Produce, Life, and Writing

BUS30074I finished my Alaskan mystery on Friday.  Needless to say I felt I’d really accomplished a goal.  I’d wanted to have the work done before the end of August.  I’d been doing major revisions though I’d written it and polished it once a few years ago.  At that time, I thought it was the best it could be.

Never happens that way.  At least for me.  After a bit of time I can always go back and see immediately things I could do better.  But that’s not just true of my writing.  It’s in most anything I do.  Like redecorating a room.  Or putting out Christmas decorations. Playing around with a recipe.  (You know—if it was good this way, maybe if I changed such and so, it would be fantastic)

 So writing and finishing a manuscript is never done.  Just like life.  You work at life until you die.  Always trying to make it and yourself better.CB045259

Well, writers do the same with their work.  Always trying to make it better—at least until they no longer can.  It’s been published—hallelujah—or we’ve finally realized the book really isn’t something we want “out there” but we’ve learned so much about writing in the meantime.  So the time, the energy, the words, the story weren’t a waste.

You might be wondering about now.  Since I’ve been talking about writing, polishing, and striving always for the best my work and I can be, why the photos of produce?

My produce upon return No, I’m not into growing such things, but I love eating them.  And today I got an email photo from a friend who does vegetable gardening.  He’d been away for a week and came home to an abundance of ready crops.  Says he’s learned a lesson and won’t do it again.  So he’s made a revision, of sorts, a gardening revision.

 And being a farmer, a gardener, a writer—all take patience and a plan for the next project the next year’s crops.  Ongoing assessment to make the next project, garden or field more successful.  So I give you produce to view.  And chose those we find abundant in Wisconsin about now.42-15200319

 Why the basket of Bing cherries?  Remember my finishing my Alaskan mystery manuscript?  Well, my dear hubby got me those as a treat for coming in ahead of my deadline.  Yum, yum.  🙂

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2 Comments on “Produce, Life, and Writing”

  1. Edie Says:

    Congratulations on finishing ahead of time. I used to dread revisions, but now I love them. It’s my time to spiff up the ms. and make it shine.

    I love bing cherries, too! I’ve been eating some every day this week.

  2. caseyclifford Says:

    Hi Edie,

    Yeah, gotta love those bing cherries. And you are so right about spiffing up the ms. Like polishing a fine diamond…

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