Sandy Hook Sadness

Google image. Flag at half mast Newton, CT

Google image. Flag at half mast Newton, CT

The weather wept this weekend. At least it has here in the section of Wisconsin where I live

Mothers and fathers in the US go about their business in sorrow, mourning the loss of yet another mass shooting.

Once again the unthinkable happened.

Another mass shooting Friday morning at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Connecticut.

A lone shooter enters a school and proceeds to kill 20 young children, 6 adults, and finally himself. Later, police learns he killed his mother before he drove her car to the school.

Twenty young lives—most of them only 5 or 6 years old, gone as quickly as one might snap fingers together. For what reason?

Clipart image

Clipart image

Who knows?

Perhaps the gunman held explicitly detailed reasons. But since he killed himself, he’s taken his warped reasons with him to his eternal punishment.

Logic and sanity provides no valid reason.

We mourn. We pray for the families of the victims, the school community, that Connecticut town. Grief has rippling effects.

In this time when the Jewish faith celebrates the festival of light, we all lament the darkness brought by these untimely deaths. For those of us preparing for celebration of the birth of our Savior our anticipation of joy is greatly dimmed.

Christmas will never be the same. Each year we will remember with those families the loss of the Sandy Hook victims. Our joy of the season will dim.

My hope is the Hanukkah lights will brighten our sorrow and lead these little angels and their adult protectors to a place of joy where they will celebrate of this time of year being with the Our Savior as we commemorate his birth.

Clipart image

Clipart image

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18 Comments on “Sandy Hook Sadness”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Thanks for expressing our grief so well, Casey.

  2. Casey, I must repeat what I wrote on Facebook. They have left us on the wings of the angels. The babes who had not been with us for long … the parents who will not be home for the Holidays. We keep them in our thoughts these days and wonder … how can this happen to such innocents? Bless you for honoring them 🙂

  3. Thank you for this beautiful tribute, Casey.

  4. Virginia McCullough Says:

    My mind keeps coming back to the adults, the teachers and the principal and others, some of whom were able to protect their kids and survive, but some of whom perished in the process. As the mother of a man who teaches math in a grade school, I’ve always known that he could get caught in the crossfire within the neighborhood violence while trying to protect his classes, but I hadn’t really thought about someone shooting his way inside. From all accounts, the adults in their various roles and the young students in the school all showed remarkable courage in the face of this mayhem. I’m grieving the lost but also holding the living in the light.. Like you said, Mary Jo, nothing will ever be the same for them–or for the country.

  5. I still can’t wrap my mind around this tragedy. My heart just aches for that entire town.

  6. Sandy,

    Sandy Hook will live forever in infamy, like other such massacres. So very sad.

  7. Florence,

    I agree. They left us on the wings of angels. You are so poetic in your words. So full of sorrow we are.

  8. Patti,

    As a mother who lost a son during this time but not under such violent circumstances, I have such empathy for these families and parents. I also know that while this time in future years will hold happiness it will always carry a very bittersweet tinge.

  9. Viriginia,

    You have cause to worry and hold you son close. Not only is he doing a most valuable job, he’s doing it under potential conflict situations. How does any school prepare for this?

    It can’t. So we hope those who might be challenged like this in a future situation we don’t ever want to see, they will rise to the challenge as these adults did. God bless them.

  10. Jamie,

    No one can wrap a reasonable and loving mind around this horror. You are not alone. Be especially loving to those around you.

  11. anne parent Says:

    Well said, MJ! Our thoughts and prayers are with all the members of the Sandy Hook Community.

  12. Anne,

    And the saddest part for me was hundreds of miles away we were enjoying a lovely day while the world for Newton, CT was splintering in pain.

  13. Nancy Kaye Says:

    You expressed so well what all of us are feeling. It’s hard as a parent, grandparent, and teacher to think that this could happen in a school again. Prayer is the only way to accept this and remember the angels who are now with God.

  14. Nancy,

    Prayer is a way to heal but never forget. Perhaps these newest of angels will guard our other school children and also brush their wings across the cheeks of their families whenever they are missing them.

  15. Teri Says:

    A beautiful tribute for a heart breaking event, Casey. We mourn when the unthinkable comes into our world…and it does come into our world in our thoughts, in our mood and in our prayers as it should. Sandy Hook and her angels and heroes are with us, I am sure, for our lifetime.

  16. Teri,

    So well said. Everyone that day who was involved at the school other than the shooter was a hero. And we will remember…

  17. The weather wept…beautifully said, Casey. You captured what so many of us are too heartsick to say.

  18. Lorna,

    Our weather still weeps as does my heart.

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