Today Is Golden

Storm is coming.

On Wednesday of this past week, I did the program for the Green Bay area of Wisconsin Romance Writers. The topic the organizer asked me to discuss was writing through crisis. From the comments and emails I received after I finished the program and returned home, I would say that those attending found the information useful. They were a great audience and I have to say I fed off their attention and responsiveness to what I had to say.

But that was Wednesday and I had a group of writers to listen. Now it’s Sunday. While I mulled over the topic for today’s post, my mind kept wandering back to the contents of my program. It also dawned on me that because my Alaska son was here for 2 days this weekend that sometimes our conversations revolved around crisis in our lives while still having to deal with work. Not all that much different from talking about writing through crisis.

I realized as we discussed how he’s dealt with these very tough crises, he was relating to me the same skills and elements I had mentioned to the writers on Wednesday.

Getting More Threatening

At one point during our talks, I asked how he got so smart. He smiled in that smile of his which reminds me of Tom Hanks and said, “I learned from the best–you and Gram.”

I think that’s the highest praise a mother and grandmother could get.

But that’s not the point of today’s post.

We all have crises occurring in our lives. Sometimes those crises and the consequences are short-lived. Others are much longer lasting and worse ripple outward toward others. Sometimes we feel as if the crises we’re enduring is so overwhelming we can’t fight our way out so why bother? However, if we give ourselves such messages we give the crises even more power and become more helpless.

Not giving up is vital is survival.

It’s the element I love about being a writer. I create characters who get hit with disaster but don’t give up. They don’t give it power. They learn from it and become wiser.

Impressive sight, right?

As a reader, I love novels that do the same.

As a mother, wife, sister, friend, I live these words where they apply. I learned this behavior not from books but from my mother and grandmother. I feel blessed that I’ve passed it on to my children and I have lived long enough to hear this from my son.

Life is golden. Live it well.

Have a great week. I will.

This morning’s sunrise

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14 Comments on “Today Is Golden”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Casey, you’re so right about the ups and downs in one’s life. I’m glad your speaking engagement went well, and I’m sure everyone learned something from you.

  2. Edie Ramer Says:

    Wow! This is something I’ve been going through with just about everyone I know in my family – and a good friend of both of ours. It’s amazing what a difference attitude makes. I can certainly tell that looking at all the people I know. Good for you, and I’m sure you’re having a wonderful visit with your son.

  3. Sandy,

    You’re right about the ups and downs of life. Right now you could be down with the recent eye surgery you blogged about, but instead you’re concentrating on the positives to come.

    Have a great week.

  4. Edie,

    We had a great visit–low key yet meaningful but way too short. He’s already gone. But he’ll be back next Friday to stay through Monday which will be marvelous.

    And you’re right. Attitude is everything.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Virginia McCullough Says:

    we so enjoyed having you speak to our group. You draw a good and attentive crowd, and we had some relative newcomers, too. Your tips and attitudes and overall approach to life crises were good reminders for those who have been at this a while, too.

    As usual, such great photos.

    Glad you had a good visit with your son!

  6. Aww, thanks, Virginia.

    The visit was wonderful with you and Stacey who was able to stay and visit later. My son’s visit was great and what’s best is he’s coming back as part of his return to Alaska so will be here next weekend also.

  7. Anne Parent Says:

    Your written message is much appreciated. I love the story your photos tell, too!

  8. Great message and I’m sure the people who attended your seminar are all the better for having listened to your words of wisdom.

  9. Anne,

    So glad you read the little story I set up with the photos. I’m so glad you also appreciated the written message. Hope it helps you get through this coming week. 🙂

  10. Hey Lorna,

    Glad you felt good enough and are far enough along in your writing to take a break to post. I see you have one of yours which I’ll now be going to check out.

  11. carol gianforte Says:

    i wonder if you are going to put all and/or your favorite blogs into a printed collection. I think we would love that.

  12. Carol,

    Thanks for suggesting this as I’ve been thinking about doing so for a few months. I guess I figured since they are available here, no one would think of wanting them in a book format. But I am considering it.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  13. carol gianforte Says:

    I think it would be VERY worthwhile. In fact, i am working with a small publisher in Racine toward my own one or two books-collections of my newspaper stories. If you are interested because a publisher gives possibilities with libraries and bookstores, just give me a call. cell 480 221 2570. I find the key person to be very genuine and talented. carol

  14. Carol,

    Thank you for this offer and I might take you up on your offer but I just can’t consider another new road to pursue at this time. However, things around here can change in a flick of an eyelash so I’ve kept your phone number and my generous offer is tucked carefully into my mental file a serious possibilities when…

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