Can’t Live Without ‘Em

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Since Thursday I’ve been gone to the Wisconsin Romance Writers Conference in Brookfield, WI. I got home about two hours ago with my head brimming with thoughts and ideas from the great workshops. On my way home, I dropped my friend Deb at the Milwaukee airport for her trip home. These last four days where I was surrounded by writers writing in all genres is something I look forward to every year.  But it’s also very exhausting.

Thus, this post may be short. Or not.

After I dropped Deb at the airport, I thought about this post and an idea kept nudging my brain cells. Susan Wiggs, a best selling author and one of my favorite authors, made a comment during one of her presentations about how she blogged or tweeted recently about the two best recent inventions/items in her life that hadn’t even been on the market five years ago. Her point was sometimes items creep into our lives that we all of the sudden wonder how did we ever get along without them. Or we realize that our lives are so much different or easier because of them.

My basket donation for literacy: Hearts & Flowers

Her items were not ones that I’d find as needed or useful, but then I’m a different person with different needs. We are all, right?

Anyway, I kept thinking about what I have in my life now that wasn’t there five years ago. That kept my mind occupied for the rest of my return trip home. I couldn’t come up with anything at first. So I thought maybe it didn’t really apply to me, but that’s not likely since I responded to the little idea Susan Wiggs mentioned almost as a throw away item in her speech.

So what would be the two items not in my life five years ago that I wouldn’t want to be without?

My Kindle because it’s so light and I always have a new book to read. My hands don’t get cramped holding it. It slips into my purse without adding bulk or weight. Getting books is so much easier so I buy more which should make all authors very happy, right?

And flash drives or thumb drives. You know those little thingees you use instead of all the more cumbersome objects we used to use to save data. I love these things, especially if I can find them in my favorite colors! They don’t take up storage space and I can keep them in my pocket if I’m switching between my desktop to my laptop or vice versa.

My favorite things

So those are my items I wouldn’t want to be without now that they are in my life.

What about you?

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6 Comments on “Can’t Live Without ‘Em”

  1. Mair Says:

    Hey MJ, I’m not a writer, but my one thing would be Zoe. She gives me much artistic inspiration in a wackey wonderful way. And she makes me smile. Before I was this gloomy thing. Now I go around with this perfect smile on my face. I’ll think on the other item.

  2. caseyclifford Says:


    I sure understand your identifying Zoe. If Oreo hadn’t been with us for 6 years, I’d have said her for the same reasons. Gotta love those four-legged critters.:-)

  3. Edie Ramer Says:

    I was thinking of the Kindle! (I imagine you can guess why that’s at the top of my mind. lol)

    My second choice is Dropbox. Much better than a flash guide. It’s a free online storage place. All the files I type or onload under the Dropbox folder are saved at Dropbox unline storage place as well as their as in my Word site. Win, win.

    If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send an invite.

  4. Casey Says:


    Well, of course, I’m interested! Dropbox sounds perfect and I’ve never heard of it. I swear every tiny inch of you is filled with useful information which you share! Tell you what, since you already have Black Ribbon so I can’t gift the copy I owe the basket winner, I’ll “gift” my next one to you–hopefully it will release soon. 🙂

  5. Anne Parent Says:

    I loved this post. It really made me think. Since returning from conference, my mind if filled with all that knowledge and all I can think of is what would I do without my iMac and iPad and iPhone. So, I had to say three things. God bless Apple. I just love the products. They have made my life so much easier and more productive.

  6. Casey Says:


    I think you should have an apple on your website to show your loyalty, but have one without the bite in the side, just to remind you how perfect these items made your life.

    It was great seeing you at conference though by Sunday I think we all looked exhausted. But it was a great kind of exhaustion. 🙂

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