A Momentous Week

My First Book Cover

My First Book Cover

Monday I checked my email to find my book cover.  I opened it, not sure what I’d see.  Like a mother with a new born, slowly checking for all fingers toes to make sure the “baby” is perfect. After all, my directions said open and review to make sure the cover reflected the book.


I loved it.  It was beautiful.  I couldn’t help myself.  I keep gazing at it with awe.  My first book cover.  It had all its toes, fingers and important parts—so to speak.  I think I may have parted with a few tears.  J


I called out to my hubby in the next room.  “Come look.”  Holding my hand, he sat with me and gazed at the monitor displaying my book cover.  “Perfect,” he agreed after a while and bussed my cheek.


Eventually, I tore myself from the rapt attention to my cover and emailed my enthusiastic approval.  Then I emailed my oldest son with the cover.  “I’m so proud of you!” he emailed right back.  Now, really, how often does a mother hear that?  And in writing???


All week long I’d gaze at my cover with such excitement—it will always be my first cover.


Friday, I opened my email to find another milestone–the galley proof of the book for final approval. Another major step in the road to seeing my book released.  Two major events within days.  I couldn’t stop feeling pleased. J


Which brings me to another point.  A few years ago I was moderating an online class for a writing organization I belong to.  The instructor posted her lecture and introduction really early the first day.  “I couldn’t sleep all night.  Today is the day my first book is released!”  Her excitement bubbled off the email page.  I was very happy for her, but couldn’t truly understand her feelings. 


Now I do.


We have become good friends and she’s recently seen her eighth book, Gay Paree, published.  I still get her excited emails when she gets her cover, on her release date, and all the special days in between. She writes now in a very different genre than I do but I finished her most recent book this week.  I love how she develops her characters.  I know I couldn’t write what she does.  But we share our love of writing and our excitement in the steps of birthing a book.  She still bubbles with each book cover arrives and with each release date.  Ah, a release date—the next huge event to happen.  I can’t wait.



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24 Comments on “A Momentous Week”

  1. Gina Black Says:

    What a stunning cover!! Congratulations!!

  2. Sandy Says:

    Wonderful cover, Mary Jo. Oh, I mean, Casey. Wink!

  3. Cathy Says:

    Mary Jo, very nice cover. And if you’re anything like me, you won’t get over that excitement of seeing your book cover for the first time. I just got my 2nd and 3rd within the last couple of weeks and can’t stop looking at them, thinking how cool.

    Good for you.

  4. Ah, Mary Jo, I wish I could hug you right now! Your cover is gorgeous, I’m so thrilled for you. And I’m looking forward to buying my copy! 😉

  5. Lovely cover and I know exactly what you mean. Even though I’ve been published in ebook format for several years, this February will mark my first *print* cover! I can’t believe how excited I am about this.
    I’m also in an anthology for marriage equality and although I’ll probably get this book first to hold in my hands, it’s my solo effort that I’m really looking forward to!

  6. Woo Hoo!! It is a lovely cover!! I am so excited for you!!

    Major congrats!

  7. Shawna Moore Says:

    Hi, Mary Jo!

    Congratulations on your novel and wonderful cover 🙂 Here’s to many more contracts in your publishing future! Opening those cover arts files, I’m like a child on Christmas morning. I’m joining you in happy dancing 🙂

    Best wishes always,

    Shawna Moore

  8. Elen Grey Says:

    That is one hawt cover! I love everything about it. Congratulations.

  9. Ann Macela Says:

    Great cover! I recommend framing it.

    And, when you get the book itself in your hot little hands. take a picture of you holding it!

    I have to tell you, when I received my dragons on The Oldest Kind Of Magic, tears came to my eyes. It was real, the book was real, and so was I.


  10. edie17 Says:

    That’s one of the best covers I’ve seen. I love it. And I can feel your excitement from your blog. You’re good!

  11. caseyclifford Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for sharing my joy. Ann, I look forward to all your books and have loved the Magic covers.

    For those of you who stopped by for the first time to “happy dance” with me, thank you. I’m so glad to realize I’m not the only crazy happy author around.

  12. reneewildes1 Says:

    Oh, Mary Jo, I’m so happy for you. We’ve tread this long road to publication together and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The “new baby” is beautiful! Major congrats! You go, girl!

  13. Absolutely beautiful! I understand the feeling and the tears of seeing your first cover–and just wait until you hold the print copy in your hand. All I’ll say is if you’re tempted to put it under your pillow that first night…? DO IT! Congratulations.

  14. Deb Says:

    Sensational cover, Mary Jo. Just as I envisioned it. I couldn’t be happier for you. Congratulations, dear friend.

  15. JoAnn Ross Says:

    Yay you, sweetie!! And Yay for the art department!! That’s so very atmospheric and evocative. Perfect, indeed.

    I always hold my breath when it comes to cover art — have had some great ones, and scary ones, such as the infamous monkey death mask book — but I have to say, that whatever they look like, it’s never stopped being a thrill when those boxes of books arrive at my door.

    Prepare for more tears when you hold that newborn in your hands for the first time. It’s a major accomplishment and you should be hugely proud of yourself!

    Wishing you tons of sales and mailboxes overflowing with royalty checks! xo


  16. Casey/Mary Jo Says:


    All the while I waited to see what my cover might be like, visions of our infamous monkey death mask book danced in my head.

    Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

  17. Casey/Mary Jo Says:

    Stacey and Dee,

    Oh my dear sweet WisRWA gals! You got to the promised land before I did, but your success helped me persevere.

    May we all be wildly successful in 2009!

  18. Casey/Mary Jo Says:


    Your extra sense amazes me every time you give me an example, but envisioning my cover (as you did) before I even saw it myself–well, could you look deeper into that sense you have to see how soon you’ll have your own cover?

  19. Donnell Says:

    Casey/Mary Jo!!!! Oh my goodness! I’m glad I wasn’t drinking my coffee when I read that post. It would be on my ceiling, I’m so excited for you. Well done, well deserved and what a fantastic cover. I’m so proud of you. And you’re right, a son doesn’t often say that to his mom, He’s a keeper!!!! Cannot wait to buy it and read it. Details, ma’am? Details!!!!

  20. Lynn romaine Says:

    Great cover – I got my cover a couple of months back from The Wild Rose Press also – it’s a great company. I’d love to be added to your blogroll if possible – http://www.ecosuspense.blogspot.com – lynn romaine

  21. Casey/Mary Jo Says:

    Hi Lynnm

    I recognize your name from some loops I’m on. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I’ve not seen a cover from TWRP I haven’t admired. They do an excellent job. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  22. Casey/Mary Jo Says:


    I’m so glad I saved your coffee and you enjoyed my cover. Once I know a release date I’ll be sure to post again. Setting is Wisconsin in March and a wise woman gets herself in danger by trying to do the right thing…and boost her career.

    More to come.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  23. Ella Says:

    Dearest Casey,
    The word I use to describe your cover, as I look at it, is “Haunting.” I can’t wait to buy and read the book! I have gone back and looked at the cover many times and seem to imagine something different every time. How happy we are for you to have reached this goal. You do deserve this happiness after all your work. Let’s dance!

  24. Thank you for your description, Ella. Haunting works for me. 🙂

    So does dancing. Glad you stopped by.


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