Perseverance & Super Bowl Sunday


Family, friends, writing.  Well, now how could I link up that title with those topics? Let’s see…


My family is a sports-minded one.  We’ve often gotten together for events like the Super Bowl.  I remember the very first one in 1966.  All my siblings and parents came to my house to watch the game.  We had the largest TV screen.  Last year was the first time since that first Super Bowl my siblings, those of us still alive, gathered together to watch the Super Bowl.  We were at my mother’s who was in the final weeks of life.  Doing something we’d done in happier times and being together to care for Mom made the day special.  We exhibited perseverance by all of us being there for Mom until she died.


Nine years ago today a dear friend of mine died.  She’s the Casey I honor with part of my pen name.  I miss her every day, but especially today.  She was a unique individual whose life and career were filled with creative talent, obstacles, and catching some lucky breaks.  But she showed up and persevered in a career few women entered at that time.


That gets me to the writing topic.  But how does it fit with the Super Bowl?


For writers, talent is our base.  Success means working at it.  Showing up.  Catching lucky breaks.  Being at the right place at the right time. With the right idea.  Putting a unique spin on a universal theme.  Sounds like a football season to me.  The team has to work at its talent, individually and as a group.  Teams have to show up.  Catching lucky breaks or the right call from a referee can mean winning a game in the last seconds.  That happened a few times this past season.  Being in the right place at the right time allowed for points garnering interceptions. Each team had its own way of capitalizing on the universal theme of getting that pigskin across the goal line.hoarfrost 


The two teams playing today persevered.  Despite obstacles, they made it to the Super Bowl.  One of them will win the trophy.


Writers who persevere, who work their talent into their own brand, who catch a few breaks, who have the perfect manuscript when an editor wants it, these are the ones who likely succeed.  Some of them may even win the trophy—getting published.  But all are winners.  All are talented. All showed up at their keyboards.  I have to believe this.  Believing in my talent and keeping at it helps me fight self-doubt, procrastination, disappointment, and challenges.  This year will see my first book released. Maybe next year, I’ll make the Writing Super Bowl. J


Since I have no related photos for today’s topic, I’m posting a photo that may help jump-start thinking:  about nature, beauty, the temporary state of things in life, seeing beauty in the cold or reinforcing your love for summer.  Heavy hoarfrost sometimes referred to as white frost.


Enjoy your week.



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4 Comments on “Perseverance & Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. Edie Says:

    Great topic, Mary Jo! I’m reading a motivational book by Rickey Minor, “There’s No Traffic on the Extra Mile.” In your post, you pretty well say what he says in the whole book. lol

  2. Casey/Mary Jo Says:

    Wow, maybe I should add motivational speaker to all I do. Yeah, right.

    Thanks for stopping by and for such a lovely compliment.

  3. Deb Says:

    I agree with Edie, Mary Jo! Great topic and well written! Perseverance is the secret password to getting published. I know that…just have to keep at it, like James Harrison, the Pittsburgh Steeler.

    AP Football Writer Barry Wilner just wrote about tonight’s Super Bowl:

    “Harrison, the defensive player of the year, stepped in front of Boldin at the goal line, picked off Warner’s throw and began a journey down the right sideline that ended as the longest play in Super Bowl history. Harrison ran past or through most of the Cardinals, nearly stepped out of bounds at one point, and was dragged down by Fitzgerald as he fell to the goal line.

    “Those last couple of yards were probably tougher than anything I’ve done in my life, but probably more gratifying than anything I’ve done in football,” Harrison said.”

    This is probably only time in my life I’ll quote from a football or any sports story 🙂 …so you have to realize how inspiring that 100 yard run was. How awesome, too, to see his teammates block one Cardinal after another so he could continue his run. Teamwork and perseverance to the end.

    We’re happy tonight in Pennsylvania!!!

    Thanks again for your inspirational words.

  4. Casey/Mary Jo Says:

    See, Deb, my metaphor played out in the game. As writers our team are the writer groups we have and our writer friends. They help us reach the goal line. And celebrate the win. I was rather impressed with that run myself [vbg] and I’m from Packer country. 🙂

    Have a great week.

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