A Special Favor

My Oreo

My Oreo

Hello on a Tuesday!

I don’t usually post during the week, but I have a very special favor to ask of you. This favor might take you a few minutes. But it should be fun and interesting.

So, here’s the deal.

Two of my book covers have been entered in a contest. That’s right. Not the book. Just the cover. So actually, this is about the creative vision and work of cover artists.

If a book cover finals, it get some publicity. If the book cover wins, it gets more.

So the Super Bowl is over. March Madness hasn’t begun. So this is a good time to judge book covers.

This contest has a name, Judge A Book By Its Cover. Or JABBIC for short. 🙂

It has book covers in several different categories. You can judge 1, 2, or all. The choice is yours but whatever category you choose, you must look at all the choices. Then you rank them 1-5. Of course, 5 is the highest.

Single Title entry

Single Title entry

The process is to go to this link.

Click on a category. Mine are in the Single Title category.

Next you rank each cover it the category including mine. Do it like you might if you were looking for new books to read in a library, bookstore shelves or online. Most books get picked up and looked at by the cover. It’s their curb appeal. You do the same here. If the book cover appeals to you, you just hit 1through 5 based on their descriptions. A one means you basically didn’t like it at all and a five means you’d buy it.

To make this ranking process even easier, the people who set up this contest assume the entries are a 3 and that’s already marked. If you don’t agree with that, click on the circle you think the cover deserves, then hit the continue button until you’ve finished reviewing all the covers in that category.

Of course, I hope you’ll give my books a 5 but I ranked as 5 several covers in competition with mine. Why? Because I loved their covers as much as I love mine. I also respect the creative vision and talent of the cover artist.

The two books I’ve entered in the Single Title category are Better Than Dessert and More Than A Trifle.

Single Title Entry

Single Title Entry

This ranking needs to be completed by next Sunday, February 10.

I’d also appreciate it very much if you’d forward the contest link to others you might think would enjoy doing this. https://jabbic.hbarwa.com/readers/

I and all the entrants really appreciate your support and help. Thank you. 🙂

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12 Comments on “A Special Favor”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I love both of these covers. I voted, Casey. You’re a 5 in my book.

  2. Casey, I had voted the other day, and no question your covers scored a 5. 🙂 Best of luck!

    I just read your last blog, and my heart broke for you as I read about the last moments of your son’s life. All I can say is I love you & send lots of hugs, my dear friend. 😦

  3. You bet I will, Casey!

  4. I actually came across this contest yesterday and gave your covers a good vote.

  5. Casey, a pleasure to see you during the week. You know I’ve already voted HURRAY for both your covers. I do truly love them. Saw you are in good company but as your fan, I gave you a number one slot for both books !!!

  6. Aw, Sandy, Oreo thanks you and so do I.

  7. Donna,

    I’m very glad my writing and my volunteering for FAB 5 managed to bring us together. Thank you for being there for me when it happened and thank you always for being a friend. And for your vote. 🙂

  8. Thank you, Lorna. I appreciate your support and so does Oreo.

  9. Thanks, Jamie. That ranking for all covers was very interesting. Oreo thanks you also.

  10. Thanks, Florence, and Oreo thanks you also. And those covers were in some very good company.

  11. Edie Ramer Says:

    Done! I marked yours 5. Good luck!

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