Brenda Novak’s Auction Item

wi-trout-streamMay 1st was the start of Brenda Novak’s Charity Auction for Diabetes Research.  The bidding ends on May 31st.

 A group of Wild Rose Press authors–including me :-), under the direction of Jeannie Ruesch, donated a KINDLE 2.  Another Wild Rose Press author, Hanna Rhys Barnes donated a gift certificate to Wild Rose Press to purchase e-books.  Such a deal!

This disease takes its toll on so many families.  For my extended family, my husband’s only sibling, a sister, died of this disease when she was 18.  So many of his relatives battle its ravages.  He’s fortunate that controlling his diet keeps his insulin levels in check.quiet-water

 As some of you know, my youngest son is a vent-dependent quadriplegic who lives with us.  One of our steadiest nurses in helping us care for our son has struggled against this disease since childhood.  Now in his early 40’s he’s seeing some major issues.  Another nurse has family members with the disease.  I have two friends who have struggled with adult-onset diabetes and a brother also would fit in that category.  Even beloved family pets can struggle with this disease as my sister-in-law knows when twice a day she inject insulin into her Schnauzer.

Many strides have been made in fighting this disease and in helping those afflicted with it to cope with it. These strategies help them to live longer and healthier lives.  Charity auctions, such as Brenda Novak’s, aid in that battle.

 imported-pictures-372Please stop by the auction site.  Check out all the items up for bid.  I’m glad I put some of my PR funds into this cause.  When you click to check on the bidding site, be sure to scroll down to see all the Wild Rose Press authors who have so generously given to this cause.


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3 Comments on “Brenda Novak’s Auction Item”

  1. edie17 Says:

    I bid on 5 items yesterday, and got the notice that I was outbid on 2 already. They were editor proposal reads and I’m not surprised!

  2. Casey, I donated a collection of my books for the auction, and last year Donna and I donated, too. I have a cousin who’s lived with diabetes all her life, and a few years ago my uncle, her father and my mom’s twin, was also diagnosed with it. (I’m not entirely sure the type for each of them.) My mom’s dad died after complications from a surgery that resulted from his diabetes. I’m happy to help in my own little way. And I need to go see what I can bid on. 🙂

  3. Hi Casey. 🙂 I also donated this year; a FLY Fusion set and copies of There’s Only Been You & Welcome To Redemption. It’s a toal value of over $160, but the one time I looked no one had bid on it. Hopefully it makes at least as much as I paid for it all. LOL

    My grandmother had diabetes, and my mother-in-law does as well, so it’s a cause close to my heart as well.

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