Finished & Flopped

I finished!emma-kitty1


What? You ask.  Why the book I’ve mentioned and said last week I planned to finish sometime during this past week.


I did.  I kept my promise.  And to my book.  I even finished it at 3:32 PM CST on Tuesday.  Not like the last day of the week.


What a high…another goal set and achieved.  Hubby and I even celebrated, a modified, fossilized, Midwestern version of Fat Tuesday. 🙂


Then I flopped.  Laid low by what I thought was a flu bug.  But it’s hung around.  Forced me to the ground, or at least tethered me to my bed, too weak to walk or work.  Worse, I missed a weekend trip away—one I’ve looked forward to as it is a gathering of the women in my family.  A bonding time. 


I’ve given up and admitted the obvious.  I probably don’t have a flu bug and will have to make the dreaded call to my doctor, an excellent one, but you all know how that goes.  You drag yourself in to the office, then you have to get “tests” and lab work and much of it requires dragging yourself to other places.  And your energy level is zero. 😦


But I’ve decided I have a larger goal.  A high-shine polish to put on that book and my own personal deadline to complete that.  That needs energy and a feel-great attitude.  Not something in big supply for me right now.


So I better find zip real quick.  I refuse to let my writing succumb to a “bug” whatever it might be called.  If only I were Wonder Woman in real life…


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2 Comments on “Finished & Flopped”

  1. edie17 Says:

    I want to be Wonder Woman too! Congrats on finishing, but hugs on the flop. I hope it’s something easy to fix. Maybe it is a virus, but it is good to see your doctor and make sure.

  2. Deb Says:

    I’m so sorry about you feeling poorly, but despite the bug, your spirits sound upbeat. As well they should since you finished! Congratulations!!! Perhaps I need a transfusion of whatever you have…even if I have to take a bug along with it. It’d be worth it. Feel better soon.

    Love the new look of your blog. What a difference a font makes.

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