Cough, Kah—choo, & Dripping Nose, Too

My Constant Companion

You know what’s coming right?

Add a throbbing headache, earaches, and a sore throat?

All the result of 3 days of record breaking heat after two months of chilly wet weather. Then a 50 degree drop in temps late in evening of day 3 when the strong winds switched to the north.  My frazzled immune system gave up.

But that’s life is Wisconsin. On Tuesday evening, my outside thermometer lakeside, east side of our home still registered 102 degrees. The next morning the temp was barely 45 degrees. The skies were overcast and rain pelted us most of the day, and the next day and the two days after that.

My coughing and use of tissues increased each day, but the thermometer never did.

Late yesterday afternoon, the clouds tried to break up, but drizzle continued most of the day. Wonder of wonder, this morning I woke up to sun but that thermometer remains stuck between 40 and 50.  My cough isn’t any better. My brain is drumming a heavy metal riff inside my skull and I’m on my fourth box of tissue. I think my hubby may have to make a drugstore run for more cough syrup and OTC cold medications.

What has weather and health issues meant for me?

  • 1. No bedding plants in the pots or soil. Since it’s almost mid June, I’m thinking silk may have to suffice this year. Well, maybe not on the balcony as I love watching the hummingbirds flit around the blooms seeking their nectar.
  • 2. A major weeding job once I feel better or my perennials will be choked into oblivion.
  • 3. I read a couple of books–one of them, Left Neglected by Lisa Genova, is a thoughtful WF about a mid-30s very successful career woman, a wife and mother, who suffers a traumatic brain injury because of an auto accident and she’s left with a situation where her brain doesn’t register any input on her left. It’s a fascinating story and offers a cautionary tale for anyone who tries to “do it all.”

A Remedy or Two

Now just because I’m feeling miserable and coughing like a long-time smoker doesn’t mean I’ve been lazing around. On Tuesday I sent off my edited book to my editor. Here’s hoping I have more news about that soon. The rest of the week I’ve worked on an edit for another manuscript and am more than half through it. Of course, since no one wants to be around me, I’m pretty isolated in my office while I punctuate my work with sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose. 🙂

What about you? Any of you dealing with a summer cold so we can share our misery?

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10 Comments on “Cough, Kah—choo, & Dripping Nose, Too”

  1. Aw, I’m sorry you’re dealing with that on top of the stupid weather. I have to weed my veggie garden today and am waiting until after 12n so the Green Bay temp is up a bit. At least the sun is out.

    Hope you feel better real soon and I’m looking forward to your news from the editor. 🙂 Love ya!

  2. Even though I don’t have a summer cold, I feel your pain–excellent writing through the fog of a zinger of a head cold and the meds that go with it! Really enjoyed reading this post (even if it meant you had to suffer for the inspiration to write it)!

  3. Mary Jo, I sure hope you’re feeling better soon! This weather is simply ridiculous. I’ve been lucky *knock on wood* since the hubby’s sick as a dog as well. 😦

    I really need to weed my gardens and replant some beans, but more importantly, I need to finish writing this @#$% love scene…sigh…LOL I made a deal with Paul to take the kids out for dinner and a movie later today, so I’m getting ready to light some candles and set the mood. *grin*

    Take care of yourself! Waiting to hear some great news from your editor!! Hugs & kisses!!

  4. Edie Ramer Says:

    I hope your cold goes away soon. It’s crazy to wear sweatshirts in June. Going from the 90s one day to the 50s the next. But, like you said, that’s Wisconsin weather!

    Take care! Google tells me it’s a whopping 59 degrees. At least it’s not too hot to take my dogs for a walk.

  5. caseyclifford Says:


    We’ve sun here today also, but even that isn’t warming the chilly north wind off Lake Michigan. So glad you stopped by to “cheer” me up. As for the editor? Well, news about a great cover would be fantastic! 🙂

  6. caseyclifford Says:


    Thanks for stopping by. Since I just read your blog post you truly are funny. Funny how inspiration for writing comes from the strangest situations, isn’t it?

  7. caseyclifford Says:


    Love the idea of candles to set the scene for your book. And what a neat thing that hubby takes to kids out to dinner so you can work. That’s great as we need another DMR book soon.

    Summer colds must run their course and hubby just returned from the drugstore. Once again, I’ll be fortified with meds. Yippee!!!

  8. caseyclifford Says:


    Yeah, the hooks for clothes in my closet go from heavy sweats to shorts. One day to the next. Honestly… 😦

    I’m hoping tomorrow I feel brave enough to head out to the nursery to see if any decent plants are left. Of course, if I plant I have to hope we don’t get a freeze tomorrow night. Crazy weather, here…

  9. Elle J Rossi Says:

    Oh, no! Another cold! I’m gonna build you a bubble so those nasty germs stay away from you. Would you like pink or lavender?

    I was fortunate to spend the weekend in Florida, so I missed most of the really chilly weather. While y’all were turning the heat back on, I was sipping frosty beverages by the pool. And somehow I know I’ll pay for that one way or another. Wisconsin has a way of getting back at people!

    Good luck with the edits!

  10. caseyclifford Says:


    A lavender bubble would be perfect. I KNEW you had magic in you!!!

    Refused to turn on the furnace after needing the AC earlier in the week. Used my heating pad instead–and my hubby. 🙂

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