Weepy Weather vs. Sunny Skies

Yet another storm approaches

What a weather week we’ve endured.

A week ago Friday, a low pressure system settled over our county. The sun set that night and we never saw it again until noon yesterday. Yes, that means one week and almost a day of leaden cloudy skies, rain showers interspersed with heavy downpours, and intermittent but extended periods of very high winds.

Like difficult guests, that front just lingered on well beyond its expiration date.

Perhaps the migrating ducks appreciated last week, but not too many others did. We went from a serious lack of rainfall through August and most of September to an overabundance–and not at a time that would help our farmers who are busy harvesting crops.

I certainly didn’t appreciate the rainy and the dreary skies. That’s not the kind of weather that energizes me, and I really needed to focus all my energies on so many tasks. Instead, the rain dampened my enthusiasm for galloping toward finishing projects. I didn’t want to seriously consider starting new ones. Instead, I wanted to curl up in a chair and read.

My pile of unread books resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa and my Kindle has 80 titles I haven’t even started yet.

But back to those major projects that need completion. Good Catholic guilt and recognition that I was responsible for those tasks poked and prodded me out of bed each morning when the sky viewed from my bedroom window looked more like twilight than dawn. I would have joyfully rolled over and slid back into a dreamier world, but our dog, Oreo, had other ideas. And her own agenda–like take me outside so she could pee, point me to the morning paper, then hand out her morning treat.

Just a wee wave

I know I’m lucky to have her since despite weather and my lack of enthusiasm, I did make progress this past week on my projects. Despite that far-too-stable, low pressure front lingering too long over the lake.

I’ve always been someone who keeps moving, gets things done, but this week has made me realize I’ve changed. I can’t blame it on the weather. I can’t blame it on life. I could blame it on my age, but I refuse to go there.

Instead, I think those moments this week when I watched the steady rain, the changing moods of the lake, the water spouts (tornado-like wind tunnels which pull water from the lake and spin it in a funnel), the ever-changing cloud formations, I re-examined a tidbit about life and individuals. Thus, I became a bit wiser.

What is it that I relearned?

My life is like the climate. It has high pressure and low pressure systems that are often created and affected by forces not of my making. I’m left to deal with the consequences for myself, my life, and maybe those around me. Sometimes I create those systems which gives me control of them. Thus I’m more comfortable during those times with whatever’s happening.

But if I’m not my weather-maker, well, I can endure what nature or humans throw at me. I may not like it, but I will get through it–whether the weather is bad or good.

A glimpse of sun--more to come

I know many people have serious consequences to outside influences like weather in their behavior or moods. I think enduring last week gave me a better understanding and empathy for those so afflicted. Thus, I thank last week for happening.

So what’s our forecast for this coming week? Sunshine, warmer temps during the day and cool nights. 🙂

Sounds perfect.

I hope you have the same.

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2 Comments on “Weepy Weather vs. Sunny Skies”

  1. Deb Says:

    Your pictures, as always, are incredible. How wonderful it must be to have such beautiful views! Thank you for sharing them. I’m glad that a fair fall is finally arriving.

    Don’t overdo, my friend. Take time to smell the crisp autumn air.

  2. caseyclifford Says:

    Glad you enjoy the photos. At least last week’s weather provided some positives. 🙂

    Hope your day workshop went well. Now off to check your blog.

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