The Road Not Taken

Farm pump Two paths

Farm pump two paths

This Robert Frost poem was much on my mind this week for a few different reasons though none of which center on the poem’s theme.  Then as I was mulling over what topic to choose for today’s post and how to develop it the title and the last line of the poem kept running through my head. 

So I dug it out from that large shelf of saved books from the college years and reread the poem.  And thought some more. 

Meanwhile another part of my mind kept circling back to a topic I read on Monday which was the daily posting there.  The basic question the poster left the readers to answer was this:  “Were their points in our lives when we knew we had a make a choice between two “roads” or options?

And after that choice and in hindsight, do you now wonder what would have happened had the other choice been the better or more interesting or even worse choice?” 

In other words, she asked the readers to consider the what-if game. 

That’s what I considered all week as I thought of several specific times in my life when I made decisions, clear, well-thought out decisions, even if later they turned out not to be what I hoped.  I guess that’s my nature.  

But I don’t dwell on what-might-have-beens.  I’m more of a what’s-going-on-in-the-present with a serious serving of what-might-be-kind of woman. 

So I thought I had today’s topic nailed down Friday morning.  However, we had guests for dinner that evening, dear friends who moved to Florida when they retired and we rarely see them unlike when they were our neighbors.  But we do stay in touch.

 After lots of conversation and a great dinner, my neighbor made the point that we were the kind of friends that just picked right up where we left off even if a great deal of time had elapsed since last we were together.  That led to how had we met originally.  That brought me to thinking about what I’d been considering all week, those times when you make a decision and follow one path over another. 

 I said that in something like:  “If I hadn’t gotten my teaching jobs here, we’d never have met.”

 My hubby said then: “You’d never have met me…and…”  (You get the drift.  The rest is history)  So did I…because my hubby is my love.  While I might get upset with him at times, I know he’s always there for me, and he knows the same about me.  We are each others’ greatest supporters.

 Taking that first teaching position was easy.  The job market was very tight in my field.  Finding work would be easier if I could relocate and shift into a field that needed my skills but not in a teaching capacity.  That would have meant needing a solid child-care system and a friendship network in a place definitely out of state and perhaps overseas.

The sons were vocal in their determination not to move.  They were getting into their teens, not a time to add fuel to a rebelling age.  When I was about to the end of my rope in my job hunt, I interviewed for something a bit of a challenge but I explained how I could handle that.  I was offered the position.  A decent salary, security, the proximity to an extended family and friends.  Those are important when you need a job as a divorced single mom with three growing sons–who didn’t want to move away from their friends or their grandparents.

Black eyed Susans

Black eyed Susans

So I looked no further for work.  That road was the one for me.  And as Frost’s poem ends: “And that has made all the difference.”

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One Comment on “The Road Not Taken”

  1. Edie Says:

    I think so much of what we do is a choice. Even adopting my sweet cat — who hacked up on my chair today. lol Imagine if J.K. Rowling decided to make Harry a Harriette. I wonder what difference that would have made.

    It sounds like you made the right choice all those years ago!

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