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A Much Needed Vacation

May 20, 2012

Redwood Cathedral

I need a few weeks away. I’m not traveling–but I will be moving.

Projects off my to-do list that has kept on growing.

Goals that must be met.

Reorganizing how I plan these next years.

SeaWall Iris

This won’t be long. Maybe only two weeks. Maybe three. Just know I’ll be busy. And thinking about what next to post. Like maybe a photo of the complete–think never-ending landscape project–which has complicated life around here.

Sunset From Water

A May Sunrise


May 13, 2012

I see a bud. Be patient.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are mothers today.

I hope your family is treating you well and making you feel very special. Of course, I’m sure they do that regularly, right?

I was blessed with a wonderful mother. She had a great role model in her mother. My childhood was made very special because of these two women. And since today is Mother’s Day, I won’t mention my dad or grandfather who also played important roles.

I think what I learned most from these two women was patience. I wasn’t born with the trait. I found it difficult more often than not to exhibit patience. Whenever I’d get frustrated or cranky because life wasn’t moving at the paced I wanted or expected, well I could count on hearing this phrase: “Patience is a virtue. Have it if you can.”

I find myself mumbling this phrase often. Sometimes it actually works.

But I can always count on one thing happening whenever I intone the maxim like a Gregorian chant. That is hearing the voices of Mom and Grandma saying it to me.

As a writer, my patience is constantly challenged. No matter the task or goal at hand, I always find myself waiting for something–cover art, editor’s responses, contracts, the end of the book–the list is endless…

Almost there. Be patient.

I have a wonderful supportive hubby. However, he prompts that chant also. Why? Because his framework for time is different than mine. Because we’ve been married coming up on 33 years, I’ve learned to keep my cool and give him different time frames. For example if we have to be somewhere by 7 PM, I tell him 6:30. Then I don’t get impatient.

Many years ago when I was pregnant, patience was one of those virtues I really didn’t want to exhibit at certain times. You know what I’m talking about–those last few weeks when really you are so ready to be a MOTHER–and that darling baby isn’t in the mood just yet.

I swear, my son Jimbo (who was more than a month overdue) challenged my patience the most. Even when labor was induced did he arrived quickly thereafter as the doctor expected and I hoped?

Of course not. he took his own sweet time. And pretty much followed that trait all of his life. He always got things done but in his timeframe. Another patience tester sent to challenge me. But I loved him dearly in spite of my impatience.

Several years ago, Jimbo gave me a Japanese peony plant for Mother’s Day. He even planted it for me. Not at the time we originally planned but a few hours later. (He’d been fishing.)

And this morning…

Well, every year since then, the plant would blossom, but never when I was around to see it or expecting it to blossom. For whatever reason, I’d catch it at the tight bud stage or at the very end when a wind or rain storm had torn most of the fragile petals from their stems.

But I kept my patience through the years. I knew that someday I’d be on that plant’s schedule.

Well, this has been the year. Just the right weather allowed me to actually see the blooms in their glory.

Patience is a virtue. Have it if you can.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom and Gram.

They will be gone soon–maybe even tomorrow if we get rain tonight.

Just An Update Today

May 6, 2012

Stroms Come and Go

Last week I ranted. Thanks for putting up with it.

For all those of you who wished hubby well, he saw the doctor on Tuesday and will have a MRI tomorrow. Whatever that shows will determine what his options will be. By Wednesday, he was functioning much better and able to help out much more.

So while I didn’t meet my book deadline for last Monday, I will be reaching it tomorrow. I’m editing the last few pages sometime today and will then send it off to my editor. I love accomplishing a goal–even if it is a week later than I planned.

We’ve had many storms go through this past week which has slowed the landscaping project but has provided some incredibly interesting skies. Again a slice of frustration coated with some sugar and a few photos for today.

Tried my telephoto lens and captured the spires of 2 of the oldest churches

So life moves on here along the lake shore. And for this week, I leave you with this thought: Don’t let problems shoot you down. Just keep fighting. If you don’t, you lose for sure.

Agree or not, have a great week.

Last night’s super moon in Phoenix AZ
Photo By REUTERS/Darryl Webb