A Booksigning to Remember

Ivan's gifts and books

Black Ribbon Affair is introduced

I survived my first book-signing on Friday, the 13th.  Scary?  Frightful? 

Not a chance.  Everything behind the scenes ran smoothly.  I managed my pre-signing jitters.  I’m too mature and seasoned to worry about a zit or suffer a bad hair day.  I’ve come to terms with my body image. 


Using my booksigning pen

With my virgin book-signing pen, which my dear female friends since school days gave me, I was ready.  For my maiden voyage.  Hard to believe it’s only taken me a few decades to see this event happen.  But it did. 


Desserts & appetizers--yum yum

Thanks to my dear sister who decorated the room and those great forever friends who provided fantastic desserts and appetizers, a great punch drink, we were ready. 

Even our local newspaper sent a photographer who was personable, chatty, asked great questions and looked great enough to be a very interesting hero in a novel. 

But would people come and be interested in Black Ribbon Affair, my book or just to enjoy the desserts, punch, coffee and tea?  After all, it was Friday, the 13th

I should worry about world peace or the economy or healthcare… 


I have the answers

We had steady groups of people arrive, over a 100.  Many already had their books and had read them.  They had wonderful questions, great remarks, and all asked, “When’s the next book with Caitlin and Mike?  We want more about them.”  All who wanted their books signed and were already telling their reader friends about what a great read Black Ribbon Affair is. Others bought a book or two for friends who couldn’t make the signing. 

Those who came who didn’t have the book bought one, sometimes more than one and wanted them signed.  All agreed to spread the word about my book.  

I know all book-signings won’t be as productive but I have to say my virgin experience was one to remember always.  My readers are unanimous: Black Ribbon Affair is a page turner. 


I got flowers from a grateful reader

This week I have two more scheduled, a private one for a book club which has read the book and another one at Southridge Mall in Milwaukee at the Waldenbooks.  2- 4 PM., Saturday, November 21st.  If you can make it, I’d love to see you there. 

BRA props

Ivan left a few "gifts"

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few comments.  Perhaps they will whet your reading appetite.  “That fireplace scene – wow, really hot.”  “Where did you find Ivan?  Did you really know someone like him?”   “What happens to Rachel?”  “What a fantastic ending.  How did you think of that?”

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14 Comments on “A Booksigning to Remember”

  1. Edie Says:

    Wow! What a fabulous signing! I can’t wait to buy your book at your Waldenbooks signing on Sat. You won’t be a virgin signer anymore.

  2. christie Says:

    Congrats on your first signing, Mary! It sounds as if you have a fabulous event!! May all your signings be that great.


  3. Awesome! More than 100 people–double awesome! 🙂 I’m almost 100 pages into the book and enjoying it so far, now I can’t wait for the ending! Such wonderful decorations, eats, drinks, guests, but best of all, you look Beautiful sitting there at that table. Congratulations and I hope your future signings are just as great. 🙂

  4. caseyclifford Says:


    I’ll be looking for you on Saturday. But of course, I’ll see you at the meeting in the morning. We women rarely get to stay virgins too long. (wink) 🙂

  5. caseyclifford Says:


    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the event was marvelous and I’ll be having my first phone interview tomorrow morning at 9 AM. Another big event. 🙂

  6. caseyclifford Says:


    I only hope you enjoy Black Ribbon Affair as much as I enjoyed Chasing Mason. I look forward to Mistletoe Rules to put me in the Christmas spirit. 🙂

  7. What an amazing turnout, I’m so thrilled for you! And I agree with Stacey, you look beautiful in that picture. 🙂 I’m halfway through Black Ribbon Affair (wasn’t supposed to read at all this month, but couldn’t help myself *grin*) and I think it’s incredible! Can’t wait to find out if my suspicions are correct. 😉

  8. caseyclifford Says:


    I know I was very fortunate with the turnout. My sister, my friends and I sent out and hand delivered about 60 postcards so that is even more amazing.

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying BRA. Let me know if your suspicions are correct. 🙂

  9. Robin Matheson Says:

    Fantastic, MJ! And so well deserved. Congratulations and good luck with the other events. 🙂

  10. Congratulations on your FABulous signing!! I’m thrilled for you and trust all your events will just as wonderful!

    Nancy Haddock

  11. Sherry Weddle Says:

    Congratulations! I am sooo impressed with how well organized your booksigning was, and how beautifully decorated your room was! I know you’ve earned all the kudos and kind words about your book.
    Fredericka showed me her copy of your book this week, and I’ll get mine ordered soon!

  12. caseyclifford Says:


    I have to thank my sister and friends who put this all together for me. I’m very fortunate in having a great support system and fan base. 🙂

  13. caseyclifford Says:


    Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your words. The day was very special and will always remain so in my heart. 🙂

  14. caseyclifford Says:


    Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your support. I’m also very happy you are feeling well enough to do emails again. 🙂

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