writing

Lake Michigan creates

Lake Michigan creates

This past week our huge Lake Michigan played at being an ice sculptor.

Like most artists, who knows where this inspiration comes from, but all artists require tools or materials to accomplish their art.

For the Lake, one day this past week, the tools were wind and water. Frigid temperatures also helped. The materials were the ice floes on the horizon of the lake, some debris, mostly from tree limbs, and sand and stones churned up from the lake’s bottom.

Like most artists I know, the lake was never satisfied so for a full 24 hours the sculptures changed. I would have spent far too many hours recounting how these shoreline pieces of art changed. The materials didn’t change.

However, the tools did. Not it what they were but their size, strength, amount, you get my drift. It’s somewhat similar to my husband who must have 27 different kinds of pliers, same name but all different sizes or functions.

Wave action helps.

Wave action helps.

Or perhaps it’s like me. I might have several pair of slacks but what I wear them for is entirely different.

Or as a writer, my tools are pretty much the same. I use a computer, but I have 3, one small laptop, one much larger and a desk top. They all produce my work. My materials words are available on all of them.

And last Tuesday because I was also enthused about finishing the work I was creating, I didn’t take the time to watch Lake Michigan create, destroy and recreate those shoreline ice sculptures.

But I was doing something similar, in that I took what I created, destroyed parts of it and recreated it in a better way.

Ahh, but here’s the difference. Today my creation still is in existence and finished. I sent Soul String: Passport, Book 4, off to my editor. She may have suggestions for more destruction and recreation.

Let's change this shoreline's look.

Let’s change this shoreline’s look.

Oh, and the ice sculptures Lake Michigan created while I created on my computer?

Well, those sculptures are pretty much gone. The winds changed and tore them apart. For a few hours, the geese and ducks used them as resting spots, but no more. I suspect those pieces of ice are now being remolded on Michigan’s shoreline. Don’t get me wrong. We still got ice on the piers, but no longer do I look out and see these huge drifts and pillars of ice.

I think I’m very glad I write instead of using Mother Nature’s tools and materials to be a creative soul.

And here’s a glimpse of my next cover because my cover artist, Elle J. Rossi, was being creative also this week.

Soul String: Passport, Book 4

Soul String: Passport, Book 4

Are you happy to be doing what you do in a creative sense?

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10 Comments on “Ice Floes and Writing”

  1. Edie Ramer Says:

    The cover is lovely! The color is very eye-catching.

    I am happy with what I’m doing. Especially since I’m in the revision stage and expect to be done with the first draft tomorrow. Yay!!!!

  2. Really pretty cover, Casey. And yes, I’m happy with what I’m doing. I just sent the information to my agent so that she can start querying editors at different publishing houses. YIKES! I’m scared now!

  3. Virginia McCullough Says:

    Hi–nice images as usual. I so enjoy seeing the shoreline change with weather and seasons. Glad to hear that Soul String 4 is almost done. I sure liked SS 3, so I want to see what’s next for Brenna and maybe a new man? You’re keeping me in suspense. The cover is lovely–the colors are stunning in this series. I happen to be working with a couple of women whose personal stories are so compelling, I’m taking great pleasure in helping them get the painful truth on the page…pleasure only because they overcome such hard times. They’re truly like the wise women you write about. .

  4. anneparent Says:

    Awesome cover to go with an equally awesome story! I once had a professor tell me writers want immortality and I believe he is on to something. We all want to know that what we create will be there long after we’re gone, unlike Mother Nature who is content to live more in the moment and create just to create. Beautiful pictures!

  5. Edie,

    Nothing is lovelier for a writer than to finish a revision and feel satisfied. Of course, within a couple hours we might want to change things up again unless it’s really,..right.

    So glad you’re on a creative roll/ And thanks for the comments about this cover. Elle is amazing.

  6. Patti,

    Sending that ms out to the agent can always produce a YIKES feeling, followed by a GEESH, time to start something new. Until you hear from the agent and then it’s back to revising or hurrying and finishing up the new project.

    But we love it, right? 🙂

  7. Virginia,

    I’m hoping not many edits come back as I really want to get this one out there and finish up #5. Then I can get to my Dessert Dames again. I’m missing them.

    Your clients are proof of that old cliche what doesn’t kill you makes you strong and I’d add wise.I think those women are very lucky to be working with someone like you who understands what they’ve overcome.

    Thanks for liking the photos.

  8. Anne,

    I think you’re right about Mother Nature living in the moment especially as I watch the lake and its ever-changing moods, colors, sounds. It’s like living with a person.

    So glad you like this cover.

  9. Ah yes, Casey … I am so happy with what I am creating that I often believe an angel is at my side directing my ten fingers, whispering in my ear … “go for it.” And I have. I love what your tools create and love that you share the amazing results with us. I have said it before and I will say it again … you are an inspiration to us all.

    In case you didn’t notice I am a day late, but not a thought short. The delay was because I had to finish the last five chapters of the last edit of the first of my mystery trilogy. Yes, we use our time wisely and have the best fun 🙂

  10. Florence,

    Congratulations on finishing those 5 chapters, especially the last chapters. It’s a grand feeling. And I love when the “angels” speak in my ear. I know that emotion well.

    Never apologizing for being late. You can’t be on this blog. And have you noticed how I often comment a day or two after your blog posts? Why? Because life keeps me away from such fun activities when caregiving activities come first.

    Have a fantastic week! 🙂

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