Prada Found in Lake and Other Snippets

Breaking News Racine Wi. Sunday June 26…..  From my neighbors, Bob and Jeanne

Glasses found

After dropping her $$ designer Prada sunglasses overboard a week ago while watching jet ski races off Racine’s North beach, Lindy OBrien figured they were gone for good.

However due to the quick thinking of her Dad Cap’n Bob, the story had a happy ending.

Cap’n bob managed to store in Gps coordinates at the time of loss. This allowed him and admiral Jeanne (the shout lady) OBrien to come back to the site of the sinking a week later.

Cap’n bob was quoted as saying ” if Ballard can find the titanic in the Atlantic I sure as hell can find the Pradas in Lake Michigan””

The weather was terrible most of the ensuing week keeping any recovery from taking place. However the weather broke saturday morning. After a failed attempt saturday afternoon Cap’n bob and Jeanne came back to the site early Sunday am. Conditions were excellent for searching. Calm water, clear skies and light wind were key in the recovery.

We ran a search pattern grid until we spotted them in 9 ft of water off north beach. Pretty close to where they were lost.

The end.

Leaden sky over Lake Michigan

Thursday proved another gloomy day, cool and showers off an on. However, my friend and I bundled up and braved the weather to attend the Mayor’s Memorial Brick laying ceremony. The Viet Nam vets presented the colors and did a 21 gun salute at the end. The threatening clouds over the lake and the white sails of sailboats in the background made the evening more haunting. And of course, the location, as “Jimbo’s rock” is very near. That’s the rock he always fished from and I pictured him out there in spirit his, poles dipped in the water.

Of course, he heard his name called and the ship’s bell rung for him. And how fitting that Jimbo’s brick was placed next to my life-long friend Sandy’s hubby who died a few weeks after Jimbo. Like their bricks, Sandy was next to me that evening.

Beth with me at booksigning

Thursday was also an important day as it was the day my niece, BETH, finished her residency. She will now be located in Madison and affiliated with the University of Wisconsin’s hospital. This has been a long journey for Beth. She knew from a very young age she wanted to be in the medical field. By her senior year in high school, she determined she wanted to be a doctor.  Her last decision was what to specialize in and that was fairly clear early on in medical school.

I’m so proud of Beth. It’s been a long journey for her and one where she’s often had to make difficult choices between the immediate fulfillment and ultimate goal. I wish her much success in this next phase of her life.

No headline here, but finally as of yesterday I have all my flowers planted. Two beautiful sunny days in a row really helped. Now, of course, it’s back to leaden skies. And writing.

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2 Comments on “Prada Found in Lake and Other Snippets”

  1. Edie Ramer Says:

    Funny story about the Prada sunglasses. Congratulations to your niece!

  2. caseyclifford Says:

    Yeah, Edie, I thought it was too funny also. Just the thing for a dreary Monday morning. And my niece is absolutely amazing! Just like you.

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