Pukey Weather, Ailing Puppy, and a Superhero

Dreary Memorial Weekend Skies

I’m giving you a potpourri with this post because it’s been kind of that kind of week. We’ve been buffeted by electrical storms, winds (but not tornadic), rains and lots of thunder. I actually have had my computer totally off for two days because the storms have been so unpredictable.

It seems Mother Nature does not want this tiny portion of Wisconsin to have a spring with the continued chilly temps, night-time lows in the 30s and dreary skies. So I’ve done no planting of annuals yet and may not get them in this year. They need those sunny pleasant spring days to really take hold and grow before the hot weather of summer arrives. But we are told to expect hot, humid and foggy today. Like August hot.

Welcome to no-spring season in Wisconsin. 😦

On Wednesday our little dog Oreo, who will forever be our “puppy,” went to the vet for her annual checkup. On Thursday she needed some dental surgery for a cracked molar which had been giving her trouble. We have no idea how Oreo got this since she’s never had a bone to chew which is the most common way to have this happen. During the surgery, the vet discovered another impacted tooth which also needed to be removed. However, all this surgery has necessitated a dietary change, a schedule change, and worse, bitter tasting medicine which must be given twice a day.

Ailing Oreo

Needless to say, this trauma has morphed our energetic and delightful four-footed companion into an enervated, unhappy canine who’s become quite ingenious at avoiding medicine times. Of course, she loves the yogurt we now must give to keep her tummy lined to offset the digestive effects of the antibiotics and the pain meds. But she hates the liquid antibiotic which we put in the yogurt. It took her one day to figure out the new schedule: yummy yogurt with food twice a day now (still same amount as old but given twice to keep her tummy full when she gets the meds).

But then about a half hour later she slips away and hides, always in a different place because she knows. Next spoonful of yogurt isn’t going to be good. So no way is she sticking around for this version. So each day morning and night we go on a hunt for Oreo. Where is she hiding now? It’s really quite funny and she’s very ingenious in where she hides. Only once has she worn more of the yogurt-drenched antibiotic than had it go down her throat.

As her owners, we’ve become more cagy also, and since we want to keep her with us and healthy as long as possible, well, we will continue with this little game. 🙂

In case you think I never do any writing these days, that’s so not true. On Friday I sent off the latest round of edits to my editor. Here’s hoping those few new scenes are exactly what she wants. 🙂

Finally, on Saturday, despite the chilly weather and the London-like fog, my Seattle cousin stopped in for coffee and a short visit. He’s in town to help his mother prepare for a move from their family home. Anyway, I’ve always had a tender place in my heart for Cousin Mike because he’s one of the “good people walking the walk and doing the talk” in social services in Seattle. In our conversation, he asked if I’d heard he’d been chosen as a superhero.

"Car rides make me feel better."

I said “No” and teasing asked where he kept his iron suit, or green skin, or blue and red Superman suit or if he’d left that behind since phone booths were not around much anymore. We both chuckled and then he explained it was true. He said this Parenting organization in the Seattle area chooses 10 Superheroes each year for what they do for families and the skills it takes to make a family work in this difficult world.

I don’t live in Seattle, but knowing Mike and how long he’s been involved in social services and maintained his positive attitude, I’m not surprised he was chosen. The group puts out a magazine called Parent Map. I checked out their website and then the section on Mike and his Superhero status. While doing that, I also checked out his compatriots for the 2011 Superhero status.

I think this idea is excellent and love what this organization in doing to help parents navigate the challenging parental seas. Then I thought about Mike. Yes, he’s been doing superhero work in his years but feels a bit flustered to brag about himself and this honor. That’s so Mike. But then I thought of others around me or some who’ve I’ve encountered who each day fight the good fight for whatever the situation is they find themselves. We all know them. Who’s one of yours?

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8 Comments on “Pukey Weather, Ailing Puppy, and a Superhero”

  1. Edie Ramer Says:

    MJ, I’m putting you and Liz Kreger on my list of Superheroes.

    Your poor puppy! But I’ve got to say that he’s very smart to have figured this out. I hope his antibiotic sucking days end soon.

  2. Elle J Rossi Says:

    Hi! Once again we are in similar boats. Other than today, which was glorious, the weather has stunk. Big time. So, I took full advantage of the day and cooked myself. I wore sunscreen but still managed to get some tomato color on me.

    I also have a sick pet. My kitten is on 3 meds right now, but thankfully takes them all well. I think he may have a drug problem because he seriously gives me no problems. Hope Oreo feels better soon.

    As to superheroes,I can think of many. It’s a good feeling to know there are so many good people out there!

  3. caseyclifford Says:


    She’s got 20 days of this and while I’m gone to conference, only one parent will be around to take care of getting the meds into her. Poor Oreo….

    I agree that Liz Kreger is our #1 Superhero for WisRWA. She is amazing.

  4. caseyclifford Says:


    Don’t tell me Remy is sick!!! Please not that as I’ve become attached to him. Tell him Oreo’s on 3 meds also twice a day. These pets must start taking better care of themselves.

    How lucky you have many superheroes around you. They always make crises so much easier to deal with.

    Hope to see you at the conference!

  5. Darlene Davies Says:

    My mother was my superhero. She was the most loving, understanding, compassionate person I know. She never had a bad word for anyone and even with all the adversity she had in her life, she rarely showed any outward sign of being disappointed with it. I’m sure she had regrets but she just accepted her life as it was at any given moment. Not sure if that was always a good thing but it was how she lived.

  6. caseyclifford Says:


    Your mom was truly a remarkable woman. I remember how I always thought about her as a woman who was unique and special. IT was something that just wrapped around her. So yes, I think she is definitely someone to be classified as a superhero. 🙂

  7. Bob Says:

    MJ, Oreo seemed pretty good last nite. So the meds must have worked. Hope Jim is ok today while you are at conference. I’d stop in to check on him, but not sure that would work out… you know fox watching the hens and all… ‘more wine’…LOL. Have a good conference. Thanks for sharing your stories, thoughts and above all else your friendship.

  8. caseyclifford Says:


    You better keep an eye out on Jim and Steven so they behave. And thanks for sharing wine and friendship as our wonderful neighbors.

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