A Genie On My Mind

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We all know what a genie is, right?

In the animated Disney movie Aladdin it’s a swirl of smoke that emerges from a lamp. This swirl had a voice like Robin Williams and acts like him also. However, now that he’s out of the lamp he must grant three wishes to the person who “freed” him .

A Google search indicates that a genie is “A spirit of Arabian folklore, as traditionally depicted imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp, and capable of granting wishes when summoned.”

Aladdin’s genie allowed only 3 wishes–one of which had to be what the genie wanted. So that left Aladdin with only two.

I expect right about now you’re wondering if I’ve finally slipped on that proverbial banana peel and thudded into irreversible senility. Well, I may have but not about this. 😉

Why? Because this past few on several different occasions and with several different groups the topic came up in some way about what we might select if we had a choice between two wishes.

Wow, just like Aladdin and who didn’t think carefully about his first choice which put him in some serious conflict–if I’m remembering the story line correctly.

Friday morning we had snow.

Anyway, after the various discussions I listened to and the choices others made, I thought about the choice I’d mentioned. That thought has lingered with me enough that I figured I’d write about it today since I hadn’t come up with anything else. And I groused about not having enough time in a day to my husband last night. I ended my list of issues by saying I wished I could make the day have 30 hours in it instead of 24.

He gave me that husbandly look that drives me nuts (insert one you have that your hubby or someone close to you uses). He rubbed his chin, looking thoughtful, then pronounced. “Some planets far distant from the sun have days that last 2 1/2 years. Other planets have days that only last about 12 hours. Which one going to?” Then he sat back, glanced at me with that well-I-solved-another- problem look, and grinned.

I know I snarled. I felt it form and grow.

His answer didn’t help me other than to consider an alternative, a more realistic one. “Okay, a personal assistant. That’s what I need. One who knows everything I don’t which makes me use too much time figuring the darn process out. Oh, and would do all the things I really hate or don’t do well.”

The snow made the world magical.

I got that look again. “Good luck with that.” Then he grinned. Again. “Or find Aladdin’s lamp.”

I know I’m very fortunate and blessed with many wonderful gifts for which I’m always grateful. But life is never perfect. Probably if I found a magic lamp and got my wish, I’d end up with a genie with attitude and his own agenda. He’d probably be more trouble than not.

But if I had a guaranteed wish come true that could be entirely selfish, I really think I’d love an assistant. Hands down. But the perfect one. I’m deciding what the specific qualifications should be and writing them down (that creeping forgetfulness, you know). Just. In. Case–that genie shows up.

In the meantime, I’m not one to wait around so I’ve also made my list of tasks for this week. L Sure wish I could slough a few off to that personal assistant. 😉

But maybe…

Today that snow is gone.

So what about you? What’s the one thing you’d wish for that would be purely just for you?

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18 Comments on “A Genie On My Mind”

  1. scmitchell Says:

    If wishes were fishes…
    I certainly agree that there is never enough time. As a writer there is nothing worse than when I am in the ‘zone’ and have to pull myself out because of time constraints.

    Maybe I would wish to not have to sleep. Then I could write all night long and not be disturbed. (Oh, I gotta find me a genie)

    Best of luck,

  2. Casey, that’s so funny that you would ask this question today because JUST A FEW HOURS AGO I was thinking about the work I have to do this week – writing query letters – and I thought, “man, wouldn’t it be great if I had a personal assistant who could send those babies out like no tomorrow and I could get back to writing”. Honestly, that really happened. So that’s my personal wish for my genie. Now…..where is he?

  3. Patti,

    I love your response and that you’re feeling the same way I am. 🙂
    I suspect that the more involved we get into writing the more that need for an assistant is necessary. If only wishes were assistants, we’d get more done. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your wish.

  4. Steve,

    If wishes were fishes, my hubby would have a lot of fish in the freezer!

    I wish I didn’t need to sleep at night also, but my eyelids refuse to stay open after a while. So different from many years ago.

    Thanks for stopping by. It’s great to “hear” a new voice.

  5. Edie Ramer Says:

    I’m with everyone else. A personal assistant and more time.

  6. Elle J Rossi Says:

    Another great post. Just the other day I posted on FB that I needed to hire an assistant. I think this may be in part because we are women and not only do we want to do it all, we actually can do it all. And most days, we do do it all. So my wish is that I’d become better at time management. It really is that simple for me. But for fun I’d wish for someone to make healthy dinners for my family for the next year…or twenty.

  7. I hear you, Edie. That personal assistant needs to be cloned. You are even busier than I am.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  8. Hi Elle,

    Love the new look on your blog. And I agree 100% about time management. I do manage time, ingrained I guess, since I taught it for so many years. However, when the tasks pile up and some sleep is necessary, well that personal assistant would come in really handy. 😉

    And those healthy dinners? Well, that’s one of the blessings I have. Hubby does those these days.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Anne Parent Says:

    I’d wish for a photographic memory, so I don’t waste so much precious time looking things up over and over again because I can’t remember things. But, I loved your ideas, too, especially the personal assistant.

  10. Anne,

    I photographic memory. Yes! I want one, well, I think at one time I had one that was mighty close. I could remember footnotes and the pages they were on as well as material in textbooks. No more…

    Maybe we should all go together and hire a personal assistant. One day a week a piece and she/he could make the rounds.

  11. virginia mccullough Says:

    I’m with you on the assistant issue–your post has the idea stuck in my head. I don’t rely on memory for too much anymore. I can’t believe the number of post it notes and lists I have around me these days.

    Love those photos, too.

  12. I wish for the one thing money and wishing cannot get for us … more time. Lots more time. Time to be free to do what I love and not what I must. Time to be who I want to be before I run out of … time.

  13. V,

    Post-it notes are life savers for seasoned adults. That’s my motto. Yes, we really need to do something about that PA job. Really, it’s of major writerly importance.

    Or finding more time in our days. 😦

    Miss you. Thanks for stopping in.

  14. Florence,

    I truly believe that’s what all the responses boil down to. Time. We each get 168 hours in a week, no matter what our occupation or station in life. How we use it best is the only part under our control. As women, sometimes we don’t allow as much control as we should because of those “musts.”

    Thanks for sharing your wish. 🙂

  15. I couldn’t do without post-it notes. My back door is littered with little signs saying “haircut,” “yogurt,” “pay bills,” or “call …” or “drug store.” Now if I had an assistant, I’d have to tell her stuff. And I don’t have time to do that either…
    But here’s a big wish: that my ideas for stories would appear on my computer without me touching the keyboard. Wouldn’t that be glorious!

  16. Well, Anne, that’s a very interesting wish–I expect it would have lots of positive benefits but since I love writing, and touching the keyboard is required unless I write longhand (did that!) or use some voice activated software, I don’t know that I’d like it.

    I remember a best-selling author, and I think it was James Michener, but probably not, who dictated his manuscripts and his assistant replicated them. And darn, there’s that assistant thingee again. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wish!

  17. Is this a new look for your blog? I love it!

    My one personal wish? I don’t have one. I’ve worked so hard on accepting life as it comes my way, I don’t wish for anything other than being here in the best way I know how…

  18. Lorna,

    Yes, a new look for the early spring. Then I’ll change again in a couple months. The basic format stays the same though I spent today creating pages for all my books.

    You personal goal is pretty awesome and definitely fits the persona you portray in your personal snippets on your blog.

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