Fairy Tales and Busy Weeks

And She's At the Gate...

Last week I promised I’d talk about my Kenosha Public Library presentation which I did on Monday evening.  I’ve never competed with a Packers/Bears Monday Night Football game before and Dancing with the Stars, plus all the myriad tasks people are committed to doing.  Why even my ever-supportive hubby couldn’t make the program because of a meeting.  However, sweetie that he is, he showed up toward the end of my talk to help take down and schlep materials I’d brought with me out to the car.

Because my competition was so stellar, I didn’t have the number of people show up I’d hoped for, but those who came were perfect as they were interested in my program and in what I had to say.  They asked great questions and fed off my answers to ask additional questions.  That’s all a speaker can hope for: a responsive audience–so the size was perfect and the result beneficial for everyone.

The reference librarian, Linda Marcussen, gave me such a great introduction I wasn’t sure she was talking about me.  Her words set the stage beautifully for what I intended to do which was discuss my personal journey in getting my first book published and things I’ve learned along the way.  I geared it mostly for an audience of readers.  But writers are readers also and I added enough to offer them some kernels of wisdom.

Of course, I had help.  My talented sister did an excellent job using her artistic talent to display my books and awards to their best advantage.  Thank you, dear sister.  I may not have a village to get me through life, but I’ve the best family.

My Credibility Display

I gained so much during that hour and a half—not the least of which was realizing once again what I loved most about teaching.  And what might that be, you ask?  Oh those times when teachers hold their students with their ideas and presentation.  We see the spark of questions bubble up within them.  Appreciative audiences are to be treasured.  I treasure Monday night for that.

Monday night was a perfect pitch high note; however about midweek, the article which emerged from the interview I mentioned in last week’s blog got posted on the web.  The article was well done, thank you, Colleen Kappeler, and it also has garnered good responses.  If you haven’t seen it, I believe it’s still up on the web at http://exposekenosha.com/2010/09/29/another-kenosha-author-makes-it-big.  And thank you all for your comments.

But the week wasn’t busy enough or complete.  I achieved another goal.  I’d talked a bit about goal setting during Monday’s program and told the group I was determined to finish my revisions by October 1st.  Actually, I finished on September 30th and sent the manuscript off to my editor on October 1st.

As you can see this past week has been eventful and busy.  This coming week will be more of the same.  I’ll be spending two days in Green Bay participating in a Meet Local Authors Book Fair, sponsored by one of the largest corporations in Green Bay.  It will be open to its employees and families.  After that, I’ll attend the meeting of WisRWA’s Green Bay chapter.  Once back at home on Thursday, I’ll have to polish my next newspaper column which is due on Friday.  With that completed, I’ll start revising another book.

Finishing Up

It’s been a year since Black Ribbon Affair was published–an amazing year.  Last  year at this time I never anticipated a week like last week or the coming one.  I feel like a seasoned and wise Cinderella.  But glass slipper and glittery carriages aren’t for me.  I’ll be wearing comfortable flat shoes and drive a trusty SUV to get where I must go in this, my personal fairy tale.

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2 Comments on “Fairy Tales and Busy Weeks”

  1. Edie Ramer Says:

    Mary Jo, you’re having an amazing time! I hope my one year anniversary of my venture will be as wonderful.

    Have a great time in Green Bay next week!

  2. caseyclifford Says:


    I’m sure your year will be filled with more. You’re already off to such a great start. Neat guest blog opportunity, good reviews, a super neat launch on MM that first weekend. How fun!

    I can’t wait to hear you and Morganne at the Milwaukee meeting and if I can’t make it some nurse is REALLY going to be on my you-know-what list.

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