Sitting At My Window

  Fall has settled in here in Wisconsin.  Our nights here have temperatures dipping down to the mid 30s and the day’s are graced with seasonable temps in the 50s or low 60s.  The skies have been this incredible blanket of blue and the stiff breezes off the lake have stripped many of the brilliant leaves from our trees. 

From my Window

Late yesterday afternoon as I sat in my chair and gazed outside watching the squirrels chase each other on the ground and scamper up the trees, I heard geese honking.  From the sound of them, it was quite a large flock coming in.  Actually, several flocks flew in, circled around and dropped down gracefully to land in the lake.  I was reminded of those autumn trips my family and I would drive north to the Horicon Marsh to watch the migrating flocks of geese and ducks.

I wouldn’t be surprised if over a 1000 geese landed in those ten minutes or so.  And then the ducks came in. My hubby and I have discovered a truism in these last few years. What is it?

Well, I’ll share it with you.

Taking time to stare out a window and let our minds wander frees us to open our minds.  For me, I often do this as part of my problem solving process, whether the problem is a personal one, a family one, or a writing-related one. However, that time is never wasted.For example, yesterday I was tussling with a plot and conflict issues in my current writing project.  While watching the geese and ducks fly in and settle down for the night and noticing the elongated shadows and deepening hues of the late afternoon sky, I realized one of my issues.  I’ve set this book in northern California and while I’ve been there many times, I needed to refresh my connection with the setting.  This was especially important as my hero is a man deeply connected with his land and its weather.So I spent last night, pulling together more research materials and many photos.

I’m reading today to immerse myself in the setting.  I’m also keeping those photos around my writing spaces so I’m connected to my fictional setting as much as I am to my actual setting.Don’t say it.  I know what you’re thinking.  I should take another trip to California and reconnect.  Oh, how I wish I could, but such a trip is not in the stars.  So memory, photos, and research will have to make do at this point.

I will continue to “waste time” looking out my windows.  I look forward to watching the geese return to the lake tonight well fed from their chowing down in the fields west of us.  Giving ourselves permission to let our minds wander is a good thing as Martha would say.

I hope you take a few moments this week to stare out the windows in your lives.

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4 Comments on “Sitting At My Window”

  1. Elle J Rossi Says:


    I did just that today. I started a fire in the fire-pit, sat on the back patio wrapped in a blanket with a mug of coffee in my hand. I watched the remaining leaves on the trees sway in the breeze. I listened to my children’s laughter. I made my word count goal and then some!

  2. caseyclifford Says:

    Oh, Elle, I’m so glad you found some bit of wisdom in today’s post. My heart went out to you yesterday at the meeting and I’m thrilled you found your muse to write today. I’ve had many deep sorrows in my life and always found solace in my writing. And my time to let my muse roam.

    Be good to yourself.

  3. Edie Ramer Says:

    I love taking my dogs for a walk for the very reason you state. This is one of the seasons I most connect with nature, though spring is my favorite.

    I’m glad Elle and you are making progress!

  4. caseyclifford Says:

    Spring is other climates I love though here in WI I don’t think we actually get much of that season. When we do, I love it. That’s why I love fall so much. It’s much more consistent, just not long enough. 🙂

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