Beat the Clock

Timing is Everything

Yesterday afternoon at 4:29 CDT I crossed the finish line.

Okay, this wasn’t the Boston Marathon, an Olympic sprint, a state swimming meet, or power-walking  race.  If I’d been in this year’s Boston Marathon I wouldn’t finish until 2020.  In a swimming meet, I’d sink before I’d ever finish—only I can sink in salt water or hanging on to a floating device.  As for power-walking?  Let’s just say my power walking days ended in 1990.

No wonder no one was around to provide the hurrahs…

But I did cross a finish line—one I’d established for myself and in a timing that beat my personal best.  So what was this feat?  Finishing my revision which I promised myself I’d finish no later than 11:59 CDT of August 31st.  By my calculations I was 3 days, 7 hours and 31 minutes ahead of my goal.  Oh, my, your clapping just thrills my heart.

This last week in the rush of immersing myself into my story and never wanting to shift away, not much got done.  I skipped a few meals.  Of course I didn’t starve as I had my energy reinforced with several heath bar Blizzards(thank you, dear hubby).  Pure, unadulterated muse food and great energy source for tired digits chained to polishing the unfolding events and glued to the keyboard.

During this past week, sleep might have been something I needed and even craved, but my muse’s force burned bright.  I wanted these revisions done and to get this story off to my editor.

Last night after a small celebratory Grey Goose, I looked over my ending.  Still love it as much as I did when I first wrote it.  It’s one of the items I didn’t tinker much with.  Sometimes you just know you can’t, shouldn’t, mustn’t.  I listened.

We all set goals whether as writers or busy people living hectic lives.  Achieving them makes us feel better about ourselves and our lives.  I really didn’t need “others” at my personal finish line yesterday.  I had them.  I’ve been living with them for weeks.  They are Maggie, Seth, Emily, Ed, Ellen, Jeanne, Patrick, Irene, and Virginia.  They’re all very pleased I’ve tweaked, prodded, and polished them and their lives to get them out of the tough spots they were in.

Early Evening Visitors

I’m glad, too.  That’s the best part about writing fiction.  I can control the lives of those in my fictional world.  It’s also one of the best parts about deadlines and meeting them.  I’m able to control my own life and surroundings better if I meet mine or exceed them.  Believe me, this feeling is a great reward.

Oh, how am I spending my day off?  Why, writing this—and maybe getting one of those blizzards for a job well done.  🙂

Thank you, Neighbor Bob,  for this last photo. 🙂  Click on it, folks, to enlarge and tell me how many critters you see!

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6 Comments on “Beat the Clock”

  1. Elle J Rossi Says:

    I’m counting 6 critters. Did I get it right?

    Congrats on beating your deadline. Your editor will be almost as pleased as you are!

    I had a very productive writing day today. I couldn’t be more pleased with not only the quantity, but more importantly the quality. Now I’m treating myself to a couple hours of Emmy fun!

  2. Mary Jo Says:

    Congratulations, Elle. The count’s right. We’ve watched them grow all summer.

    I hope the editor is pleased also, but that’s beyond my control. Congratulations on your productive writing day. I know you’ve been dealing with other things lately.

  3. Edie Ramer Says:

    Congratulations on your early finish. Yay!!!! I hope you got that Blizzard. You deserve it.

  4. caseyclifford Says:

    No Blizzard, maybe tonight. 🙂 Just the name cooled me off these past few weeks.

  5. Teri Constant Says:

    Congratulations, Mary Jo. Happiness is a job well done. Can’t wait to read about your friends.

    (I think I see five critters but I must be missing one it seems)


  6. caseyclifford Says:

    Yeah, I thought 5 at first; but then saw part of one camouflaged in the tree trunk.

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