Spring? Let’s Hope So

Friday was the first day of spring.j0438955  Where I live that doesn’t mean the crocuses are up or the trees are near leafing out.  It might mean we have a day here and there where temperatures reach into the 70s F.  If were really lucky, the snow has melted.


We’ve had a few of those lovely days and most of our snow has disappeared. 


What I’ve noticed in the past week is the trees’ buds had fattened up, promising this spring’s leafy, light green isn’t far away.  After a walk today to spring-bulbscheck out my garden (not that it’s cleaned up yet), I noticed my spring bulbs are definitely poking through the winter mulch and debris.  Heartening. J


Even better is the morning songs of birds we’ve not heard throughout the winter.  Since I live on a lake, I’m seeing the start of spring migrations of ducks which is always fascinating. I keep my binoculars and bird book handy.


I hope weather lasts.  That we aren’t being teased.  A year ago today we got dumped with 17 inches of snow. L


What I’ve noticed about myself at this time of year is my increased energy. My mind bubbles with new ideas and potential plots.  Like the earth, the birds, the trees and bulbs, I’m seeing a rebirth in my creativity, like I’m pulling myself out of a long winter hibernation.


I can’t wait to start a new writing project.  To find myself learning more about new characters and figuring out what I can orchestrate in their lives to make their story come alive, make them as loveable to potential readers and they become to me. I have writing tasks to finish in March, but will be starting a new project in April.  My mind is gearing up.


Ah, spring…wherever I look, I see new life, new ideas, fresh fodder for my muse.Bulbs to Daffodils

In April those bulbs will be bursting.  So will my next project’s rough draft.

What about you? How will you use this new life season?

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5 Comments on “Spring? Let’s Hope So”

  1. Edie Says:

    I have more energy, too. I think a big part of it is the longer days of sunlight. I’m like a bear; I want to hibernate in winter and play in spring. I’ve been walking the dog more often too, and we both feel better about it.

  2. Deb Maher Says:

    I’ve been like a bear this winter too, Edie! Although not necessarily a hibernating one. 🙂 But spring is here at last.

    Lovely pictures, MJ! This morning my thoughts buzz with travel plans – an April visit to Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia, to Wisconsin & the WisRWA Conference in June, and RWA National in DC in July. And stories! My characters are yelling at me for ignoring them.

    So back to the books…

  3. Edie,

    More energy? You’re the energizer bunny! Walking the dog can be great for mulling out those plot problems along with shedding that winter hibernation voluptuous–not that you have that worry. 🙂

    And your neighborhood must offer wonderful new sights to see each spring day.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Deb,

    I envy you your travel plans. At least I’m honest! 🙂

    Listen to those characters. Your anxious public hopes to read about them soon.

    Glad you had time to stop by and chat 🙂

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