Introducing Soul String

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Okay, I’m late posting this, a day late–forgive me. However, last week was crazy busy with way too many deadlines and too many care-giving hours. I needed more than 168 hours in the week. L

But did you take a long look at my new book cover?

Is that not absolutely the most interesting fantastic cover? I know I’ve been so fortunate in my book covers. Each one I think is the best ever—and then I get the next one.

But let me tell you a bit about Soul String. I first played around with my main character many years ago as a graduate student who spent many hours each week walking into campus and between buildings for classes, the library and then back to my little room.

I created stories in my head while I walked. About a student with dreams and goals.

Fast forward many years later and that character came back into my mind. Only now I was writing fiction full time. Brenna Jane Kelly rose again but so much more interesting. So compelling to me I found her story evolved into the Soul String Saga. At this time, 5 novellas cover about twenty crucial years in her life.

Brenna is on journey toward being a wise woman.

Coming January 2013

Coming January 2013

Last week between caregiving hours, I was busy putting the final touches on Book 1 which is as of last night with my formatter. Hopefully, it will be available in digital format by Christmas. Book 2 should be available in January 2013.

Notice what’s different with Book 2’s cover? That difference is important within Soul String, Book 2. I haven’t decided on a subtitle for it yet. But I’ll be inspired soon. Maybe this week.

So what do you think?

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19 Comments on “Introducing Soul String”

  1. Unequivocally a beautiful cover. No question, Casey. And, yes, just in time for Christmas!

  2. I’m sure this is silly, but please tell me when it’s available so I can buy it.

  3. Beautiful covers! I noticed a key on the Book Two cover…

    Congratulations on the upcoming release!

  4. Virginia McCullough Says:

    I adore these covers. Intriguing and lovely. Wow–I’ll be among the first readers. So happy you’re putting these out. You’re an inspiration for what can be done with determination and grit!

  5. Patti,

    I’ll announce it as soon as I know. I’m shooting for sometime around December 20th, sooner if I can do it.

    And the cover exhibits the talents of my cover artist.

  6. Stacey,

    Yes, it’s the key. This week I’ll start on final edits for Book 2. Who needs to Christmas shop?

  7. Virginia,

    Intriguing? Love that you get that feeling. I’m hoping many more readers will feel the same way. Yep, that’s me, determination and grit and not much sleep. Oh well, sleep is over-rated, right?

    Thanks for loving my covers.

  8. Oh Casey, I think both covers are wonderful and the story sounds so intriguing … like you. And like you, I am sure the character is going to pull at my heart strings … the ones that attach to my Soul Strings 🙂 Best of everything with these books !!

  9. Edie Ramer Says:

    Gorgeous covers! How great to have a character stick so long, and then to come alive. This is very exciting!

  10. Florence,

    Thank you for your compliments on my cover. My artist will be so happy to hear this. I hope Brenna tugs at many heart strings. This is really a book for Boomer’s who remember the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and the battles women faced and the cultural changes exploding which this new generation doesn’t even think as life is so different.

    Hope you enjoy it.

  11. Edie,

    Oh, yeah, Brenna’s been with me longer than my hubby and he’s stuck around quite a few years. 😉 So glad you like the covers. Let’s hope they attract readers wanting to fill their new Kindles and Nooks etc.

  12. Brenda Says:

    I LOVE – the heart and yin yang within. PERFECT! Can’t wait to read it!

  13. Hi,

    I can’t wait for you to read it either. Actually, for you to read all of them. 🙂

  14. Sandy Says:

    Great covers, Casey. Congratulations on the upcoming release!

  15. Sandy,

    Thanks for commenting. My cover artist is fantastic. I’m uploading tomorrow for Kindle.

  16. anne parent Says:

    I know you don’t need luck with these phenomenal stories of Brenna Jane Kelly, but I’ll wish you the best anyway. This is a great saga for those of us who lived through the 70s, 80s and 90s. And I think all young women should read these stories so they have a better understanding of what barriers our generation has lowered for them.

    Thank you for telling this story!

  17. Teri Says:

    Beautiful covers, Casey. I did notice the keys on book two. Can’t wait to read this new story. Congratulations!

  18. Anne,

    I’m hoping this saga doesn’t preach just gives the younger women a view of the past within the framework of friendship, love and family.

    Thanks for commenting.

  19. Teri,

    The keys have it. Glad you like the covers.

    Thanks for stopping in.

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