A Saturday Wedding


Lake from from lawn

Lake from from lawn



Lakeside.  Historic Home. On the lawn. Happy couple.  Proud parents.  Surrounded by family and friends.  Perfect setting.  Right?

The ceremony

The ceremony

You could feel the love surrounding the young couple.  That emotion billowed outward.  When the ceremony began, ugly clouds threatened rain.  (I had my trusty rain preventer-the umbrella I carry in such situations and then it NEVER rains.) 🙂  When the bridal couple were officially proclaimed husband and wife, the sun broke through the clouds and shoved those nasty clouds  out of the yard and off to the lake.IMG_0468

 Maybe that’s prophetic.  Or maybe it reflects how they met:  in the lighting department of a Home Depot store.  Sounds like a great start for a book, don’t you think?

 I always get choked up at weddings.  Doesn’t matter if the wedding centers on a family member, a friend, or the child of a friend.  They remind me of my wedding day, the vows my dear hubby and I took—in sickness and health, good times or bad—we’ve encountered them all and still enjoy each other and depend on our love for each other. (Happy tears were in abundance at the ceremony.  I wasn’t alone in the emotion.)

A bouquet

A bouquet

That’s always my wish for each couple I watch.  Expect to argue, but making up’s great.  Even better if you do the arguing well, you emerge stronger.  Expect sometimes to shoulder all the burdens and responsibilities; your spouse will have to do the same.  It’s the circle of love. 

Love isn’t easy.  Marriage is tough, but if you choose well, have the right attitude, it’s well worth the ride and all the little love surprises through the years.

So what’s your wish for a married couple?

Table flowers

Table flowers

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4 Comments on “A Saturday Wedding”

  1. Teri Says:

    Mary Jo, thank you! What a perfect reminder of a wonderful day. We are all still immersed in love glow. It’s a pleasurable place to spend our time. Your friendship and the gift of your words add to that pleasure.


  2. Edie Says:

    Mary Jo, your wishes were pretty good, and I’ll stick with them. 🙂 Sounds like a wonderful time. We were at a baby shower yesterday and there were a lot of good wishes going around there, too. The expectant mother and the father will make wonderful parents, and that’s a huge bonus for the baby. Better than all the presents.

  3. caseyclifford Says:


    I know exactly what you mean about having a great set of parents. It’s the best present and for this newly married couple, they are just such a perfect fit. Sounds like we both had special occasions this past weekend.

    Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  4. caseyclifford Says:


    I never thought you’d have time to stop by yesterday. With all the company and day-after wedding hoopla, I figured you’d be out of commission for days. What was so hard in doing the post was holding back on all the photos I took and choosing which ones to put in the post.

    Now rest… 🙂

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