An Alaskan Cabin

In HarborI’m revising a manuscript now which has my two main characters from Black Ribbon  Affair once again finding themselves in the midst of danger.

 Since they spend most of the book in Alaska, I’ve been going online daily and taking a look at the Anchorage Daily News.  They always have some of the greatest photos that give the flavor of the state. 

This week I came across a photo that appealed to me on so many levels.  It also reflects that distinctive attitude toward life that defines many who live in Alaska.

So, why did this photo appeal to me?

First, humor.  I laughed and still do every time I think of it.  I’ve gone back each day since to view it.  🙂

 Second, I think about the old saying: between a rock and a hard place. This photo surely represents that.

Third, optimism. The fisherman who built that cabin and uses it reeks of a positive attitude.

 As a person and a writer, particularly a writer in the throes of revision, I need all three of those qualities. 

 Every day things happen that are unexpected.  Sometimes not especially good things, both in writing and life.  However, seeing the humor and getting a good laugh from the situation will always help solve the problem or find the new direction in life or with a revision. 

Tornado AheadBut often at times we are faced with problems and solutions which don’t have easy outcomes.  That old rock and a hard place element.  Maybe it means totally redoing a book that doesn’t work or setting it aside for a time.  Or in life, maybe it means learning to live your life with conditions that you can’t change for many reasons—an illness, a death, deepening economic woes, changing relationships, a weather disaster.  You know.  I’m sure you’ve all been there. 

StressHandling that kind of ongoing stress is best done with optimism and humor.  Whether in life or in writing or revising a book.  I know.  I’ve been there. In daily living and with books.  I love finding humor and optimism in places I least expect them.  That’s why I’ll never forget the photo of the cabin.

Any of you have something solid that keeps you going when that rock and a hard place lingers too long?

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3 Comments on “An Alaskan Cabin”

  1. Edie Says:

    I just picked up a book from the library, ALWAYS LOOKING UP, The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist by Michael J. Fox. How’s that title for a book written by someone who’s in between a rock and a hard place?

    I’m doing revisions, too, and they’re not always easy. But I’m noticing when something isn’t right, so I’m proud of myself for this leap in knowledge. Before I would have passed on these same scenes. Yes, it’s more work, but I have a better book and I have a better chance of selling.

  2. caseyclifford Says:


    I’m proud of you also. I love revision but it does promote mental squabbles sometimes. Should I or shouldn’t I? If I do, will the change make it better? Or not?

    You will get your books sold soon. I believe that and when the first contract is signed, you’ll be so busy getting all the rest ready for review, you have a whole new world of revision issues facing you. 🙂

  3. Well, Casey, I’d have to say my daily emails to and from you keep me grounded. 🙂 Much as I love my office, and, more often than not, my stories, it’s healthy to get a perspective from somewhere else when you sit in a box all day. LOL

    Back to work…

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