Ducks, Humans, & Sleep

We have a strong southeast wind today.  When I woke up to let my puppy outside, the air felt damp and, dare I say it, WARM? 

I looked outside to gaze at the ever-changing lake.  Yesterday the ducks were walking on the ice.  Today, the ice is gone and the wave action is shifting those ice chunks north. 


All this happening while I was sleeping.


I went to sleep last night wondering what topic I’d post today.  I’d been discarding ideas all week.  I began to think this week could be a bust.  But…


I slept.  Woke up.  Opened the door.  Breathed in.  Looked at the lake.


And found my topic.


I’ve never believed in writer’s block; after all a writer can write a scene even if it’s not in the progression planned.  Mulling it over just before going to sleep after some careful analysis has proven every effective for me.  Usually the answer is there in my mind when I wake up.  Instead of wasting the day staying at the monitor, I’ve done other writing tasks, some revision or editing, more research, query letters, you get the idea.  I have at least a couple projects in the works all the time. 


I’ve handled my life and its problems the same way.  I don’t believe in a total obstacle.  Analyze it to figure out a way to go around the damn thing if you can’t move it, destroy it, or solve it.  Sleeping on the problem sometimes gives you new perspective and you realize the goal isn’t right in some way.  That explains the obstacle and the path to overcome it may be revising the goal or redefining the issue. 


 Yesterday, the ducks were walking on the ice-covered lake.  Today they ride the waves.  Those smart ducks kept doing their ducky things.  They knew if they “slept on it,” things would get better.  For them, it’s open water.  For us, “sleeping on it” can open our lives and our minds.


Try it. 


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3 Comments on “Ducks, Humans, & Sleep”

  1. Edie Says:

    I do the “sleep on it” thing, too. It usually works, but sometimes something is wrong and it takes more than a night’s sleep for me to figure it out.

  2. Casey/Mary Jo Says:

    Oh, that happens too, Edie! I remember a whole two years of ‘sleeping on it’when I was facing some serious personal issues.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Robie Says:

    LOL MJ, usually when I try to sleep on it I end up rushing to my office across the hall to write down my brilliant ideas before I forget them. 🙂 Maybe that’s why I go lift weights instead.

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