Rainbows and Book Covers: Say What?

Storm’s coming. Not much time left.

I get it. You’re thinking with this title I’ve definitely gone over to the dark side. Or lost my last marble.

But not so.

You see this week—I can’t remember which day it was because sometimes when you’re so busy trying to meet deadlines and still deal with life—well, time becomes a non-factor. Trust me on this. I know it’s a fact. Anyway, I had one more run through to check for typos on the last edit for my next book More Than A Trifle.

Storms had been threatening all day and with the extreme drought we’ve endured this summer, I certainly didn’t want to hope it wouldn’t rain. So I worked as fast as I could on a task that takes time and at best can be described as tedious.

As I closed in on the last ten pages, the sky really turned ominous. Always a great predictor of bad storms with loud thunder and lightning, Oreo headed for the dark and comforting space behind the toilet in the bathroom. She really wanted me to join her.

Like that was going to happen. To the claps of thunder getting closer, and a few baby bolts of thunder high in the storm clouds massing like armies over the chrome hued waters of the lake I increased my pace.

Two more pages. The lights flickered.

One more page. The thunder sounded as if a thousand bowling balls had just landed on our roof. The Holt Medallion on my desk shook, rattled and rolled.

One half page left.

Oreo scooted from behind the toilet and howled for me to come join her.

A bolt of lightning zig-zagged through those storm clouds over the lake and appeared to land in the water just to the north of my office windows.

Oreo howled.

And I finished. Saved my file—3 different places. And quickly closed down.

Oreo kept yelping for me to join her in the bathroom. However, behind that toilet wasn’t going to work for me. Instead I dropped to the floor, leaned against the tub, and held her in my arms while I watched the storm unleash its fury.

Half an hour later, the thunder ceased and the lightning appeared headed toward Michigan. Oreo gracefully wiggled from my embrace, and went to the bathroom door. I struggled to get up from the bathroom floor—not a pretty sight to watch. She walked away rather than witness it.

We have a rainbow…

I walked into the den and found her snuggled contentedly in the corner of the couch. I could see the skies lightening in the west and the sun was making a valiant effort to reappear even though the heavy rains had dwindled to a drizzle.

Rainbow, I thought and grabbed my camera.

We not only had a magnificent rainbow, but a double one. And in one of the shots I took that day (wishing I had an even better camera) the end of the rainbow appeared to be in the tree I can see just beyond my office window.

I’ve decided it’s a sign. A symbol if you will that this book—one I’ve slaved over—one I finished just before the storm that brought the rainbow, well, this is going to be my best book, my break out book, my pot-of-gold book if you will.

I’ve written and edited it through one of the worst storms in my life. I finished it just before a big and needed storm arrived for my community. That storm brought needed rain but no damage. It did bring a double rainbow to remind us that better times come for those who keep up the good fight, persevere, and believe in the beauty of rainbows.

Can you wait until September?

Now, as I promised last week. Here’s the first official showing of the cover art for More Than A Trifle.

I hope you’ll let me know what you think. Does this lure you in like it did me once all the work to get there came together?

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16 Comments on “Rainbows and Book Covers: Say What?”

  1. Casey–that cover is as beautiful as you are and that’s saying a lot! I love it, loved your post, and love your attitude toward life. You are a true inspiration and I hope you hit it big time with this book. (Though the ones that came before it are pretty darn great already.) You totally deserve it.

  2. Casey … it’s so good to be back to my Sunday visits with you. Love that cover. Always love your photography. Isn’t it grand that even nature unleashed fell in step with your deadline? Congrats on another story done … a must read for sure :):)

  3. Nancy Kaye Says:

    The cover is just wonderful; I love it! How fitting that there would be a rainbow after the storm. I sure hope this book is your pot of gold.

  4. Yummy! And I bet what’s inside that cover is even yummier! 🙂

    I was so happy to hear you didn’t lose your files in the storm. That story was suspenseful!

  5. Stacey,

    You are always so positive and sweet with your comments. I love my cover and the front and back versions for the print edition are even more fantastic. I was trying to figure out last night how to combine those incredible rainbow views, finishing the edits just ahead of the storm and my “unveiling” as promised for the cover.

    So I slept on it and when I started writing today it flowed. I think that also says something.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Florence,

    Yes, for a control freak such as I am, finishing ahead of the storm and then getting rewarded with a double rainbow I was too engrossed in watching to actually photograph that moment makes me very pleased.

    But like storms, I really can’t control them or readers buying and loving my books. But I refuse to not see the rainbow as an omen.

    Glad to have you back and so glad your time off revivified your spirit.

  7. Nancy,

    I don’t need a pot of gold just readers who loved my books. I’ve made a good start but I’m greedy. And I love to think the rainbow was telling me that this is the one.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Lorna,

    It does look yummy, doesn’t it. Making the prototype for the concept was very yummy, here’s hoping readers think the same thing and gobble it up. I guarantee it’s calorie free. 😉

  9. Casey, did I read that right…that’s your photo on the cover?

  10. Edie Ramer Says:

    Love the cover! Everything crossed that this will be your first pot-of-gold book. And may there be many more.

  11. Stacey,
    No, not my photo, but someday I will probably use them for something. but the photos I took and sent to her gave her the idea of what I was looking for.

  12. Edie,

    Love that you have everything crossed. I’m really counting on that rainbow also since I know I put in the work, the sweat, and the determination.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Sandy Says:

    It’s a beautiful cover, Casey. We could certainly use some of the rain you received.

  14. Sandy,

    We are still woefully behind in adequate rainfall for the farmers needs but lawns have definitely perked up. I wish your area would get much needed rain also.

  15. Anne Parent Says:

    Oreo is so like my Lhasa, who only wants on my bed when it’s storming outside. I love your cover and look forward to reading this Dessert book, having just finished reading the first in the series, Better Than Dessert.

  16. Hi Anne,

    Ahh, yes, Loki, but you’ve not posted photos of him lately. He’s probably getting a bit bigger now. I hope you ended up continuing to love Better Than Dessert as much as you were when we spoke about it. Katy and Aidan will be very much a part of Cassie’s story.

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