Olympic Thoughts 2012

Thursday’s beneficial rain. Our grass is growing.

Tonight the 2012 Olympics will conclude. The Olympic flame will be extinguished. We won’t see it again until the winter Olympics in Russia in 2014.

For those who are addicted to summer sports, they may get their lives back–maybe even slide off their couches and head out to play a tennis, game, set, match. Or walk a few blocks. Swim a few laps.

Of course, doing so wouldn’t necessarily set them on the path toward participating in the 2016 Olympics. Most of us enjoy the Olympics as spectators–if we are into sports or perhaps if we have nothing better to do.

I guess I’m more or less in the latter group. I watch bits and pieces if I have the time or something about the sport interests me enough to watch that part–or if my son has it on and every so often when I’m caring for him and doing something else, I’ll look up and something about the game/sport/race will intrigue for the moment.

So what intrigued me for 2012? And not in order of importance. 🙂

Saturday’s sandy shore brought by the huge waves on Friday.

The brief unscripted moment when a lucky videographer had “eyes” on the royal couple so enthused over whatever win had just occurred, they actually hugged each other enthusiastically in elation. We may never catch sight of such a moment again.

Gabrielle Duncan doing her winning routine for the Gold medal. Imagine being focused and agile enough to do such movements and with such grace. And watching her mother–oh that brought a tear to my eye.

Watching the races which the South African ran on his artificial legs. He didn’t qualify but he has the focus and heart of a champion in not allowing his disabilities limit his expectations. Again, my eyes teared up a bit.

Or what about the female runner from Afghanistan, Tahmina Kohistani? She ran mostly clothed and wearing the headscarf. But in her running she broke the Afghani rules of what a woman’s place should be. She didn’t win, but she ran the race. In defiance of the Taliban. A woman to be admired for her bravery, her running talent, her belief in what she’s doing is right. She has heart.

When I was a young girl, young girls were not expected to participate much in sports at least not at such high levels. Some didn’t let that stop them; they were the exception. Those a few years younger found that expectation changing and took advantage of increasing opportunities. So I’m especially pleased–and will remember the 2012 Olympics–as the year more women participated in the games than men.

Are those high waves trying for a comeback?

And finally, the last highlight of the games for me was last weekend when we watched Michael Phelps win his last race. He became the athlete who’s won the most Olympic medals. Phelps’ number of medals is impressive and swimming interests me because in his youth my dad hoped and worked hard to perhaps compete in the games.

However, Phelps’ moment was made so special for me because I watched it with my two remaining sons and my husband. Since my oldest son lives in Alaska and doesn’t get to visit too often, this situation is likely never going to happen again.

Oh, #1 son will return often, but the chances of it occurring during an Olympics is quite slim. So for that very personal and motherly reason, I will never forget these 2012 games.

This morning’s unusual cloud formations just before sunrise.

Have a great week–and check back next Sunday. I’ll debut the cover art for my next release. And I’ll be you can’t wait, right?

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4 Comments on “Olympic Thoughts 2012”

  1. Edie Ramer Says:

    I can wait to see your next cover…but I don’t want to. lol

    I saw Gabby win, but I missed Aly Raisman’s floor exercise that won her the gold. I looked for the video the next day and couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s up now.

  2. Edie,

    Ahh, next week. This will be the second in my Dessert Dames series so I hope it will give a boost to Better Than Dessert too.

    I missed most of the gymnastics which I would have enjoyed but deadlines loomed way too close for comfort.

    Have a great week.

  3. Anne Parent Says:

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane for those of us who also watched the games somewhat sporadically. The thing I enjoyed the most was the overall sense of optimism and hope they exposed to the world.

  4. Anne,

    Yes, optimism–excellent descriptive for the over all tone. And believe me, I didn’t watch much but got that sense even when they didn’t perform as hoped, most didn’t lose sight of the goal.

    Have a great week.

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