Cabin Fever

Snowy bench
Snowy bench

   The temps outside have been frightful.  The wind chill far from delightful.  Snow falls when the temps rise.  One day the lake is jellied.  The next day the ducks, geese and gulls are walking on the lake’s solid surface.

    For several years Wisconsin enjoyed very mild winters.

    We got spoiled.  Heated garages, engine block heaters, snowblowers, ice-melt, shovels?  Are you kidding?  We didn’t need them with  those mild winters?

   This year we all do.

   So I’ve been home pretty much all the time these past few weeks, going out only when absolutely necessary.  Before I venture out, I’ve dug out my warmest outwear, mittens, and hats.  Even BOOTS!

    I haven’t thought of cabin fever as I’ve made great use of my time.  But a few friends have mentioned it. They conjectured they might be suffering from it. They’re wishing this winter would end, but it’s barely beyond mid January. For many of us that means we have a good two months of winter to look forward to…or not.  L

   I’m glad I have projects—lots of them to keep me happy and inside.  I’m blessed to have the freedom to use this time to work on my latest writing project, update my website, work with my photos, post to my blog, keep checking in on other friends’ blogs, and read. More on that subject in next week’s post.

    I don’t suffer from cabin fever.  Thank goodness.  I’d call my state “cabin contentment.”  Happy—doing what I want to do, when I want to do it, in the place I want to be.  An added bonus? I even have a good supply of my favorite cookies.  White Chocolate Toffee Macadamia Nut.  Yum. Yum.cookies-


On second thought, maybe I don’t want the frigid winter to end…especially with a plate of those cookies near at hand.  J

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9 Comments on “Cabin Fever”

  1. Edie Says:

    I was stuck in the house for almost all of last week. I hope it’s not so bad this week. I crave warmth. So does my cat.

  2. Casey/Mary Jo Says:

    My puppy hasn’t been happy about the weather either. Definitely not acceptable “potty” conditions.

    This week is forecasted to be warmer, but snowier.

    Thanks for checking in.

  3. Deb Says:

    When I saw the cookie picture I was all set for a recipe. When I didn’t see one I was going to ask your for the recipe. Then I saw the plastic bakery box and realized that you use the same one-step cookie recipes I do lately — Step 1 – Go to favorite grocery store/bakery.

    So, I thought, with Cabin Fever hitting Wisconsin (and Pennsylvania) so hard this winter, maybe it’s time we start baking again. Here’s a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut recipe I found on line…assuming you can get out to the store for the ingredients.

    As for me, i just pulled a fresh baked pan of brownies from the oven. Thank heaven for Betty Crocker mixes! The rich scent of chocolate wafts through the air and I can hardly wait for them to cool.

    Winter never lasts forever. I can tell you are enjoying it while its here.

  4. Donnell Says:

    Deb, thank you for that cookie recipe, Casey. what were you thinking placing that cookie picture up there without a recipe. I’m sorry it’s so blasted cold, gang, I feel for you. Bundle up, take care and work on those special projects knowing that this too will pass.

  5. caseyclifford Says:

    Deb & Donnell,

    Actually, I was having so much trouble getting this post to work yesterday, I ditched the recipe. Yes, those were fresh from the bakery that I photographed. My hubby was out and brought back a treat.

    I use the original Toll house recipe (back of Hershey’s chocolate chips) for chocolate chip cookies, but add macadamia nuts, English toffee bits and white chocolate instead of the chocolate hips. Today I can at least comment which the above would have been what I added.

    However, with hubby’s trip to the bakery, I don’t have to take time away from writing and I’ve been putting in very long hours. But when I bake and I do, my guys want pumpkin bread not white chocolate. So do a few of our neighbors who email regularly and say, “You baking pumpkin bread soon?” 🙂

    Have a great week!

  6. beth Says:

    (biggest white chocolate macadamia nut cookie lover out there…..and you know why!!)

    i know how you feel ladies about the cold, but i have to brave it anyway. i walk to work…coldest day yet was -28 with -42 deg windchill. good thing i thought to dry my hair and lucky for me i live across the street!!!

    so proud of you, this blog is great. i have read every entry but never responded. i am usually so pressed for time during the day, but today i am home due to the fact that there is a water leak in my house and the nice plumbers have just cut a HUGE hole in my kitchen wall. so much for baking for me today.
    miss you

  7. Casey/Mary Jo Says:


    I’m glad you’ve joined us ladies. And yes, I know exactly why you love those cookies. Thanks for stopping by. Weren’t those photos of the lake last week fantastic?!

  8. beth Says:

    they were! i showed them around at work and everyone was really impressed. we don’t get stuff like that on the river. i guess i take the fact that i grew up on the lake for granted.

  9. Casey/Mary Jo Says:

    Hey, you,

    I love that you’re showing my photos around at work. The bluffs along the river are pretty spectacular though. We don’t have those around here. 🙂

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