A Birthday & A Lake

ice-free-lakeToday is my birthday.  I’m not so old I proclaim my age, but I’m not young enough to shout it out either. Let’s agree that I’m well-seasoned and mellow.

            Any way, birthdays at this age are worth celebrating for several reasons: I’ve made it through another year,  I’m reasonably healthy and mobile, I have my dear hubby, family and friends about me, I love having writing time when I want it.

            But being seasoned and mellowed has taught me if I want to stay that way I’ve got to “go with the flow” a bit, or not fight the impossible fights. Not that I don’t have disagreements, but I choose when to stand and when to walk away.

            ice-cave-on-shoreI’ve thought about life and living quite a bit this week—because this day was looming.  Maybe I was a bit more pensive than usual as I consider that past year and the year to come and what changes might happen.

            Then I’d glance out at the lake which changes constantly.  It can go from placid beauty to vicious fury within minutes.  It is every-changing yet ageless.

            Each day I snapped a photo of the moods of the lake  Like my life and yours, some days we run in circles, other days we might be flat, or appear in striations, flipping from one crisis to the next or one joyful event to another.  But the currents keep running, the lake’s and mine.

            circles-on-the-lakeLike the lake I hope my life current continues onward for many more birthdays.  Like the lake, ageless, alive, moody, passionate, placid, tempestuous.  Female.


icy-striations-on-lake1Enjoy the wintry moods of the lake.

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8 Comments on “A Birthday & A Lake”

  1. edie17 Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY JO! This blog is very evocative. And the pictures are beautiful!

  2. Donnell Says:

    Wow, Mary Jo. What a beautiful picture, beautiful words to go with a beautiful, marvelous person. Love your comparison to life to the ever-changing flow of your lake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY HAPPY RETURNS.

  3. Happy Birthday! Lovely photos, very feminine is so many ways. May you ever remain ageless, beautiful and alive!

  4. Casey/Mary Jo Says:

    Thanks, Edie, Donnell, and Keziah for the birthday wishes. Glad you like the lake photos–it’s been amazing everyday this past week. If only I could be as ageless as it is… 🙂

  5. Deb Says:

    What gorgeous winter pictures of Lake Michigan! You are fortunate to live so close to such a beautiful natural wonder. Thank you for sharing its beauty. Have a delightfully HAPPY BIRTHDAY, winter and all.

  6. Casey/Mary Jo Says:

    Thanks. Deb, for the birthday wishes. Tonight we had an absolutely spectacular moonrise above water that his once again refreezing afte a brief warm-up today. The moon cast a light butter-cream yellow moon path over the dark water and as it was full the light reflecting off the snow was fantastic.

  7. Catherine Clark Says:

    Hey Babe,
    If it’s your birthday, it must be Abby’s (the day after yours you may recall). Best wishes! I’m thinking of our good times playing bridge and sitting by the pool in Janesville during our birthday week-ends. See you soon. CC

  8. Casey/Mary Jo Says:

    CC, I treasure those weekends and their memories. 🙂

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