Sandy’s Backside

These were between 8 – 10 feet.

We’ve survived the last full week non-stop political ads. The money spent on political advertising in this campaign in the most ever spent in campaigns. I guess money talks and also votes.

But really this post isn’t about politics other than for this reason. Each day I listen to the news updates showing the destruction caused by Superstorm Sandy/Frankenstorm Sandy. Then I hear about the escalating costs to rebuild and repair this destruction. I think how all this money could be put to far better use in helping to achieve and pay for this reconstruction. Or provide aid for those who’ve lost everything to this storm.

Mother Nature’s actions will be costly.

The scope and range of this storm made it much worse. It hit the East Coast, yet where I live in Wisconsin, the Midwest, we caught Sandy’s backside. Especially if you lived along Lake Michigan.

Hitting the shoreline and piers,

Like I do.

I spent some time Tuesday and Wednesday photographing the angry lake. My photographs don’t do justice to the deep waves which crashed against our shore protection for over 24 hours—more like 36.

A few miles south of us residents with property on the lake had to sandbag and were urged to evacuate. We didn’t have to because we are above lake level but once in a while a wave would crash above our shore protection and over our “piers.” We lost our beach sand for a few days as the waves pulled it out further into the lake.

But we were lucky because had our winds been coming from the straight east direction or northeast, we’d have had waves hitting our patio. We had that happen before.

But what bothered me the most was the constant crashing of the waves, one right after the other for over 24 hours. Those gunshot-like waves sounded worse at night when combined with the dark night and the howling winds.

Wednesday–this coloring and sky were very weirdly tinted

I got many phone calls and emails from people we know asking if we were okay. Why, because the area was in the local news because of the documented high waves, lakeside road and street closings, and the evacuation notice.

But really, we were very lucky. Sandy’s backside wagged but that was all. She did have staying power and her shaking created lots of noise.

I wish the same might have been said for the East Coast. But if wishes…you know the rest.

Now, imagine if all that money used for political advertising would be available to help with the destruction there.

I’ll bet that would make great inroads in helping pay for the destruction and help out those who’ve lost everything. Imagine…

Weird right? Late Wednesday

Might Mother Nature be disgusted with all those ads?

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18 Comments on “Sandy’s Backside”

  1. Casey, those pictures are, well, I’m kind of a loss for words. Amazing.

    And yes, I wouldn’t have minded if a few thousand political signs had blown away up here. but they stayed put.

  2. I am SO glad you’re okay, Casey. I didn’t recall where you lived although I know because I read your blog all the time. I did see the waves at Lake Michigan while watching our news and could not believe it. I know an ocean has waves but a lake? I would never have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes.

  3. Amazing pictures, especially those last two! And I agree, if even half the $ spent on political ads could be put toward Sandy, it would help!

  4. Lorna.

    Amen about the political signs. I’m glad you’re area didn’t get all they were predicting.

  5. Stacey,

    Even a quarter of that amount would be amazing.

    Thanks for mentioning you liked the photos. I took some amazing videos also but don’t know how to condense them. They captured the constant movement of the waves along with the weird colors and the crashing sound.

  6. Patti,

    Lake Michigan always amazes visitors with how huge it is. It really is an inland sea. We were very lucky that this year’s drought has brought the lake level to a 20+ year low. Had the lake been at the level it was when we bought in here, I’d have been adding the sound of slapping water hitting our east side of the house. And those waves would have been higher.

  7. Sandy Says:

    Casey, I’m so glad you’re safe. I totally agree those stupid ads could be better spent on something other than negativity. I feel so bad for the people on the east coast. The work can’t get done fast enough for those poor people.

    Your photos were amazing.

  8. Sandy,

    There are times I long for bladder control or feminine products commercials. And that’s really disgusting.

    Thanks for liking my photos.

  9. Edie Ramer Says:

    I thought of you often during those 24 hours. I also thought it was too bad that the money for the ads couldn’t go to relief to help clean up after Sandy.

    I’m glad you and your family were safe.

  10. Casey, so glad you to hear you’re safe and sound. The Smoky Mountains didn’t get much backlash, but we have famiy in NYC and we’re happy to say they’re safe as well. We agree that the political ads are just innapropriate at this point. We feel that it would benefit, not only the devastation brought on by Sandy, but also the candidates as well, if they were to put their differences aside and show a united front as citizens of this country, brothers that are trying to help those in need.

  11. Edie,

    Thank you for your thoughts especially during a time when you were having a loss occurring in your life. I’d have written a much different post if the wind had been in a different direction. We had one of those in June 2011 and lost power for 24 hours and lots of damage.

  12. Like you Casey, I am disgusted with the entire process. Campaigns get more expensive every new election year. Ever wonder if we get our money’s worth? Love the photos as usual 🙂

  13. Inion,

    Ah, the Smokey Mts–someplace I want to visit. Do you didn’t get all that snow?

    I agree it would be very smart had all the ads, calls, expensive literature had been pulled. I’ve friends who are Ds, Rs, Indies, Libertarians, etc. They all think at this point, those $$ aren’t necessary.

  14. Anne Parent Says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re okay. I had no idea it was hitting Lake Michigan in this area. I guess I’ve been living in a vacuum lately.

    Another upside to using political advertising money for helping the ravaged northeast is I would have gotten some relief from all of those phone calls.

  15. So glad all is safe by you, Casey. We are usually so lucky not to get some of the horrible weather that it makes us appreciate it all the more when things do get bad. I’ve always thought the money spent on those political ads could be used for better things – do they really make people change their minds anyway. I hope the people who need it will now find that kind of outpouring of money directed their way.

  16. Oh, Florence, I truly do wonder if we get the $$ worth. I think we should be like France or England where an election cycle is only about a month.

    Unfortunately, I’m old enough to remember the days when this election process took maybe 4-6 months. Ah…the good old days….

  17. Anne,

    Oh yeah. Don’t get me started on the phone calls. The best call I had all last week was from you. And I feared answering it…

    Thanks for stopping by.

  18. Jamie,

    Thanks for stopping by. And adding your two cents/sense. Maybe we could start a drive to have ads etc last only a month. Think of that. Really, if one can’t decide in a month?

    Have a great week and achieve great progress with your kitchen remodel.

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