Last Man Standing

My life is like bowling. I'm the last pin standing...

It’s happened.

That situation that I feared developing.

Some of us may have a couple of possible scenarios that fall in this category. Most of us hope such a situation never pops up. We might work very hard to control our environment and our lives to avoid such situations.

However, we know that we can only do so much in manipulating events because outside events often interfere. Things we can’t foresee or control screw things up.

Being able to mess things up for my characters is one of the elements I enjoy in my writing life. I have the control, and believe me, it’s quite enjoyable to make my characters miserable or dealing with things, at least until I give them their happy endings.

And I do that because I can. I’m a writer.

But this isn’t about writing. But my life/the part I can’t control.

Saturday morning at 4:30 before my alarm went off at 5:00, my hubby woke me with an apology. Then he told me he was leaving me in a lurch. In a lurch?!

First I thought he was having another heart issue or worse–a stroke. I became totally alert.

Well his choice of wording wasn’t the greatest (after all it was 4:30 and the sun wasn’t even a glimmer on the eastern horizon yet). And he is a man. And men can sometimes be the worst of patients because their ailments are always the worst of all. Just ask them if they haven’t told you at least once already.

So, what was the problem? He’d gotten up to use the bathroom and let Oreo out as she thought that was a good idea and somehow hurt/strained his back.

Our blossoming trees look like late May instead of April

He couldn’t possibly do anything as he hurt so very much. (We’re facing 72 hours of care for our son this week. That takes both of us at times.)

Now since I had to get to our disabled son’s area on a different floor to relieve the nurse on duty, I quickly dressed, placed everything my hubby would need close at hand for him, rearranged his pillows and put one under his knees like nurses would always do whenever I was in the hospital for my back surgeries, and told him I’d check on him as soon as I could.

So there it was. One of my greatest fears–I was the last man standing in our home–and facing a totally paralyzed son on one level and my husband hurting on another on another floor–2 levels about my son.

I was facing caring for my son for the day alone. I always need help in moving him, doing some of his necessary cares, and getting him ready for the day–or night.

Well, just like my characters, I couldn’t spend the next fourteen hours crying in my coffee over a twist in my carefully planned day. I coped and figured out what to do.

Fortunately, the weather was miserable yesterday (this didn’t help my pain level any–but that’s another post). This meant I was able to find a helpful neighbor who was available to help me move my son. Had the day been lovely, that wouldn’t have happened as she and her friends had plans.

So that writer who is writing my life story was smart enough to provide details that allowed me to survive my worst fear.

Had I given up, I’d have given my life’s writer a writing block. Heaven forbid I’d do such a thing.

This is why I love spring

Well, today I’m still the last person standing in this household. And getting grumpier.

Oh, and hubby? Well, no one’s ever had such pain before, but at least today I only have one floor between down-for-the-count family members/patients instead of two levels. (Meaning hubby managed to get out of bed today. 😉 )

So what’s a fear you’ve had to handle when faced? Or have you been very lucky so far?

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14 Comments on “Last Man Standing”

  1. Jane Says:

    I don’t know how you do what you do. I wish there was a way I could help you. You’re in my thoughts which, I know isn’t any help to you. Insist on a vacation and come up here and stay with me. You can ring Oreo. Penny would love the company. Love you, Jane

  2. Jane,

    Trying not to whine here but I haven’t had a vacation in 7 years. I’ve a whole group of readers in Alaska who’d love to have me come up there for a visit and a book signing. Sure wish I could go there also.

    Tell all your reader friends to buy a book. That would help me 😉

  3. I don’t know how you did it, but you’re obviously a very strong woman and you did what you had to do when the going got very, very rough.
    I loved the pictures.

  4. Casey, I’ve been blessed in my life and marvel that you have the courage and strength to manage with such a wonderful attitude. It is a testatment to the beauty in your soul that with all of this you still managed to give us such lovely images. Thank you 🙂

  5. Edie Ramer Says:

    Huge hugs! I’m glad your husband is better today. I’m so glad your neighbor was there to help.

  6. anneparent Says:

    You are truly amazing! I don’t know how you manage to juggle all the things on your plate. You inspire me to handle the few things I have. Love and hugs to you!

  7. Patti,

    I do what I must just as you do. And I’ve been so busy, I didn’t have time to let my muse come up with an inspiring topic. So you lovely readers got a rant of sorts which I tried to tie into why a book can be a page turner–because the author keeps the heat on the hero/heroine. But a writer with objectives must make do with what’s available, right?

    Glad you liked the photos though this time I didn’t take them. But I appreciate the talented photographers for sharing. 🙂

  8. Florence,

    My life has had many marvels and I’m sure will hold more. Right now, it’s a bit tricky but then I figure everything that happens becomes fodder in some way for my muse.

    And hubby is better and will see the doctor tomorrow and I sold books today…Life is good.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Edie,

    Hubby is better but will probably need to take it easy for several days. The worst part of this situation was I set a deadline for finishing my current book for May 1st. I’m close but probably won’t finish until a week after that. 😦 You know how frustrating that can be.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Anne,

    I hope you’re getting some writing done. How was your trip?

    And I’m not amazing at all, just exhausted. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Mair Says:

    MJ, I would have said to ‘hubby’, “Too bad, so sad, the moral of the story is don’t get up to pee and put the dog out at the same time.” Bending over to leash up the dog puts undo stress on the lower back, especially when the bladder is full. Also in this position he could have easily peed in his pants! As an alternative, he could have gone outside with the dog and peed outside–this way the back would not have been affected! However, the neighbors might have seen this and reported a “flasher” in the area. Or he could have just peed and not let out the dog. My other advice would be to have him take 2 advil and get his butt out of bed and moving around!!!!! I’m glad you got through the day. Try telling ‘hubby’ that you got up to pee and let the dog out and twisted you ankle a bit. You need to rest. Mair

  12. Mair,

    You’ve got a great take on things. Made me laugh. I don’t want to do anything to my ankle since my back always hurts and my knee? Well, let’s just say that walking odd is now my gait, not of choice, but circumstance.

    How are the owls? I’ve not even had a chance to talk at length with Mary to hear the details of the trip.

    Thanks for commenting and I’ll be sure to give Jim your advice. 😉 Not that he’ll take it.

  13. My goodness, the trails you faced. Life often reminds us both how resilient and how vulnerable we are. At the same time. You did good, Casey. You did good.

  14. Lorna,

    And so have you. You always do well and you’ve really overcome many trials.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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