Yet Another Step as Published Author

Coastline near Santa Barbara

I tried something very new for me yesterday.  That’s not easy to accomplish at my age, but with this new venture of being a published author, I’ve encountered several lately.  Almost makes me feel like a twenty-something woman but with a wealth of experience. 🙂 

So what was the new experience? 

Well, not quite this elegant

I set up a table at a holiday/craft/market affair in an old art deco theater lobby in this area.  I didn’t bring my camera and I should have since the chandeliers in the lobby above my table were magnificent.  And the marble staircase right behind me?  Awesome. 

As shoppers and lookers filed into the theater lobby on a frosty but sunny Saturday morning, I found my little table with some artfully placed books, a informational sign about Black Ribbon Affair and a laminated copy of the recent news article about me and Black Ribbon competing with Santa and his merry elves, marvelous aromas of rich hot coffee and flavored popped corn.  

Right next to me the vendor, a friend since high school was doing a booming business with her handmade children’s books, scarves and jewelry.  On the other side a friendly woman Patti did brisk business selling her hand-made soaps and lotions. A bit further down a man offered some beautifully crafted wood pieces.  And so much more enticed from homemade bread, cheese and sausage to apples, jams, jellies and did I mention Santa? 

Writer at work?

However, could I and my book compete?  Maybe I should have dressed as Santa and brought my laptop along?

Well, my table was different and my wares were also.  They made the crowd curious.  People stopped to ask about the life of a writer, how I worked and where.  They asked about the book, sometimes bought one for themselves or as a Christmas gift for a reader on their lists.  I reconnected with people I haven’t seen in years or someone who knew my mother, or a sibling, or a child. 

I did sell books.  Maybe not as many as I might have liked, but I met people, made connections to other people and venues I might consider doing a signing or a meet the author event, places I didn’t know about.  I exchanged information with people who might be helpful in the future and this published author journey continues. 

That glittery cloth enhances the books

What did I learn yesterday?  That the joy in a person’s face and eyes you see reflected when they ask about your passion and show interest in what you do can be as important as another immediate sale.  They may go to or their nearest bookstore and order a copy.  They will read my website and my blog and perhaps stay in touch.

If I only gain two solid fans from yesterday, that’s two more than I had on Friday. 

And found a topic for today’s blog posting. 🙂  

Am I wearing rose-colored glasses about this?  Should I be grumpy that I didn’t sell out?

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5 Comments on “Yet Another Step as Published Author”

  1. Edie Says:

    Good for you for doing this! You go! You shouldn’t be grumpy at all (though you missed a wonderful party at Vicky’s, so maybe a bit, lol). I think it’s great that you gave this a go. I’ve heard of a few mystery writers who’ve done this, but not romance.

  2. caseyclifford Says:

    Hey Edie,

    I really feel bad about missing the Xmas party, but I have to get my name “out there.” I think this helped and I learned of several other options for future tries.

    You’ve been such a faithful visitor. I’m very appreciative of your support to this blog. 🙂

  3. Deb Says:

    What a terrific experience! Wish I could have been there. I believe that non-writers often find a writer’s life of interest. It’s great that you could capitalize on that, and in such an interesting setting, too.

    Have a good week!

  4. caseyclifford Says:

    Hey Deb, thanks for stopping by. It’s been a while and I’ve missed you.

    Oh yes, I really loved the sprite of a woman who came up to me, her dark chocolate eyes all twinkling, and shook my hand, then shook it again. Repeating, “I always wanted to meet and author, I love the cover,’ at least three times. Then she flipped the book over, read the blurb, opened to the dedication page, said “Oh I love that!” And bought the book. That sale alone was worth all the hours of revision. 🙂

  5. Nancy Kaye Says:

    Sure it was worth it. Anything that gets your name out there will mean sales. You have no idea how many people those that bought your book interact with in a day. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

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