Destruction Runs Amok

Where did my grass go?

Havoc and butchery surround me!

This mayhem makes me grumpier than usual, and I’ve been very grumpy lately.

That emotional state happens when too many obstacles I can’t push out of my way keep me from my daily and weekly goals. From what I want to happen–like hit my target 6 month and yearly goals.

Okay, you might say, especially those of you who know me personally, you tend to be grumpy quite a bit.

Well, yes I am. But then maybe that’s the Maxine coming out in me. After all I’m on that banana peel ride to the hereafter so I’ve got to get those goals accomplished in a timely manner. Right???

This is what I see and hear from my office window.

Okay, here’s my current problem. Did you see that first photo I posted? Well, that’s my beautiful front yard. Yeah, you got it–there’s not much of beauty there. Not anymore. Starting last Monday morning we’ve had these huge trucks, bobcats, earthmovers, whatevers, churning up my hill as they destroy my view and my peace and quiet!

And if you think I’m cantankerous? Well, Oreo, you know her–my fluffy four-pawed black and white puppy–well, she’s particularly perturbed. Here private bathroom and sniffing garden is now obliterated. Gone. Not a sniff left to check much less a blade of grass to pee upon. Consequently, she’s grouchy and whiny which makes for two unhappy females in the house. Not only do we have to soothe her feelings–this takes time you understand–but we also have to take time to take her places to do her business.

And that takes up more time because this puppy is very particular about where she puts her butt. Like she must feel comfortable with the facilities, recognize the sniffable aromas at its disposal, be familiar with the environment. Oreo’s a very discerning puppy when it comes to bathroom routines.

The end of round round--much more to go

But at least Oreo doesn’t have to clean up the dust, debris and mud which gets tracked into the house constantly. How could it not since those previously mentioned trucks come within 2 feet of my lovely front door. (I’ve given up trying to keep it sparkling until this mess is GONE!) And clean windows to enjoy the view? Forgetaboutit

While last week all the tearing up of grass and soil just meant dust, last night we had rain. More is on the way this afternoon and tonight. So that means mud–serious mud right outside my front door. 😦

Perhaps I might feel a tad better if all these guys working so hard at ruining my environment were fabulous hunks. But they aren’t. They just work hard which is good, I guess, except what they do isn’t quiet work. And I’m writing, right? I need peaceful, pleasant surroundings to do this, especially since this book is not suspense. Maybe I’ll have to kill off some character in the book in a gruesome manner just because my writing life has been compromised. I wonder if that’s a legal defense…

Now you might be wondering why this chaotic mess is happening?

If not by land, then by lake...

Answer–landscaping, retaining walls, yada, yada, yada. (I think it’s just because the world is out to get me–and my Oreo)

Perhaps, if you’ve managed to hang with me through this rant, you might be wondering how long with this construction/destruction last? Like maybe another week?

Too long–that’s my answer. At least 6 – 8 weeks and then it’ll take several more weeks for new grass to really catch hold. I expect I won’t have a lovely view again until next year. If I’m luck, but if I were lucky, I’d have had a peaceful week, right?

But you can bet I’ll keep you posted. And if this incredibly lovely story I’ve been working on turns into a serial killer on the loose tale with body counts rising daily, don’t blame me. Blame it on the landscapers.

So how was your week? Cheer me up by giving me a hint. Thanks…

The way things used to be...

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10 Comments on “Destruction Runs Amok”

  1. I fell off my bike and it wasn’t moving at the time. And yes, my hair is naturally blonde…

    But I got back on and rode for 10 miles with a bum knee. My knee cap looks like it’s been landscaped.

    Ah, life. Can’t live with it sometimes, but you sure can’t live without it!

  2. Lorna,

    Ouch, I hate being cheered up by another’s pain, and I sure wouldn’t blame your accident on being blonde, but karma of the worst sort. But you cheered me–because I didn’t fall…

    Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry you’re dealing with all that chaos–so you guys are having the retaining walls installed?

    I had a good week…got edits back early for my next book and now hope to release it first week of May instead of June 1st. And Donna and I had a good program at the Fox Cities Book Festival on Saturday with Morganne Mac Donald.

    Hope the storms stay away tonight!

  4. Edie Ramer Says:

    I was at RT in Chicago, and I had a great week. Sorry you’ve been having a rough time. I hope it’s pretty again when the construction in done.

  5. Stacey,

    I thought about you and Donna yesterday because I knew that was the day you were doing the program. I’m so glad it went well. I’m even more pleased that you’ve gotten edits back which can’t be much if you’ll have the book ready by May 1st. Yippee!!!

  6. Edie,
    And I knew you were at RT and I’m dying to hear all about it. Probably this place will be a mess all this year. But next year? Should be lovely but then we’ll have to redo the asphalt because those heavy machines are tearing it up something fierce.

    Thanks for stopping by and cheering me up though a good rant in writing also helped. 😉

  7. Oh my, how horrible for you. And here I thought the chilly weather that kept me from my daily visit to the pool was a major set-back. The best you can do is to channel this rant and the incredible frustration into something … no, not a serial murder where you knock off a few construction workers. I mean, who would care since they aren’t hunks? No, you should channel this into humor, serious, down home black humor and turn the tables on the universe. Send a message out to the world. Don’t mess with me, guys or you’ll end up in one of my twisted comedies 🙂 Go on and have fun. Blow up a boat, or smash a set of dinner wear. After all, it’s only make believe !!

  8. Florence,

    You’re advice is right on. I’m working on a new scene today and you just me the most delicious idea. Thanks!

    Oh, and since it rained again last night and the skies are threatening this morning, peace still reigns. If those no-hunky guys who love to work with huge machines show up, the mud will get them for sure. 😉

    And thanks for stopping by.

  9. Mal Olson Says:

    Thought I left a comment, but I don’t see it here.

    As a landscape designer, I can tell you the payoff will be wonderful!

    To lift you spirits, I just posted a five-star review for Black Ribbon Affair on Amazon.

    Mal Olson

  10. Mal,

    Perhaps you left your comment on the contact me page because I got two very nice emails from you.

    Thanks for the great review. I appreciate it. Hope you stop by again.

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