Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend.  

The time to remember and give thanks to all those in our Armed Forces who gave their lives for the best our country stands for.  They did that we might maintain our freedom. To keep us safe. To allow us to agree or not with government policies.

CB018184One of the most stirring, haunting memories I have of Washington D. C. was the beautiful spring day I walked the walk in front of the Viet Nam Memorial.  Cherry blossoms were abundant everywhere and their scent and the quiet, peaceful, reverent scene in no way reflected the horrors of the time and place those soldiers died. 

That was the war my generation fought.

World War II and Korea were the wars of my parents’ generation.

World War I my grandparents.

A younger generation fights yet another war in far distant battles.

As we remember those who’ve died in wars past, as we pray for those dying now and the grieving families they leave behind, remember always, this weekend isn’t about the beginning of summer, picnics and parades.  

We might not have any of this if we didn’t have those willing to serve and those families who wait for them to return.CB011166

I hold them all in my thoughts and prayers.

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4 Comments on “Memorial Day”

  1. Edie Says:

    I haven’t been to Washington D.C. When I do, I’ll want to see the Vietnam Memorial.

  2. Deb Maher Says:

    The Vietnam Memorial is incredibly moving perhaps because it is so very personal. As you stroll along the wall, you’ll see messages and pictures left by loved ones – friends, family. You cannot walk along the wall without feeling the depth and heartbreak of their loss, and our nation’s.

    In another way, the WWII memorial is memorable, perhaps because of its vastness and scope, like the war was. My father and father-in-law both fought in the Pacific. I wish they could have seen the WWII Memorial, to know how their country honored them.

  3. caseyclifford Says:

    Deb and Edie,

    Thanks for stopping to chat and offer your thoughts.

    Deb, the WWII Memorial was still a dream the last time I was in Washington, but I hope to get there some day. My father and uncles served in that war and a few weeks ago I found some old photos my dad brought back from the hell-holes he fought in in the South Pacific. It made me remember books and movies I’ve read and viewed about WWII and other wars.

    But we also have some of the greatest songs and love stories emerge from these times also.

    Mary Jo

  4. Deb Maher Says:

    The WWII Memorial was still new when we visited. That and the Vietnam Memorial were among the reasons we drove down to DC. We’re fortunate to live so close, only a few hours drive. Part of what makes this year’s RWA National so appealing…he’ll get to tour while I attend the Conference.

    I totally agree about the songs and love stories (and movies!) from that time. 🙂

    See you soon!

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