Release Date Is Looming

Something really exciting happened this week.

The Leaves are Changing and Falling

The Leaves are Changing and Falling

I received an email from my publisher that I could pre-order my book, Black Ribbon Affair, as of that date.  I immediately did so as I have my first book signing scheduled in November. Of course, this email notice will pale in significance once I actually get my books in the mail and hold one in my hands.

Since October 23 is fast approaching, I’m including an excerpt today to whet your appetites.  I hope you enjoy this tidbit.

From my bookmark:

A smart woman.  A sensitive man.  A second chance at love. But danger stalks.  Death looms over her.  But their love triumphs all.

Excerpt:  Black Ribbon Affair:

The door latch clicked. She looked up and confronted…liquid smoke, fringed with thick dark lashes. Her breath caught; her heart skittered to her toenails. Killer eyes. They always had been. Recovering quickly, she extended her slender hand. Those lapsed years had honed him into a man worthy of an appreciative look.

“Hello, Cait…” He stared right back and grinned, a heart-breaking one like she remembered. But this was not the place, or time, to walk those old paths.

“Mike…it’s been a long time.” Was that her voice, all husky, almost sultry, and foreign?

He moved toward her as though his knees bothered him. She inched closer to him, fighting his pull but losing the battle. They shook hands, but he didn’t release hers.

She didn’t object. His hand warmed hers, but it always had.

“You two know each other?” Keith asked.

“Years ago, in college,” Caitlin answered. “I wondered when I saw your memo, but thought it was too much of a coincidence. There must be several Michael Sean Raffertys in the world.”

“Cait. I…never thought we’d meet again…especially like this.” Mike still hadn’t released her hand. Was he as unwilling to break the connection as she was?

Keith eyed them, an eagle measuring his territory. “Is this going to be a problem?” His words shattered the moment.

“Not for me,” she answered with professionalism she didn’t feel. She slid into the leather chair nearest her coffee mug. She swallowed a gulp, hoping to dislodge the tightness in her throat. Mike appeared…wonderful. Calm. Mature.

And totally off limits.

“Nor me.” Mike sat in the remaining chair.

“There’s another mug, Mike, if you want coffee.” Keith pointed to the carafe and cup but made no motion to pour.  “We’ve a lot of ground to cover this morning.”

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14 Comments on “Release Date Is Looming”

  1. Edie Says:

    Really enjoyed this! Terrific writing. I’m eager for your signing so I can buy a copy.

  2. caseyclifford Says:

    Thanks, Edie. Just like showing off your first born, posting this took some courage…

    Have a great week! And see you on Magical Musings.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Wow! I could feel the heat.

    Good luck with your signing, Casey.

  4. Ilona Fridl Says:

    Great excerpt! I know about the pre-release jitters. Have fun!

  5. caseyclifford Says:

    Hey Sandy,

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you could feel the heat as where I am right now it’s pretty chilly, at least temperature-wise. 🙂

  6. caseyclifford Says:

    Hi Ilona,

    Yes, I remember you talking about the jitters too. And what great news that the bookstore has reordered more of your books. 🙂

  7. Such a wonderful excerpt,Casey! Can’t wait to read it! And Mike is such a perfect name for a hero. *grin*

  8. caseyclifford Says:


    Yeah, I thought you’d like that. But of course, I wrote it before you were born. 🙂

  9. Ooh, I’m so looking forward to this book!! 🙂 Loved the excerpt!

  10. Great excerpt! Here’s hoping you sell tons of books!

    Nothing is more exciting as time ticks closer and you know your book is out there.



  11. caseyclifford Says:


    Thanks for the compliment. Your blurbs got me to purchase your first book. Now I have you on automatic purchase. When life is throwing me way too much lemonade, I reach for your books.

  12. caseyclifford Says:


    You looking forward to this book–sort of like the time I was waiting for Chasing Mason. Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

  13. Wow! Great blurb from your book. Can’t wait to read the rest. Good luck, Casey!

  14. caseyclifford Says:

    Thanks, A.Y.

    Good luck with yours also. I checked out your Amazon listing when I found mine the other day. Here’s to many booksignings for both of us. 🙂

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