April Tidbits

Lots of happenings this past week.

Black Ribbon Affair Romantic Suspense Finalist

First of all, I received this very impressive logo for my book Black Ribbon Affair’s finagling in the Write Touch Readers Award contest.  Wisconsin Romance Writers of America sponsors this contest and readers, not writers or industry professionals, are the judges of who finals and wins. Isn’t that what most writers want?  Readers who love the stories they tell?

Sure, we may love writing and we would likely do it anyway for so many reasons. But…getting validated by the readers of our work is a priceless gift we receive.  I will treasure this final much like I suspect Meryl Streep treasures all her award nominations, even if she doesn’t win the statuette.

Then on Friday this past week my first column was printed in the Kenosha News OP/ED page.  I had no idea how it would be received, but I’ve been very pleased with the comments it has generated.

This is opinion writing, much like blog posting, but opinions can be ignored by others.  What was also so special about this “first time” was my hubby reinforced his pride in what I do.  He came home with a lovely bouquet of flowers, all greens and soft yellows like the landscape surrounding us in April.  He bought a card and wrote his tender thoughts.  Of course, that’s a keeper.  And then a lovely bottle of Sauvignon Blanc which we tipped to my accomplishing yet another step in this new career I’m pursuing.

Finally, this week, I finally took the plunge into the Facebook world.  Still trying to figure it out, but it’s another way to get my work out into the larger world.  If you have a Facebook account, look me up.  🙂

Finally, this week Dixie Carter died.  I read a fantastic article about her in our local paper.  The article was written by Connie Schultz, a nationally syndicated columnist.  Schultz writes we could all use a friend such as one of the characters Dixie was well-known for portraying: Julia Sugarbaker in Designing Women.  In my view Dixie Carter then epitomizes what I hold dear in my life and my writing—friends, family and characters.  Dixie stood up for what she believed in.  So did Julia.  I hope I can do as well in my life and with my characters.

Here are two favorites.  They are truly treasures and say so much about character, about life, about women and men, about families.   Either or both will make you smile, laugh–all guaranteed to get you through another week of April.

And have a great week. 🙂

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6 Comments on “April Tidbits”

  1. Edie Says:

    Mary Jo, I just watched about 7 of the Designing Women You Tube episodes. I needed the laughs, too. Thanks!

    And how fab about the good stuff coming your way. I’m thrilled for you.

  2. caseyclifford Says:


    Just as with writing, great shows (which require great writing and the perfect choices for characters who bring even more in body language etc)are timeless. Those lines ring so true in many ways even though some of the styles look so dated. 🙂 Of course I do remember wearing all of it…

  3. I never did watch Designing Women, but it still made me sad to read about her passing. 😦

    Congrats again on your WT final! Very well deserved. And on your first column in the Kenosha News! 🙂 And I’m glad you joined Facebook as well.

  4. Elle J Rossi Says:


    Congratulations! Love the logo. Very impressive.

    Designing Women is one of my all time favorites. That and Golden Girls. I think I’ll head over to Amazon to see if I can purchase a box set. Thanks for sharing the links. I remember both of those episodes!

  5. caseyclifford Says:

    Hi Donna,

    Just got home from an afternoon booksigning. Lots of very interesting people, great questions, and even sold books! Can’t beat that. I brought some hard copy pages to work on revising, figuring it would be good for people to see a writer at work. I actually got several pages done (thank goodness I can multi-task) and doing that brought people to me to ask about writing and the book.

    Thanks again for the congrats on the WT final. Lots of good feedback on the column, too.

  6. caseyclifford Says:


    Rachel Berens-VanHeest designed the logo a few years ago for finalists and winners to use in publicity. She’s such a talented WisRWA member and I feel so honored to have finaled in the Write Touch.

    Thanks for dropping by.

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