As February Leaves

Do Days Really Have Empty Spaces?

Several things happened this week.  

Oh, many eventful events have occurred in the world, not the least of which are the Olympics which are winding down this weekend.  Or the horrendous earthquake which happened on Saturday in Chile and the tsunami warning out now for the South Pacific.  Or the continuing wintry weather battering the mid-Atlantic and northeast US states.  

I haven’t even mentioned the continuing dismal economic news or the mid-east battles or the fact that gasoline has risen once again. 

I’m talking about my own little world here on the western shore of Lake Michigan.  So what happened? 

Working with the Puzzle of Time


This week I learned I’ll be a guest columnist for our local newspaper.  I figure these weekly posts are excellent training for what I’ll be doing about every three months on a Friday.  The column is title MY TURN and after talking with the editor, I pretty much can write about whatever I want that might be of interest to local readers.  Downside?  My photo runs alongside my column.  The first one is due April 9th

I’ve been feeling very honored these past few days because this is yet another method of getting my name out there to possible readers.  All the while writing about what interests me at the moment.  🙂  Sure can’t beat that. 

Next event was more family-related.  We had a visit from my Seattle-based cousin.  While his profession and family have taken him to another city, we remain close.  He’s a very interesting man and filled with ideas and opinions.  As we talked I kept thinking about all that he was saying and some of the experiences he described relating to his work.  Watch out, Mike, you may end up as a very interesting character in a book. 

Needless to say, while those few hours weren’t spent working in my office, I know they were well-spent.  I most likely meet my deadline of finishing the rough draft at the end of February, but it’s near.  So close, I feel its breath on my neck at the moment. 

In my forever friendship circle we celebrated one of our birthdays.  Celebrating birthdays are the best.  Why?  We’ve lost a few women in this group already so those special days are more treasured by all of us.  Our friendship endures—no matter what we deal with. 

Regarding friends, I also spent a day with a writer friend.  When we are together we never quit talking.  Despite the heavy snow we got the night before, I never thought twice about cancelling the 90 mile drive to meet her.  The time was so well-spent and valued because we see each other rarely. 

Finally, I moved from the Paleolithic era of computer technology to modern day.  At least until I get the new machine up and running.  Then it will be obsolete sooner than I master all the new gadgetry.  But I kept telling myself,  “You must do this,” as I discussed options with the salesman who surely was a doppelganger for Shaun White, the Olympic snowboarder.  But I saw no evidence of a gold medal or snowboard.  🙂

Late February Dawn

There you have it.  Big events in my week and the reason I haven’t finished the rough draft yet.  But next week?  Here’s hoping…

How has your week been?  Or is the week ahead a real beast?

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3 Comments on “As February Leaves”

  1. Edie Says:

    Sounds like you had a great week. Congrats on the column gig!

    My FIL passed away last Saturday, but he was 95 and had lived a good life. We took home his 17-year-old beagle, and I think having her in the house helped my husband get through this.

    I didn’t work on my 2nd revision as much this week–I wanted to be there for my husband. And then there was the Olympics . . . But I seemed to have accomplished a lot anyway. I might even finish tonight. Very late. When I’m done, I need to go back over about 20-plus pages that had a problem. After that, I’m sending it to my CPs.

  2. caseyclifford Says:


    I’m so sorry about your FIL. But I’m sure the beagle will help your hubby get through this. I know my husband still talks about the dog he had when his mother died. Way before my time, but I listen.

    I won’t finish tonight the book tonight, but hopefully tomorrow. I’ve put a lot of work in today and have most of the day tomorrow. If not then, Tuesday for sure.

    Yes, those Olympics had many riveting moment.

    Oh, I saw that Karma finaled in some contest where I saw the results last week. WTRG!

    Thanks for taking time to stop by.

  3. Elle J Rossi Says:

    Mary Jo,

    What an incredible week you had. Congratulations on your upcoming articles. Wear something spunky for your picture!!!

    My week? I read a couple of really great books. I cut myself some slack by calling it “research”. I made major progress on my WIP. I love this story, the characters and the world I’m creating. All in all, it was a good week.

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