A Writer’s Christmas Wish List

My family celebrates Christmas. As children we looked forward to getting something from Santa at that time, and during this preparation for Christmas, called Advent, part of what we did very early was make a list. Do you remember doing that? I’m sure Mom enjoyed the fact that when we made our lists we were too busy or too worried Santa’s elves would put us on the “naughty” list if we argued.

Putting on the list all those things we really, really wanted for Christmas, and if we were very lucky and very, very good, Santa might drop by with one or two of those special items.

But I outgrew Santa. I discovered that the idea of Santa was the joy in giving that the adults around me nurtured. These traditions of Santa and giving were passed down to my children and now to my grandchildren.

So what do I want this year for Christmas just for me as a writer?

Of course, I’ve made a list, a quite extensive and elaborate one, for the Twelve Days of Christmas but with nary a partridge, gold rings, lords a-leaping or French hens. Here it is.star-package

A computer system that never fails at the most crucial of times.

Time each day to chat with my muse and not feel guilty.**

Easy edits.

Another contract offer.

The perfect agent.

Word software that’s easy to use.

Readers who can’t wait for my next book.

Knowledge of how best to market/publicize my book.

Manuscripts that flow.

Powerful ideas for new stories.

Continuing support of my husband, family, & friends.**

One day a month where everything goes smoothly.

My fantasy list is pretty long. I’ve checked it and cut it down to two and starred the items on my final list. After all I can’t be selfish, and most items on my wish list have factors even a writer’s Santa might be hard-pressed to give. Oh, but if such a special Santa existed, wouldn’t, wouldn’t that be interesting.

So what’s on your writer’s Christmas list?

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