A Taste of Being Published

Over the past two weeks, I’ve had a few experiences new to me. 

Western WI trout streamLate one afternoon as I was taking a break from my writing tasks, my youngest sister arrived.  She’s been acting like a Big Sister to a teenager over the past several months.  The teen enjoys reading and my sister mentioned at different times what’s happening to me and my book as we both get closer to that magical month of October and PUBLICATION!  🙂

Anyway, the young girl. Amanda, asked if she could meet me—a real live writer and my sister promised.  And they arrived at my home.

First thing the young girl noticed were a stack of bookmarks I had out on the dining room table. Be prepared always to give a few away when any visitors arrive.  I’ve even been known to hand them to delivery or repair people if the occasion arises.

We chatted together for a few moments.  The teen’s excitement re-energized me after a long day of writing.  When she asked if she could see where I write, I said “Of course,” and my sister led her away as she’s not been in my office either. 

Desk with Fireweed notes

Desk with Fireweed notes

I’ll never forget how excited Amanda was when she returned from my office.  When they left she asked for some extra bookmarks to give to her friends.  I felt honored.  In the eyes of a potential reader, I was a “real writer!” I had arrived with a potential readership. 🙂

More recently I was at a gathering of relatives and friends.  Several were there who I’ve not seen in a very long time.  All kept asking about my book and wanted bookmarks.  Too soon, I ran out of all those I’d brought with me.  (Note to self.  Always keep extra bookmarks in the car to resupply.)

Spring Sail

Spring Sail

I really enjoyed the party and seeing people I’ve not seen in a while.  However, seeing their excitement at my news, their admiration of my bookmark, and the concept of my book really provoked me to get back into my office the next day and KEEP WRITING!

These are tiny experiences but new ones for me—and special because they have happened for the first time.  What about you?  Any of you have experiences related to your writing that have helped you realized all the angst and work are worth it?

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6 Comments on “A Taste of Being Published”

  1. Edie Says:

    How exciting! I’m eager for your book to come out, too. And I’m jealous because your desk is so clean. 😉

  2. caseyclifford Says:


    Clean, my desk??? Are you kidding? I just threw things in the corner and on the floor so I’d give a “good impression” of an organized writer. You should see the desk now… 😦 Not pretty.

    Thanks for stopping by. My hubby just left for a three day fishing trip, hence the first photo, and I’m wishing I had someone to chat with right now.

    Need a break from editing.

  3. Deb Maher Says:

    What fun! Such happy, proud events…well-earned.

    In addition to your organized desk (staged though it might be :), I see the purple WisRWA 25th anniversary mug. I’ve been carrying mine to and from work. Lots of compliments on how pretty it is. Keeps the conference in mind for me.

  4. caseyclifford Says:

    Hi Deb,

    Yes, the mug serves as a great reminder. So does the Award plaque, draped with purple beads, and all the memories.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I understand about the messy desk…it’s hard enough for me to keep my semi-organized, but near impossible when my daughter sits down to do art projects while I’m at work and then never finishes or cleans them up. GRRR. I have skunk drawings and all kinds of other things in my space. (she’s 7 and LOVES skunks–not quite sure why. LOL)

    What keeps me writing? Hearing from someone who enjoyed my book. My sister called me a few weeks ago to tell me how much she loved my book Chasin’ Mason. Even talked over a part that made her laugh out loud–especially cool since not everyone always gets my humor. (even in my family) Oh, and the voices keep my fingers on the keyboard, too.

    Today at work I was talking with a coworker about authors she loves, I asked if she ever writes to them. She said no, and I said, “If you ever have a moment and feel like sending them a note, authors always LOVE to hear from readers. It can be a great pick me up on a bad day.” So, hopefully, she’ll do that someday. 🙂

  6. caseyclifford Says:


    Thanks for giving your friend such great advice. We’ve chosen a profession where we often get no feedback on what we do and how. WE THRIVE ON THAT! 🙂 And are so grateful for the bits we receive.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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