Lips and Character

Lips 1

Lips 1


We all have them.  Some of us love the ones we have, some never think about lips, and some spend many dollars to enhance the ones they were born with—almost to the point of them looking unnatural.

We can’t all have Angelina Jolie lips.  Nor should we wish to.  I know I’d look horrid with a set of lips like that—too out of proportion.

However, lips are a very visible part of our anatomy.  Often first impressions of sometime or a quick read of emotions might be done by viewing a person’s lips.

Lips mar

Lips 2

When I am developing a character’s description, I sometimes have a clear idea of how their lips are shaped.  Sometimes not.  But as I write character’s lips come into play with action.  How can someone sneer or snarl without a bit of lip action.

Describing the sensations of a kiss.  Or a kiss itself.  Lips are integral to the action and the response.

So I thought about having a bit of an interactive exercise today.  Look at the lips below.

lips janice

Lips A

Lips Steve

Lips B

lips jamie

Lips C

What do you think the owners are feeling or doing or have done?  Might you be able to get a sense of age? Income?  Profession?

Could I develop a character starting only with a pair of disembodied lips?

Or do we need the whole face to create a character and his or her actions?

Let me know what you think?

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One Comment on “Lips and Character”

  1. Edie Says:

    I would never be able to develop a character from lips alone. I need a whole face. But I can start a character without knowing that much about her looks. With my WIP, I thought she had dark hair, but when I wrote her, she became a blonde. It felt right.

    I do use lips to describe emotion. Eyes too. I use it all. 🙂

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