Weather & Life

Waves Battering Shore

These past several days our weather has been schizophrenic.  First it’s almost spring-like, two days later we’re talking January wind chills.  Not pleasant when those warmer, sunny days and soft breezes finally dried the mucky ground still hanging on to some of winter’s deep frost and the very last of the dirty snow hidden in shadowed crevices or shaded by tall trees and underbrush disappeared.

Why I even put away the winter boots!

I got to thinking about this March weather and realized it reflects our lives in many ways.  We got through times when we can only describe our lives as “sucky.”  Then we have a spell which hits when we least expect it where our lives even out.  Things look upbeat and we think, oh foolish us, we’ve got life under control again.

Time for a sucker punch from life.

Yep, life sneaks up once again and hammers us with way to many crises, problems, frustrations, or dilemmas.  Worse for us is if life keeps hammering us like storm fronts that keep plowing into areas during certain times of the year.  One rarely gets “rescued” from one event and another situation happens.  If you’re very lucky, more than one doesn’t happen at the same time.

That’s not usually my luck.

Nor has it been our weather patterns lately.  But I’m hopeful, not only for myself, but also the weather.  Our ever-failing but innately optimistic weather forecasters are promising real spring-like weather next week.  All we have to do is get through this latest blast of wind, cold and sometimes icy rain.

One of my dearest friends had to bury her mother this week.  The funeral was huge for a woman near ninety.  Wouldn’t you know the day dawned dreary and so windy people scurried from the warmth of their cars to the church.

But inside that handsome edifice?  Warmth and family love abounded for the woman who must have always dealt with a crisis.  She’d been married over 60 years.  She raised 12 children, grandmothered 29 and great-grandmothered 32.

I was fortunate to work with her early in my career at the Women’s Bureau.  This place was a support facility for women thrust into too many disasters at one time.  She taught women skills and techniques to be more effective in dealing with the personal storms in their lives.  I marveled at how she calmly carried out her work and tried to emulate some of her techniques.

Life is Meant to Be Shared

You might wonder how my thoughts on weather would bring me to the death remarkable woman?  Think about it…no matter what happened in her life (and she had crises aplenty) she withstood life’s weather.  And taught others how to cope.  Maybe even felt she became a better person for weathering her personal storms.

What do you think?  Do you know someone you admire because that person deals with the weather of life?  If you write, does that help inspire you?

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6 Comments on “Weather & Life”

  1. Elle J Rossi Says:


    I see examples of this every day and it never fails to amaze and inspire me. A person very close to me is getting hit by the perfect storm, yet he stands tall, screams in its face and fights it with everything he’s got. He’s my brother and he is a true hero.

    Writing really inspires me. I didn’t realize this would happen or how much. But it does. I’m stronger, more confident and ready to tackle to world now.

  2. caseyclifford Says:


    Writing is a gift and it offers such solace when the world around us is in turmoil. It allows us to praise and immortalize those who’ve inspired us and/or touched or lives. You are blessed as am I. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your hero with me.

  3. Edie Says:

    You know Liz Kreger is my hero. I think of her often. It inspires me to know something like her, with such a positive attitude.

  4. Robin Says:

    You’ve spoke my mind with this post, Casey.

  5. caseyclifford Says:


    Liz K is a hero to many of us. Whenever I feel like life’s dumping on me too much, I think of her and her grace under pressure and her positive determination about life and living it–no matter what. She is a true hero.

  6. caseyclifford Says:


    I’m so glad this post spoke to you. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by.

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