Weird, Wonderful Weekend

What a weekend!


Friday, the 13th—Jason, horror flicks, fear aka triskaidekaphobia—fear of the number 13.orchid1


Saturday, Valentine’s Day–hearts, flowers, love, chocolate, be mine forever.


Sunday–in Roman times was the day celebrating the Feast of Lupercalia, dedicated to marriage, fertility, and recognizing Juno, queen of Roman Gods and Goddesses. 


Let’s see.  You got a day symbolizing superstition and fear, then a day celebrating love, and finally a day honoring marriage and fertility, jam-packed into one February weekend.  Interesting…  🙂


Rather like romantic suspense I write–suspense and maybe a bit of superstition thrown in along with a love plot, heavy breathing, and a happy ending.  And I always have a wise woman with strong with ties to family, rather like Juno supposedly was.


Sounds like this weekend.  We won’t have another like in for a while, even though March does have another Friday the 13th.  Interesting.  I better not be superstitious and wait till another weekend like this comes around before I write another book. 😦


But I’ve been told I’m a romantic and maybe I am and most of this weekend had the love story going on.  So I’ll dwell a bit on my favorite love story and marriage.  My maternal grandparents were my role models for this.  My alter-ego–Mary Jo writes about Gramma in MJ’s Wise Woman essay “Following Grace. Grampa loved Grace and showed it everyday in many ways: a gentle teasing while she knit at night, a thank you for every meal, little gifts for no reason stuffed into places where she’d come upon them during her day.  They worked together on their farm and raised a family.  She put the twinkle in his blue eyes, and he made her smile.  They didn’t make fifty years together but came close. He died twenty years before she did and she mourned him every day.  They didn’t need a special day to celebrate their love. They lived it every day.


Theirs was an unsung love story.  Love isn’t always flowers, candy, kisses and hugs.  To make a love story last each person has to give all they’ve got to it.  Sometimes, one has to give more as the other is going through a rough patch.  That is the greatest gift one partner can give the other.  To be mentally, physically, emotionally at the ready, even in the rough times.  So you come out whole and together at the other end.  Sometimes one must give more than the other due to an illness or some major challenge.  Each is strong on his/her own as my grandparents were, but together they were a superpower—and magical.


Ed and Grace, my grandparents. They are my symbol for Valentine’s and for love.  I hope you enjoyed the tidbit of them I give to you.




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6 Comments on “Weird, Wonderful Weekend”

  1. edie17 Says:

    I don’t need a special day either. Valentine’s Day is more for dating couples to celebrate. We are going to eat Chinese tonight, but we would have done that anyway. And my husband did give me a great card. It’s all good.

  2. Deb Says:

    Amazing…..Grace was my grandmother’s name, too! My dad’s mom. They were farmers also. My grandpa died in the 1950’s so I knew him only as a toddler, but Grandma lived on for 40+ years after. I knew her as a staunch Midwestern Methodist who liked to laugh but didn’t abide nonsense. I never knew much about their marriage. Except…once we were looking through old b/w photos from her youth, and a wistful look came over her face. “That was a red dress,” she said pointing to a picture. “Frank always liked when I wore red.” Her eyes glistened slightly, then she laughed.

    Maybe part of the joy of Valentine’s Day is that, like other holidays, it’s a time we can reflect on all the love that has touched our lives.

    Great post! Only Casey would have thought of connecting Friday the 13th with Valentine’s Day! 😉

  3. Casey/Mary Jo Says:

    Great comment, Deb!

    You know I could have put so much more in there about Gram and Gramps. But shorter posts are better. Regarding those little hidden gifts? Well, for a good six months after Gramp died, Gram would find little things he’d wrapped and tucked away. What a guy–especially since $$ were always tight for them.

    And as for Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day? Think about today all the fears that are part of a relationship and how sometimes those fears take over the relationship? And consider the horror of domestic abuse which I so didn’t want to get into…but those Friday the 13th flicks are not real and domestic abuse is. But that’s another post too.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by. That makes me miss our conversations less. 🙂

  4. Casey/Mary Jo Says:


    The everyday kind of love is the type that lasts–really which may be why romance novels are always popular because people like a bit of fantasy in their lives. 🙂

    And we went to an inexpensive Greek restaurant after church last night and I completed a chapter over the day which meant hubby was left to his own devices and loved the quiet time. Ahh, the benefits of a great marriage…:-)

  5. Donnell Says:

    Casey/Mary Jo. Thanks for the important reminder of what love really is. I’m surrounded by rocks every day. Sometimes the way my husband looks at me still has the capacity to take my breath away and it’s been 25 years. Like your grandparents, we’ve been through thick and thin and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Thanks for sharing their wonderful story. Happy … er… Friday the 13th and Happy Valentines Day!

  6. Casey/Mary Jo Says:


    Same is true with my hubby. We’ll be 30 years soon and have had major catastrophes we’ve dealt with. I don’t wnat to think about getting through things like that without him, but I know I could. I know he could also. He reminds me of my grandpa in all the best ways.

    Glad you had a few moments to stop by. 🙂

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